How to Replace an MTD Zero-Turn Riding Mower Blade Belt

The blade belt connects the engine pulley
to deck pulleys that spin the cutting blades. A worn or broken belt won’t spin the mower
blades properly. Replace a damaged blade belt by following the steps in this video. Before
you begin, wear work gloves to protect your hands. Disconnect the spark plug wires and
make sure the parking brake is set. Lower the mower deck to the lowest cutting position.
Remove the mounting screw that secures the floorboard to the frame. Lift off the floorboard.
Remove the mounting bolts from the pulley covers and remove both pulley covers. Loosen
the belt guide nut on the top of the idler pulley so you have enough space to remove
the blade belt. Push in the idler arm to release tension on the blade belt and roll the belt
off the left pulley. Release the belt from the other blade pulleys. Release the blade
belt from the electric clutch pulley and remove the blade belt. Wrap the blade belt around
the electric clutch pulley on the engine crankshaft. Push the blade belt forward and up onto the
deck. Place the belt around the spring-loaded idler arm pulley. Move the belt guide to its
original position and tighten the mounting nut on the belt guide. Route the belt over
the center and right-side deck pulleys. Follow the diagram posted on your deck. Push on the
idler arm to release belt tension and wrap the belt around the left deck pulley. Reinstall
the pulley covers and tighten the mounting bolts. Reinstall the floorboard and secure
it with the mounting bolt. Reconnect both spark plug wires.

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  1. Mary Lou Habekott says:

    this video does not apply to 20111 mtd gold 50 in ztr mower

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