How to Replace an MTD Zero-Turn Riding Mower Ground Drive Belt

The ground drive belt connects the engine
crankshaft to the transmission pulleys to drive the rear wheels. Inspect the ground
drive belt regularly and, if the ground drive belt is damaged, replace it by following the
steps in this video. Before you begin, wear work gloves to protect your hands. Disconnect
the spark plug wires and make sure that the parking break is set. Lower the mower deck
to the lowest cutting position. Remove the left pulley cover on the mower deck. Push
in the blade belt idler pulley and roll the blade drive belt off the left blade pulley.
Reach under the rear of the mower frame and remove the blade drive belt from the electric
clutch. Disconnect the mower deck mounting pins and release the hanging brackets from
the mower deck. Push the mower deck slightly forward and release it from the front bracket.
Push the mower deck out from under the mower frame. Unplug the electric clutch wiring harness
beside the motor. Remove the mounting screws from the flywheel cover and pull the cover
off to access the flywheel nut. Have a helper hold the flywheel nut stationary while you
remove the mounting bolt from the clutch. Pull the electric clutch off the engine crankshaft.
Have a helper lift the driver seat forward and push on the idler pulley bracket while
you roll the ground drive belt off the engine pulley. Release the ground drive belt from
the transmission pulleys and pull the belt out of the mower. Route the new ground drive
belt over the cooling fans and onto the transmission pulleys. Thread the belt through the idler
pulley and over the engine crankshaft pulley. Have your helper push in the idler pulley
bracket while you roll the belt onto the engine pulley. Position the bushing on top of the
electric clutch. Line up the slot in the electric clutch pulley with the key in the engine shaft
and push the electric clutch onto the engine shaft. Make sure that the tab in the electric
clutch bracket engages the mounting slot on the electric clutch frame. While your helper
holds the flywheel nut, reinstall the electric clutch mounting bolt. Reattach the flywheel
cover. Reconnect the electric clutch wire harness. Push the mower deck under the mower
frame. Reinstall the mower deck on the front bracket. Reinstall the mower deck hanging
brackets and secure them with the mounting pins. Reinstall the blade drive belt into
the electric clutch. Push in the blade belt idler pulley and roll the blade belt back
onto the left blade pulley. Reinstall the pulley cover. Reconnect both spark plug wires.

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