How to restore a mower. (Body filler) wessex, part 15

alright guys here we go again another
video on the series of restoring this mix again it’s gonna be a bit of a slow process
like I said I’m trying to do it Leon lifetime from from the beginning all the
way through short videos so I reckon it could be 50 hundred videos with Tony’s
done totally paid did we’re gonna take us on let’s back up but everything I’ve
been glass to the people who really wanna learn but this kind of thing I’ll
just see how he comes along anyway I put two lines because sign in sometimes I’ll
skip the exit vegetable just to get the shoulder so I kept moving from this as
well technique mix it off the card is what I showed you left for lots of lanes
on the cards in camera so I’ll keep going see you’re changing can I do one
more streaks or like a lump of color than a get it all off a paper as well
who’s mixing boards of brilliant they keep saying that’s pretty good pull it
apart one look inside there make she was all the way through blow off what let’s go again it’s
getting on it I said it’ll be too fast seeds coming up
down anyway we’re not going for a beauty contest for the finish
go be smooth ish but after B there’s just more work for you to be dumping it
down so the smooth other bad guy okay so don’t worry okay I don’t I don’t worry
not like rubbing it down anyway so no one’s gonna see it does the finish is
the as well we get a wedding out didn’t either
not too much in it otherwise could be harder to the woman today on us we’re
talking like too old for that number whoops don’t worry buddy coordinator
walls like I was saying yesterday can’t wait till the finish just gone off and
push out the all easy which I should have mentioned is this what I do this
video soon I’m gonna forget about it enough I mention I quit cold early with
snow through the night it’s me muck it’s really skin one first
one would be another one yet well sorry to spin move away I’m there
mister the camera shot so getting more skin today his top deck
the sights are pretty good they will need this and one corner over they on
the fight will need some this is the major we look I’m not going to fill
underneath a don’t think I’m just building with some heavy red oxide for
keep flatten it down do you need the finishing do they place too much time on
a TV are just the top of people will see I want to obviously sonic underneath when we go to this extent
okay looking nice I see a smaller card and said Nestle move this a minute now
to the cups on little bit niggas like that thing is a bit dark a
bit of a shake on there but the wobble on it’s nice to embody look stuff like
this you see on your iPad that at the end is the result that you look at the
finish the conical stuff nobody see that effect you see the finish finish finish
it off we got up and mixed up another skin I should finish it off first again that that sounded in between these as
well after cut down after the card I’m guessing mini I said don’t mess with
it too much my shit is somebody out we’ve got a few
minutes you go go the mix is really right otherwise you may still feel that
you’re doing are quite expensive 25 per gallon well if you can fight d15 yes pull out mix up a lot but you still over
here smooth em out I said before crisscross
does that help to smooth it don’t pull it up to the tips to the pull it into
the dips from side to side go dip soaking all this pull it across each
side not through them at all leave it in the middle we just joined up oh we’ve
done that oh that’s our boy don’t be rubbing all this off we’re just moving
down I love a continuous skin damage the back join these two together late in the
day but I watch it makes you clean it off blowing it off shoulder on the last
video was otherwise call him bits about two bits per then but then we are I just
took my clothes off from home did our walk on any left on your mixing board in
your field anything you want just look for previous bit to do Phil then maybe I
could do with another skin so to put some in the air one of we’re not doing
our top now good good covering over there for next week now sanding down and
we go for another skimmers back then in bits not all they will need any low
parts excuse me but that’s so video today on my CDs of restoration or miss
my wife alright please like and subscribe thanks for watching
she does

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