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Hi, I’m Jack Hemingway from the Gardening Products Review and today we’re going to talk about sharpening lawn mower blades a couple of things you’re going to need is a good pair of gloves a What’s called a mill bastard file, God knows where the name b– comes from, but that’s what it’s called You’ll need a deburring Rod, this is – I happen to like this a lot these are made by Smiths and this is a diamond impregnated rod to take off any burr You can also use a sharpening stone to actually take the burr off as well I usually stay away from it myself. I find that They’re very powerful. They’re very fast at putting an edge on a mower blade, but they’re also prone to sharpening divots in your blade because they’re so powerful So I sharpen all my mower blades with just a standard file. One of the things that you want to do when you’re sharpening Mower blades is hopefully you have a vise Makes it very easy to clamp these things in place and also sharpen the blade of the proper contour You can actually see that this is a very flat side right here. I’ll flip it over here Hopefully you can see in the light there that this is the chisel side of the actual blade itself That’s the side that you sharpen Okay, I’m gonna begin by showing you how to properly file a mower blade Again, I wanted to reinforce the whole notion that this is a chisel grind. Meaning that This part of the blade is actually sharpened. This part of the blade is flat. So If you’ve sharpened this on like a a knife as an example It would not cut your grass effectively nor mulch it so I’m gonna begin here and show you basically how to sharpen this. You want to take your your flat file and follow the contours of the actual blade itself You’ll actually start to see Metal coming off the blade and things start to to become silver. The other thing that you can watch in terms of proper angle is that the End of the chisel Sharpening is right at that level there. So as I move across the Blade itself, I want to make sure that all of that metal is basically exposed You may find that you’ve got some grass clippings or grass that’s actually Found its way onto the blade so it’s gonna take a little bit of Filing to get through some of that and then a lot of blades have a little bit of a detent in here This is typical. I think this happens to affect the mulching capacity of the blade so in those instances You sort of rotate your file a little bit coming around that edge there So we’re gonna work our way down. I like to file In this method like this and work my way down the blade As opposed to just filing like this because that way you’re going to get a blade that Ultimately becomes imbalanced in your mower, it will start to vibrate So you’re trying to take off As much material off both sides. So the actual blade itself is balanced again You can actually start to see the The grass clipping area coming off here We’re into brand new metal and that’s good thing. So we just keep doing this until we get it Like we have at the other end of the blade here, you can actually see That it’s gotten Basically nice and Sharp and we’ve removed the amount of metal that we want to. Also, I wanted to point out that It’s important to file with the With the grain, if you will, so that you’re filing in this direction and not in this direction The reason being is that even though you’re following the contour of the blade You’re creating a burr on the backside of the flat side of the blade So don’t file in this direction. You always want to file into the Direction of the cut like this because what that does is that drags off, right in this area, Any burr that would be created on the backside if you filed in This direction. So, very important Well, there’s a couple of schools of thought. One is that, you know, you’d create a razor-sharp blade which To some is a great way of mowing – if you have zero sticks on your property But you’re probably going to encounter some sticks Which if you have a razor-sharp blade, they’re going to put little dings in the blade. So what I suggest is You can get this razor sharp if you like, but then just take a some kind of a stone it could be a sharpening stone like this or it could be a diamond impregnated one like this made by Smith’s company and Literally just drag it across the top of the razor’s edge a few times so that it dulls it down just a little bit so that you’re not getting the dings from sticks and Also, if you hit a stick and create a ding, it’s going to create a burr on the flat side the back side Of your blade which also cuts down in the efficiency of the blade to cut in mulch When you sharpen this side You want to take off the same amount of material that you took off on the other side And here’s what you can see in terms of what we’ve done so far So a safe bet is to eliminate all the Dirt and debris off that particular edge until you get a nice sharp edge so this is Jack Hemingway from the Gardening Products Review. 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  1. macknumber9 says:

    Thanx this is the best video on sharpening blades on youtube…

  2. Jr Huerta says:

    How to sharpen a trimmer ?

  3. Sho Yu Weeni says:

    It's called a bastard file because it's the middle. It's not fine or coarse.

  4. z1522 says:

    Grinders can also quickly overheat, and thus detemper or overharden the cutting edge, either one a bad outcome.

  5. JM Desrosiers says:

    I see he sharpens it with the blade up, and he pushes the file downward, is this the correct way or should you move the file from the thick to the thin side?

  6. ehill1536 says:

    He says it can be razor sharp but not completely. I dont have a good guage of how sharp. Like sharp enough to cut your finger if you slide it down the blade? I've heard ppl say no sharper than a butter knife, about where mine is, but is tearing my grass. I worked for a grounds crew at a University and they sharpened the blades super sharp. Thanks for the video.

  7. Nick Vlademir says:

    Invented by a Bastard? Why not ?

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