How to Take a Brush Hog off a Tractor

This is Mike with, I
got a request from a viewer that said I wanna know how to take my brush hog off my tractor. Well I’ve done tons of videos about how to put brush hogs on tractors
I’ve never done one about how to take one off and when you think about it it makes sense that maybe more people want to take them off because whoever they bought the tractor
from delivered it and then didn’t tell them how to get the thing off the back
of it so we’re gonna go over that today. Now, if you’re an old time tractor guy I’ve got a little tip at the end of this I’d like to give you to keep you hooked so you’re
watching entire video and hopefully you’ll take a little something away that
will help you it’s about what to do with the tractor
after the attachment is off so stay with me. We’re gonna go through we’re going to take this brush hog off this tractor. To get this brush hog off the tractor first
drop it all the way to the ground turn the tractor off. Now the first thing
we need to determine, there are what’s called stabilizers, almost all tractors have
this right here, what I’m touching is a stabilizer, If the stabilizers go to the
axle of the tractor and then to the outside of the lower arms these lower
arms that hook to the implement then you have nothing to do, but on a lot of the
smaller tractors they go from the inside into the frame of the tractor and if
they do they’re probably tight and you have to loosen the turn buckle up so they’ll
move out, the arms lower arms will move out and then you can take the implement
off the tractor so stabilizers are on the outside your
probably good, if they’re on the inside get them loose first that’s going to
allow you to get out from the tractor The implements are attached to the tractor in four places two are these lower link arms right here, each one of them will
have some kind of a pin that you have to pull out, usually a lynch pin, and its a little pin and it goes over center and you just have to open it up and pull it out at all you have to do this get the
arm off and usually, “kicking” is the best way to do that. Now you have one on that side and one on this side and once you take those off usually they’ll fall down just like
they did. The third place is this top link this is called the top link it has
a pin that goes through it. We’re gonna take it off. A lot of tractors have a little hook
up here that you can click the top link in and it can ride there when you don’t have an implement
on. Last thing is PTO, the power take off thing that makes implement go round and
round and there are three ways you can get the PTO off usually it’s either push rod
that you push in and then pull back and it’ll come off, or it’s a twist thing that releases the ball bearings inside and it comes off or
you pulling a collar back and pull it out you’ll have to determine which one you
have, I did a video that shows all three of them I put a link below. On this one it
is a little push rod we push it in and pull out and we’re out from our implement you guys are watching this video that already know all this stuff I told you I give you a
little tip at the end, I like to use these rubber straps and a lot of tractors have them and they usually disappear but they’re handy and they keep those three point lower link arms from
bouncing back and forth and I hook one right here. There’s a hole right there that the stabilizer mounts
to and one on the other side the same place that keeps those lower link
arms together and they’re not flopping back and forth and keeps them narrow so
you won’t run into anything with them Hey, I survive on web traffic I
appreciate you watching my video I’d be honored if you subscribe to my YouTube
channel or like my facebook page feel free to share the video and hey if you
got comments please leave them below I’ll try to answer them. Hey, thanks for watching!

29 comments on “How to Take a Brush Hog off a Tractor”


    Ha I think you were referring to me Haha , ok Mike I do the same at the end and I have one for you from an old timer, always put a wooden block under the front of the cutter about the same height as your cutting height and it so much easier to hook up and it's not sunk in the mud. 😀

  2. Drew6709 says:

    note: Sometimes it's better to remove the top link first to get more room for the PTO removal. Kubota compact tractors have a telescoping stabilizer which is a pin with a keeper pin underneath. I favor Kubota stabilizers over any others.
    NOTE #2: As for older (example 1959 jd 430) tractors. There is a cross bar that is pinned to the frame and extends to the implement to a point near the top link hook up. OR is a modification that might attach to the drawbar and extend to the deck of the mower to a homemade point.

  3. Billy Winters says:

    We recently bought the tractor, and couldn't figure this out; the shafts was actually on backwards

  4. USNERDOC says:

    Nice video Mike! I sure do appreciate your excellent content.

  5. drbbhiggins says:

    Mike, thanks for all the great videos you have done. They have all been very helpful to me. Can you do a video about flail mowers and the advantages and disadvantages over a brush hog.

  6. Workclasshero says:

    Push rod will not depress and can not remove PTO shaft. Any ideas?

  7. crslyrn says:

    Good video. I set my bush hog off on blocks of wood to make it easier to move the mower around if I'm a little off when hooking up to the tractor & to help keep the blades of the mower out of the dirt. I also like to use a pry-bar to remove the lower arms of the 3 point from the mower, saves my foot.

  8. Michael Lohre says:

    Mike, do most people really just set these on the ground, or is it better to drop them on some sort of plywood platform, or at least stick some 4 by 4's under the front of the thing?

  9. Kris Ewing says:

    Thanks for the training. I'm one of those guys who bought a tractor with the bush hog already attached when it was delivered. And wasn't told how to disconnect the hog. Your training video definitely did the trick. Thank you! Have a great Navy Day. Retired Navy Chief

  10. David Schinsing says:

    On a JD5400 (and I expect many others), if you don't tie those lower arms together, they knock hard on the tire treads. Surely possible to wreck a tire!

  11. hunter orgeron says:

    Thanks for the informative video. Just bought an old tractor that came with a bushhog attached.

  12. Mike W says:

    But how to take off the pto from the actual bush hog? Is it secured by more than just a shear pin? Can't seem to get mine off after I take the shear pin out.

  13. David Peterson Harvey says:

    This is exactly what I needed. Well, this and your video on attaching. It has been years since I used a PTO and I just bought a little, baby Ford 1300 tractor for my two acres. I couldn't remember everything about hooking, unhooking and adjusting, and I'm thankful you were here with this helpful advice.

  14. Robin Lance says:

    Hey Mike – Do you have a video on how to unhook a rotary tiller from a tractor?

  15. CATHY DUGGER says:

    question…my son says pto covers always turn with the shaft….my opinion is that they should shield from the spinning shaft and not turn themselves…isn't that what the chains on the cover are for? which is right i do not have enough experience to know

  16. Jim Breckenridge says:

    Bad internet link to video about PTO disengagement types.

  17. Aaron Reynolds says:

    My old tractor's stabilizers attach at the axle and the other end slips on the implement pins. Problem is when they're not attached to an implement they drag on the ground, or worse, dig in when backing up.

    Guess who's putting a rubber bungee in his fender well when he gets home?

  18. Bluegrass Kid says:

    Off the topic but those rear tires are Ag tires, not Industrial tires correct?

  19. Spud Gamer says:

    I've personally never liked the kick method. Known people who bruised their feet, and heard stories about breaking some of the small bones in the foot kicking stuff. Beyond that, you've only one foot on the ground when kicking, which can leave you off balance if something moves suddenly, like for instance the rotary tiller someone else mentioned. I try to keep a 2lb rubber mallet hanging on the tractor somewhere for getting the lower arms on and off if they want to be stubborn.

  20. kasey casece says:

    tractor mike .

    u really need 8 ' landscape post underneath in the front , because when u put the bush hog back on then u can use cheaper pipe a just bush hog back on to 3 point hook up easy as pie . want broking your back , work for me every time

  21. benjamin saturday says:

    Came back to 5hank you for making it a quick video. The gnats were plotting on the best attack method

  22. Stephen Hill says:

    hi mike, I was looking forward to seeing the link you have here about three types of driveline connections to pto. I needed to learn about taking a howse brushhog of my pto. I think it has a twist collar, but i'm not sure. but when I went to check out the link you had posted' I got an error message saying page not found, or page missing. anyway, i'dreally like to watch those videos. can you fix the link or repost them?

  23. Stephen Hill says:

    This is the one I saw where you saidyou "had a video showing all 3 types and you would put a link below to check out the video that showed all 3 types". But when I tried the link in this video that should take me to the video that "showed" all 3 types, the link below this video that should have taken me to the one that "shoes all 3 types did not work , so I was unable to watch the one I needed to see. I have seen already the one above.
    Thanks for your response, but do you still have the video that SHOWS ALL THREE TYPES OF CONNECTIONS? That is the one I needed
    In this video you only mention there are three types, but you do not "show" them

  24. Richard Britt says:

    HI Mike, looked for your video on different PTO disconnect and page seems to be missing. Still learning but no other videos come up for PTO connection. Any suggestions?

  25. victor castle says:

    Mike , I just bought a new Kubota brush hog and requested the push pin type PTO shaft . My dealer said, that they had been coming in with the pull collar lately and he didn't know if they made the push pin type any more. It came in with the pull collar.
    I don't like it and neither do some other old people, I know. Do you know , is there some advantage to the pull back collars ?

  26. TX.Racsonip says:

    What do you think about a Mitsubishi tractor d1800?all im doing is some brush hog on my deer lease thanks

  27. Joy Spears says:

    Thank you! Very helpful. Was able to remove it in minutes. Did good for a girl. Lol

  28. Wild Man says:

    Thanks Mike!
    I should be old hand at this but sure was glad you posted on this subject 🤠

  29. Real Winner says:

    Thank you!! New tractor owner here. Appreciate the advice. Subscribe

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