How To Test Motorcycle, ATV & UTV Starters

– Hey what’s up everybody? Dustin here with Rocky Mountain ATV MC. Today I’ll be showing you
how to test the starter motor on your motorcycle, ATV, or side by side. Alright, so today I’m gonna show you how to test the starter motor. Now, if your bike is beginning to experience some electrical problems where it’s just not cranking over, but your battery is in good shape and your starter relay works, odds are it might be your starter motor. So today we’re gonna help you
to rule out the starter motor, and show you how to test it. Now to test the starter motor, you will need a 12 volt battery, your starter motor, a digital multi meter, and some jumper cables. Now when it comes to starter motors, they’re all pretty much the same. And they all operate
under the same principles. Whether you’re working on your car, your side by side, ATV, or motorcycle. Now there are components inside that can be measured and
tested, as well as rebuilt, and that will depend on the type of starter motor that you have. So when it comes to
those specific procedures and information, be sure to
reference your service manual. Now to start our test, we’re gonna take our digital multi meter. We’re going to place it
into the volt DC position. Then we can take our red meter lead. We can connect it to our battery. Followed by our black meter lead on the negative post of the battery. Now on our multi meter,
we should be able to read anywhere from 12.5 to 12.8 volts DC. This will let us know that
our battery is in good shape. Next we can take our jumper cables, and the side that we’ll be
connecting to our starter motor. We’re going to take one of the leads and we’re going to connect
it to the rubber insulation below our other connector. This way, when we connect
it to our battery, we know that the other side
isn’t going to start sparking. We can take our red connection, connect it to our positive post. Then the negative connector, connect it to our negative post. Now, when you connect the
other end of your jumper cables to the starter motor,
you may see some spark. So it’s not a bad idea
to go ahead and grab some safety glasses. Now when we connect to the starter motor, we’re going to start by
grounding our negative cable to the body of the starter motor. Now, when you connect the negative lead of your jumper cables
to the starter motor, you can connect it to just about anywhere on it that’s a part of the body. Then we’re gonna take our positive lead, and we’ll connect it
to the post right here on the starter motor. Now when we do this, the starter motor should operate if it’s in
a good state of condition. Now keep in mind, it is going to move. And this operates with a lot of force. So be sure to have a good hold on it. So to test if it’s good,
we’re going to apply 12 volts DC directly to it. And that’s how we know that, well our starter motor is in good shape. Now if you apply 12 volts
directly to the terminal, and the motor does not rotate, odds are it’s in bad shape. You either have a bad connection, or a failed component
inside of the starter motor. Now remember, the quickest and easiest way to test your starter motor, is to directly apply 12 volts DC to it. And that’s it. It’s really quick and really easy to test your starter motor. Now, if you find that yours has gone bad, at our website at we have OAM and after market replacements depending on your machine. So visit our website, plug in your vehicles. Your make and model to our parts finder, and it will show you all the
parts that fit your machine. Now, if you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below, and we’ll be sure to get
an answer back to you. And don’t forget to subscribe
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how tos, and tests. Alright guys, that’s it for me. I’m Dustin with Rocky Mountain ATV MC. Thanks for watching and
keep turning those wrenches.

20 comments on “How To Test Motorcycle, ATV & UTV Starters”

  1. Weberson Galvani says:

    Coloca legenda em português nos vídeo

  2. Chase Flynn Outdoors says:

    My atv is turning over but will not start. It will only make a zzzzzing noise. Any suggestions?

  3. Dave Smith says:

    Sportsman won't start. I can start it by jumping the solenoid. Replaced the starter solenoid combo and same problem. Ignition?

  4. Jesus is the King of kings says:

    Thanks for showing this video so that really means I have a bad starter

  5. Adi's View Point says:

    How much time does a battery last if I use starter motor continuously ??? Please reply to my answer earlier


    hello sir
    i am from india
    can we use this type motor for making fan using fan blade

  7. Bruce Lee says:

    My motorcycle stopped turning over one day. I tested the starter solenoid and the pulse generator coil. They were okay, so I took out the starter and tested it exactly as shown in this video. It sparked a ton and there was no movement. I'll be replacing (rebuilding if possible) the starter & my bike should be back on the road.
    Thank you for the helpful video!

  8. Mark Cregger says:

    Can you do that with it connected or do you have to removeit from machine ?

  9. Mexico streets says:

    How do I connect it ?

  10. RCPro Driver says:

    as we all know, safety glasses always protect you from sparks…lol

  11. Samson Keishing says:

    hi brother thanks you showing to how does starters work so I will understand explain

  12. Nick Ni says:

    Проверил, блин! Дети в саду так моторчик проверяют-крутит или нет!? Показал бы ещё фокус с реверсивным пуском. Деградация аудитории

  13. shauna fay ellis says:

    Dustin d legend respect

  14. joe t says:

    Does anybody here actually answer any of the questions in the comments? What would happen if you used a higher voltage battery?

  15. Jeffery Young says:

    I tested my starter after rebuild and it seems to be working g properly, when I installed it the motor sounds ike it spins but does not engage the flywheel to crank the engine over. I am at my wits end!

  16. Gabriel says:

    my voltmeter doesn't even work.

  17. Bill Brown says:

    Hahaha,,, I know you are being serious here, but I find this funny.
    touch the post with hot,
    if it spins,,,,, starter good
    if it don't spin, starter bad

    Makes for a good video, but not always the case.
    You can have a different results, for example
    if starter is under a load or
    starter hot vs cold
    I have seen cases in the above where a starter appears to be good, but was actually bad.

    Don't get me wrong here,,, I love you guys, keep it up.

  18. XanCraft21 says:

    Can i use a smaller power source if it uses 12 volts dc? I’m trying a motor similar to that one with two 6 volt batteries and i get nothing, i doubled the voltage and still nothing. Is my motor bad or does my generic 12 volt power source need more amps?

  19. Octane Cetane says:

    What if you have a good battery and you start the bike and it cranks over really slowly and the positive cable gets hot? I have that problem on my 2006 Husqvarna TC450

  20. Dan Cote says:

    what is the ohm reading ?? between the positive and negative

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