Huge Tractors Harvesting Corn

When the corn is still small, the soil will
be turned over. That’s called cultivating. Or it can be sprayed, that’s to keep the weeds
from growing in between the corn plants. The weeds would use sunlight and water, and
soil nutrients that help these corn plants grow big and tall. You know what? By the end of the summer, this plant here
will be taller than I am! C’mon, let’s go take a look over here. Cows don’t just eat the kernals off the ears
of corn like we do, they eat the whole plant! When the corn is ready, the self-propelled
forage harvester cuts the corn then chops it into little pieces. The chopped corn is blown out the back of
the harvester into trucks or wagons. Then it’s hauled off to be stored in bunkers
or silos until it’s mixed with other ingredients and fed to the cows. Now let’s go chop some corn!

5 comments on “Huge Tractors Harvesting Corn”

  1. Kingawesome521 says:

    I wish there was at least a full ost for this movie

  2. Owen Hawbaker says:

    Do the Manuer one

  3. Mack Kline says:

    Thanks Mr.Levine you were my childhood and now I am a farmer! Thank you!

  4. Fry says:

    Years and years later I saw the VHS tape in a goodwill and I just had to buy it… great memories which definitely affected my entire life

  5. Luigi Mario 1997 says:

    Why is the song fire tho!?

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