100 comments on “Incident Truck Equipment Operator Fails & Skills”

  1. bow hunter says:

    Painful .😖

  2. adaged306 says:

    Indian guy at 8:12 sounds like a Geordie

  3. Himalayan Monster says:


  4. Adrian Pradibto says:

    Oprator student

  5. Antipodean33 says:

    Moral of the story? Leave operating heavy machinery to the white man

  6. William Flynn says:

    3ish minutes guy has skills and balls of steel.

  7. MagnetOnlyMotors says:

    1:30, is that a sink hole or the whole sink?

  8. MagnetOnlyMotors says:

    4:04, there is a pro at work!

  9. MagnetOnlyMotors says:

    5:40 looks like the operator went home and left the engine running.

  10. Русский кот says:

    5:35 – вот технику не жалко… пипец.. где ум

  11. Richard Reynolds says:

    Third world countries shouldn't use modern equipment.

  12. 84k1986 84k1986 says:

    Doesn't look like a fail at 1:00. Looks like he knows what he is doing

  13. daniel Haniel says:


  14. Jay Sanders says:

    sum ignorant ass shit on this one , had to be an 8 yr old post it

  15. Elio Paulino says:

    Operator very good

  16. Elio Paulino says:

    New holland the is king 0f makinari

  17. Didier miandyou says:

    ils prennent des cours pour etres aussi cons!!

  18. Alex Duke says:

    I will never understand why people don't secure their load in third world countries

  19. tom dorn says:

    Everything is funny to these foreigners
    Har har har. Speak English you.

  20. Maximiano Oliveira de araujo araujo says:

    A maquina não é dele safado

  21. Screaming Demon says:

    Lack of common sence

  22. stels720. says:

    На такой тяжёлой технике почему такие тонкие тросы, надо трос толщиной в руку как на танках, чтоб трактор рвало на куски зато трос целый.

  23. dario Pereira says:

    So operador burro, e ruim de serviço.

  24. ribeirão preto says:


  25. ribeirão preto says:

    Parece caragueijo

  26. ribeirão preto says:

    Tem que ser PCC andar em duas rodas

  27. ribeirão preto says:

    Jajá aqui tudo bater

  28. ribeirão preto says:

    Casal de leite lokos na rua casal Jajá

  29. David Targino says:


  30. 你駡 says:


  31. prience saleem says:

    No want add on all videos .

  32. adriano oliveira says:

    Aproveitando, olha quantos tem parados em volta das máquinas…

  33. Prasad DJ Prasad DJ says:


  34. Роман ZET says:

    В конце видео кто его на экскаватор посодил? Так отжимать технику он не когда не вылезет из такой ситуации центр тяжести весь на зад смешяет это пиздец

  35. dave dec says:


  36. артем тамазян says:

    Как говорил Лелик из ..Бриллиантов ой руки.. -..если человек идиот -это – на долго!..

  37. Ben Ruga says:

    At 5:27 the best use of a Case piece of equipment.

  38. tonyonahog says:

    Do this in a modern country and go to jail

  39. David Farmer says:


    The driver must have pooed himself.

  40. David Bianchini says:

    I've been running heavy equipment for 40 years. The excavator working its way out the hole at 10 minute mark. PAINFULL. This guy wacks the right rear on the wall while try to get material under his tracks. He could have gotten it out so much faster by grabbing a deeper bucket and keeping as much track on the ground as possible, instead its only got minimal contact, and then he is only tracking one track. PAINFULL to watch.

  41. Joelann says:

    Idioten sollte man auf keinen Fall Dinge in die Hand geben die sich drehen….

  42. Adam Kitcher says:

    The guy in the eh 19 just as well get his gear out and bugger of home and stay there.what an embarrassment.

  43. Leonce Mapuranga says:

    I am a good backhoe loader operater from Zimbabwe looking for a job everywhere in the world .

  44. Casekoei says:

    It's always nice to see how many people are standing there, watching and yelling.

  45. Ahmad Zaqi says:

    Naha kudu ngjebros kitu eta mobil

  46. James Lindley says:

    Ehm !!

  47. jay willow says:

    Foreigners are idiots

  48. Kevin Kleindienst says:

    The sign when equipment is ran by dumb asses

  49. Don Johnson says:

    All these foreign languages make me think that this tractor and operator at about 1:25 were NOT working on the highway potholes we have here in RENO, but if that actually were the case, I'd sure believe it!!

  50. smw381st says:

    I bought a backhoe recently and figured it might be a good lesson for me to watch this!

  51. dirtdog nunya says:

    These third world countries sure do grow some mindless Cowboys but there fun to watch

  52. Dennis Donald Trump says:

    probably the worst youtube-video i have ever seen.. or.. the worst time spent ever online. After 3 mins and 33 sec and I just had to shake my head and tell myself that some people are idiots. Performs.. producers.. the who(r)le shabang. This shit is so retardly boring so World Heavy – you should go back to sucking salami behind 7/11

  53. treycee edwards says:

    McClanes ask about toll free 800

  54. treycee edwards says:

    IF you have any prior 800 toll free nos. call MClanes

  55. Steve Sanzari says:

    I bet these Spaiardo’s have a very high death rate on their Jobs. No Unions , No OSHA, No Brains . Out of this video I would fire about 1/3 rd of these Operators , Starting with the Superintendent, and Foreman. What a Disaster!

  56. Rick Chesmore says:

    Keep up the good work. Keep smashing equipment, keep selling you more

  57. Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek says:

    Great video, thanks!

  58. hazyanlazy123 says:

    10 mins that dunk add chain I was cringing so hard and the guy facing it I was ready for s death lol

  59. jcb 3cx jcb says:

    اين انتم ام انا وحيد هنا

  60. Jaime D says:

    Worst operator i have ever seen

  61. Bill Lawson says:

    The hydraulic shovel front operator is good. Productivity would increase if they went to a double back up. Zero to 90 degrees swing is 100% plus productivity , more than 90 degrees drops your productivity. (Retired Trainer)

  62. roguesquatcher says:

    3rd world countries definitely have no shortage of idiots, and apparently they all run equipment.

  63. Fajar Al Idrus says:


  64. Richard Evans says:

    I bet the guy in the back hoe turning circles didn’t own it !

  65. Toribio Serrano says:

    12 30 stupid driver


    This people's mafi mukh no brains at all at all

  67. denis 21154 says:

    Все на Россию наговаривают а в гейропе вообще механизаторы передурки

  68. joey poobots says:

    Guy's shirt says 'evite accidentes' Avoid accidents……

  69. Artur Kawiecki says:

    10:22 dupa nie operator

  70. Frank Teague says:

    Thank God I understand English

  71. Jimmy Orr says:

    Only in a third world shit hole

  72. Les Woodz says:

    6:07 didn't even need the bucket to get down. What a pussy.

  73. Isabel Daniel King Clark says:

    Oprator student

  74. Kevin Johnson says:

    @1:13 you pos lock your load down you fkn goof, I ride a motorcycle and its this sht that kills people.

  75. M JeiKhan says:

    5:00 you are hurting the wheel bearing… stupid!

  76. cristhian pomacino benites says:

    Malos operadores

  77. Tim Bergfeld says:

    Have you ever noticed 9 out of 10 of these they are not speaking English.

  78. Siswanto Samsung says:


  79. Elsa Jerome says:

    Love to see excavtors

  80. James Stclair says:

    Gaully ma shuckdeda

  81. Тетяна Зоріна says:

    Independent FTL dispatcher. Text on telegram: @tatiana_z

  82. the 4BLEGEDES says:


  83. Mikey McMikeFace says:

    Last clip. What was he even doing? Filling that gorge?

  84. Hai lua go quao says:

    Thật là huy hiểm bạn

  85. Steve Leverett says:

    Can’t believe so many people playing with this high price equipment

  86. graphite737 says:

    awesome how you put your next video boxes all over the dozer at the end so I could not see what was going on

  87. hugo zapana says:

    .ollomollol…ooom.loomlll.lmolo.lloooloololomoloo.l…o.loml.m.?.lo.mm.mlllllmllllo.mm...oool..o.omoooool.mllmlolllllm.. olm.mo.ll.l

  88. Kevin sbcs-10 says:

    "Shake hands with danger" now days we need a Spanish language version, that's what the whole problem is here!

  89. Anhar Bengkulah says:


  90. Anhar Bengkulah says:

    Badar ,Mizi, Solah, Ilham, Zili, danamzah

  91. mateus luft says:

    só br fazendo cagada em video dos gringo

  92. Rondo Hunter says:

    Geez about half of these I'm thinking "Get the hell outta that seat and let me do it. Idiots."

  93. Warren Blum says:

    Notice these idiots are all in foreign countries that have no rules !!

  94. Etem Erdoğan says:


  95. Dee Coad says:

    Or half drunk

  96. UFO says:

    Эксковаторщики просто ассы!

  97. Yves Gerber says:

    C lo0

  98. fernando mariano says:


  99. 田辺晴男 says:


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