Installing Top Case & Rack on Scooter

what’s good everybody and I’m back to
you today as I promised I’m going to be putting a top case on the scooter so
let’s get it okay first things first is what I’m
gonna be doing is adding or removing the current rack that’s on there this bad
boy right here I will be using a almost drop that
fucking wrench with an extender with the this 12mm yeah I’m using the Stanley
kit you guys Hughes whatever King you want the way I’m doing hang my seat you
guys should go righty-tighty lefty-loosey I know I actually guys so please ignore
the mowing sound my neighbor is doing their yards actually both my neighbors
are doing their yard it’s pretty early in the morning so
understand why they are okay so yeah it’s off now it’s time to put this one
on and you put it on the same way the other
one was on hey so when you do put these on you’re gonna you have to use your
muscles to pull them together to get these holes right because if you line
this one up with the hole this one over here is slight off they’re gonna have
to squeeze them together it’s gonna use some of your muscle meats but uh we’ll
see you guys are guys so you gotta have you guys have a lot of muscle meat so no
worries for you guys and you just do it into it’s tight and
it won’t go no more how it’s done you don’t want to put it too tight where you
start to strip it and then finally this one over here so
this is what I was talking about you see you’re gonna have to pull this in order
to match the hole so let me use both my hands the rack is now secured that’s how
it’s done baby so next it’s the rack plate you’re going to want to install
this first and don’t put this on here until you install this because it’s
gonna be a bit of trouble trying to get it off take it and this is where this is
where these pieces come in before bracket plates and four screwdriver
screw with the whereat pieces you do need a screwdriver for this part so you
have your piece take it like that okay so these right here these brackets
they go on under the other this just as you see just like that they go placed
underneath like that that flipped this way but this way if you’re trying to
follow instructions or the sheet it won’t work because you got to understand
the sheet uses a different racks in that stuff okay from this point it’s pretty
much smooth selling okay you got the top plate you got these puncture spots right
here with net which matches the little spots right there you just like a puzzle
line it up and snap it in I got that but I couldn’t do it okay an
affair it’s done we got it now this is what makes the cupcakes so awesome the
topcase is basically just a snap just a snap in place so it’s just like put it
on there snap before you do you want to make sure that your truck you want to
make sure that your trunk has enough space to open that it’s not if you place
it would have enough space go back you can see it perfectly fine it won’t stop
the trunk of our flight so let’s snap this into place real quick before about how I’m installing it maybe
it’s not the best way maybe it’s our first way but you know what it’s getting
the job done so and then there’s a snap piece right here this one
on the bottom okay I just want to let you guys know though that when you
working on this piece pop down here to hook it on there you have to squeeze the
key spot brake squeeze it in in order for it to lift and that’s so someone can
just walk up to your scooter and take pull your top case off it has to be
unlocked make sure it’s on there so it doesn’t
just pop off see and it’s up up up up and it’s on whoa ramen has a top case and we can fit so much in here now I told you guys on the last video I
did the unboxing video that I believe a full face he’ll make a fitness thing how
about you do you think this could fit in here huh how how many you guys went away
through that it’s my helmet you fit in in this case shall we shall we find out
please show find out Dunna are you guys still feeling like you can fit in there
Dunna Dunna all right now you guys think you can fit in there
I’m you guys saying yes Oh sup guys hey no Dunna Dunna Oh does it close though
does it close that is the question sorry about the constant camera moving it’s in there baby
full face helmet yes that is what I am talking about my helmet is in there
that is what’s up so that is that is it on this
little video ramen actually have somewhere to go so I guess I couldn’t go
test it out yeah now that you guys know if it fell off or something bye-bye

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