Ivan Pyriev. Tractor Drivers (1939)

[Credits run by during the theme song] On the grass the dew has settled thickly,
O’er the river the mist is hovering. On this night the samurai decided
To cross the border into the taiga land. But the scout’s eye sees all their positions,
And the armored strike battalion Goes in action, spurred on by an order
Along the Far East ground that they call home. The tanks rush by, whipping up a tailwind,
And the armor clanks atop the hills. And the samurai come crashing earthwards
Under pressure of the fire and steel. There they nabbed-their singing guaranteed it-
All opponents in this hot attack, The three tank-drivers, three fun-loving buddies,
Crew-mates in a vehicle of war. “To the Motherland.”
“To friendship.”
“To everyone waiting for us.”

One comment on “Ivan Pyriev. Tractor Drivers (1939)”

  1. phenom says:

    I can picture Hoxha and Stalin watching this together

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