Jillian Michaels: How antibiotics used in factory farming destroy our microbiomes

More and more these days we’re hearing how
important microbiome is, good gut flora, healthy gut bacteria so to speak. And then you’ve got probiotics, good bacteria,
and prebiotics, which are essentially the nutrients for the probiotics. I have heard and I have read many studies
linking healthy gut flora to everything from the inhibition of Alzheimer’s to it being
linked to autism in children to a healthy fast metabolism and on and on and on. And I remember years ago when I wrote my book
Master your Metabolism, by the time we die, I’m trying to remember the exact number
but I believe that like only one out of every ten cells in our body is even human anymore,
like we have so much bacteria in our system. And this should be a good thing, but because
we’re over prescribed antibiotics and because so much of the animal products we consume
that are non-organic the animals have been fed antibiotics because they’re in horrendous
feed lot conditions that make them sick and unhealthy, plus the antibiotics and their
excrement runs off into our water supply so essentially we are being inundated with antibiotics
from all different directions on a consistent basis and our diets are not well rounded enough
that we’re replenishing. So yet another reason where oh I don’t do
dairy. We can’t make these unilateral statements. I do dairy. I do it if I’m following a calorie allowance
and I’m having an equally balanced macronutrient ratio, how many calories of animal protein
am I getting a day? At the most 600. So the dairy I choose is organic and it’s
fermented and I have a diet that’s also very rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. So I’m getting my enzymes, I’m getting
my probiotics and I’m getting the prebiotics to help keep the probiotics flourishing.

80 comments on “Jillian Michaels: How antibiotics used in factory farming destroy our microbiomes”

  1. Joanna Taylor says:


  2. O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me says:

    I try to use as little medications as possible. Be proactive with your health, taking care of your body before something happens is the way to go.

  3. GrandeSalvatore96 says:

    Jillian finally saying something useful after the last two terrible videos.

  4. The Mountain Sage says:

    my wifes gastro intestinal disease was nearly eliminated when we stopped eating conventionally. first we stopped fast food, because i was disgusted by what i learned about factory farming. then we moved to organic milk and bananas. then to all organic non gmo clean food. our health has never been better. organic is not a scam its a movement toward the way god intended our food to be.

  5. Solitary Reaper says:

    how about going vegan instead? exploitation of sentient beings is not for 21st century.

  6. Names don't matter says:

    Why do they even let someone who has no background in science and biology talk about issues like this. I can't take anyone like her seriously, even though misuse of antibiotics is real. I just dislike 'authors' that like to write about things they have very basic understanding of pretending to be experts in the field. Since when did a personal trainer become qualified to talk about medical science?

    Edit. The reason I wrote this rant is,I got a notification for this video and when I looked at the title i thought it would be an informative video. what it turned out to be is pointless pop sci video with nothing meaningful in it ( I didn't know who this woman was, wouldn't have bothered if I did)

  7. Brenda Rua says:

    Anecdotally speaking, I've gone through tones of antibiotic that kill off my gut bugs. I feel it for weeks afterward. A few times the C Dif. has taken over and that sucks big time. Now I'm on a couple of the mega antibiotics. This is getting scary. I wonder what our kids will be facing.

  8. Aeri Co says:

    unfortunately there is no other way but antibiotics for people with Chronic Lyme Disease

  9. Zoli says:

    Ew… I am considering going vegan…

  10. Terrilian Reya says:

    Jillian Michaels is a physical trainer. She came to fame by being cast on “The Biggest Loser”. She was complacent and at fault for the horrendous treatment and malnourishment of the contestants. There is a reason there is no “where are they now” or “reunion” show of that famous “reality” program. Ms. Michaels needs to stick to what she knows: physical fitness until she gains the actual medical knowledge to sustain her personal opinion backed by actual and factual data. She was openly negative to the Ketogenic Lifestyle. It is obvious she allowed herself to be interviewed without researching anything about the diet’s origins nor its modern-day healing benefits to those with insulin sensitivity who are battling a metabolic disorder (like Diabetes Mellitus, just as an example) or combating cancer (as I did with my late-stage breast cancer). She is a fitness trainer, not a clinical researcher, medical doctor or anything that gives her the qualifications needed to support her biased opinion. Shame on her. #KETOFORLIFE 🦞🦀🦐🦑🍖☕️🐠🍗🥩🐟🥓🍳🥦🌶🧀🍵🥬🥒🥑🍆❤️🍄🍓🍋🥜🌰🍤🍫🥛🥃

  11. Xomanowar99 says:


  12. JFK says:

    That's why a vegan diet is superior. I'm a 20 year old Male and it hasn't affected my strength whatsoever, in fact, I'm the strongest I've ever been. I bench press 225lbs for 20+ reps and I'm only 190 lbs

  13. Blockman007 Guitarist says:

    Jillian Barberie! Jillian Barberie!

  14. Alan Williamson says:

    Is Jillian Michaels a doctor? Taking advice from an actor/trainer is a very bad idea. Further, the vegan diet is not about results. It is all about puritanism, narcissism, selfies, self-worship, and virtue-signaling. A person has to "convert" to veganism. Almost all who convert quit the diet because it lacks nutrients or they're tired of being hungry all the time.

  15. PayaM Sh says:

    If I knew this channel is going to start spewing uneducated common people pseudosciency nonesense i would never subscribe. This is a scientific issue. It needs an expert’s opinion. Hers does not matter, if you have a basic understanding of logic that is.

  16. Gulgathydra says:

    How about going cannibal instead?
    I've had nothing to eat but human meat for the last 231 years and I'm still going strong. I have a job in a mechanic shop. I lift cars up while the mechanics work on them. Since I don't buy groceries, I am able to work cheap, and I cost less than a hydraulic car jack.

  17. mark padgett says:

    Yep lived on a Hog Farm she's absolutely correct, pretty sure that's been F.D.A. regulated since the 60's and helps deplete our immune system, ironic A.I.D.S became prevalent around the same time period.
    Should also mention how antibiotics stands againsts all biotics good and bad our bodies need to help stay fit.
    Especially those antibacterial soaps, notice hospitals overuse of these have had an increase of viruses now more resistant to antibiotics drugs.
    Antibiotics seems a bit oxymoronic in nature lol.

  18. wastedPhoenix says:

    Next on Big think : how Jillian Michael's masculinity will save our men in their adult lives…

  19. Engi_Nerd says:

    This is just noise. As is tracking your macro/micro nutrient intake. Just eat a varied whole food plant based diet. Track nothing but your ever improving health and satisfaction in not contributing to climate change and cruelty.

  20. Lee Siggens says:

    I know it is tricky to do popular science but FYI enzymes are not nutrients and they are not good for you. All cells have enzymes. Digestion inactives enzymes.

  21. StevenGaspard says:

    Jillian Michaels is not a biologist and is not at all qualified to comment on this topic.

  22. Ecylram says:

    This false science does not belong on Big Think. Animals that receive antibiotics have to go through a quarantine period before they go to market. The amount of antibiotics in water is essentially non-existent. Animal antibiotics do not have an effect on human health.

  23. Pika 420 says:

    She drinks fermented dairy products? 2:12 yikes.

    Edit: she then says shes getting insoluble fibers… Idk bout that.

  24. RAYDOGLOC Coolest shots says:

    Everybody poops!

  25. Daniel Lassander says:

    Alarmist idiocy, well im not surprised you had Erik Dyson on and that massive racist Robin DiAngelo aswell. Why dont you invite some nazi sympathiers as well or some members of the KKK. Thing is they arent thinkers none of them, neither the nazis nor the KKK or Robin Diangelo or Erik Dyson. They never stopped to think even for a bloody second.

    Just like this person Jillian Michaels, she is driven by an enviromental ideology and to hell with human beings and our well being. Here are the choices: no antibiotics way way way less food, or antibiotics and plenty food, that is your choice.

  26. Abhishek Jaiswal says:

    How about you get an actual gut health expert next time eg Dr Gabrielle Fundaro ?

  27. Rock-E Oldboy says:

    How sad it is that we have to call a chicken which is an organic organism "non-organic"!

  28. b1rdkeeper S says:

    Oh FFS.

  29. S-M Robinson says:

    Why can’t this channel exercise their due diligence and get credible people or licensed nutritionists to speak? This person is just another “personality” who shills books and supplements.

  30. Thomas Miller says:

    This week Jillian Michaels has been mostly eating ….

  31. DesignsByTRex says:

    Although this is a very important issue and the facts that Jillian Michaels provides are correct, this video would be much better received if the orator was a person with more experience in microbiology or biological sciences in general. They could've given much greater insight to the issue, hopefully you take these comments into suggestion in the future.

  32. Kozmikōcēlōtl says:

    Simple…. Don't eat other animals

  33. Sandy Carr says:

    You're getting dangerously close to Prager U. Do better Big think.

  34. L Andre says:

    She is well informed but not an expert. What is happening at Big Think.

  35. jason jason says:

    Definitely Not what the title suggested

  36. djvapid says:

    Who is this? She's not a scientist. She's not a doctor. She's not a biologist. So…why the fuck is she on here? You know what, this has been going on for about a year now. Big Think is a fucking joke now. Unsubbed.

  37. The Wonkyone says:

    Get Zack MD to talk about this topic.

  38. Francis Srečko Fabian says:

    Glad I read the comments first. To be fair to Big Think this is probably a paid advertisement for her books. P.S. On your last warning BT.

  39. Michael Meglasson says:

    Jillian Michaels what are we changing the name of this channel to small think?

  40. Sterling Archimedes says:

    Not a professional for this topic. I would like to purpose a question… How much antibiotics actually stay in the meat as it is processed and sold? As far as I know, antibiotics are excreted after a short time.

  41. Guy Lloyd says:

    She's right though. Factory farming is legitimately terrible for us, on all accounts.

  42. TheAltruismActivist says:

    Factory farming is the devil/hell (to/for our health, the environment, and the animals) if a devil existed.

  43. noimnotnice says:

    Who decides to put up these titles? You people are insane. The content in no way reflects what the title suggests it would.

  44. Don Jabra says:

    You're my daughter

  45. iaboiler says:

    She is completely clueless on antibiotics and their use in animals. Human usage is a far greater concern!

  46. Jack Tuite says:

    No this is wrong.

  47. Keith Anderson says:

    "I have read…studies." Nah, you've read a few abstracts, maybe. Mostly you've read articles and likely you've read the headline and first paragraph. And the writers of those articles only read the abstract or someone else's article.

    Nutrition science and worse the journalism surrounding it are completely garbage.

  48. haku says:

    the production of animal foods is totally unsustainable as well as probably mostly unnecessary for human health

  49. Paldar says:

    What are the education requirements for this profession and how do they compare to a microbiologist?

  50. sypen1 says:

    This sounds like fake science your just pulling out of your ass

  51. Lulu says:

    this aint it chief

  52. Jovem Magal says:

    This comment section is sick, why people are so hatefull?

  53. Jop Mens says:

    Being outraged is not a substitute for being informed thoroughly including underpinning theory and ability to place information into context.
    Stop spreading outrage more than you spread a well made point, I don't care if its a delicate topic.

  54. Kevork K. says:

    She looks familiar… MomPOV I guess.

  55. Martin Bigger says:

    Jillian you were doing Soo good and then somehow dairy is fine even though u just explained how bad antibiotics are in dairy farms???

  56. i hate pretty girls says:

    This video would have been better received if they picked an actual biologist to speak on the matter…

  57. Prophis says:

    While factory farming destroys our actual biome.

  58. Alek Reason says:

    She has no credentials, why should we listen to her?

  59. Chad Weirich says:

    Correction: human cells make up about 43% of our bodies, not 10%

  60. Mario mario says:

    Nothing she said is remotely false. The idiots thinking suddenly there needs to be a PhD every time on ( they dont complain when its a political position they agree with) really should learn to take in information rather than being offended

  61. Georgy Dudly says:

    Big think transform to Small think for donkeys.

    Antibiotics is a danger only with frequent use, as the cause of "Superbugs".

  62. SencneS says:

    Unsubbing – sick and tied of these pedestrian armchair pseudo-scientists that have no field of studies or degrees talking about sciences… Big Think you USE to be good, now your just throwing trash out into the either and hoping the masses watch just long enough for you to get some ad revenue… I'm done!

  63. GreenEyedChild says:

    hi had a diff w/ hearing you

  64. mindaugas gavrilovas says:

    time to unsubscribe <3

  65. Neil Johns says:

    I’ve listened to you 4 times
    U said something this time

    But mostly yardy yardy yarda

    How do you get these gigs?

  66. Jason Vu says:

    You don’t need to be a professional to educate yourself, but it definitely a very complex topic.

  67. Barney5G says:

    This is not science.

  68. Assume Correct says:

    The autism thing, I have a hypothesis that it's the other way around. If it wasn't, we'd expect that everytime someone gets strep and takes a course of antibiotics, we'd expect them to get autism. We'd also expect if an autistic, like, ate an activia, they'd be cured, but I've eaten activia, hell, I'm vegetarian, and I'm still autistic. My hypothesis is basically that autism is caused by excess voltage at the terminals which must be disipated throughout the body, or else it will cause seizures. I mostly have that hypothesis both because I'm an electrical engineering student, and because I think the comorbidities of autism are the autism, not the social stuff. Like, if you ask someone like me, what is autism, I'll mention the sensory stuff loooonnnng before the social stuff, and I feel like that's an important clue. Another clue is that we're highly energy inefficient. Also, we have problems in all of our senses, including ones that humans took a while to discover, such as proprioseption. There's not really a good way to test it though without being horrendously cruel though, it would involve basically hooking up an NT to a power supply and seeing if they develop autism.

  69. creamsykle says:

    What a world were you have to question if someone is actually the gender they are displaying themselves as… Not to mention they seem to know nothing about the subject they are speaking on.

  70. Alex V says:

    Why we keep seeing this absurd woman?

  71. Phillip Schneider says:

    All I am hearing in the comments section is that she does not have the right degree. How about we comment on her content. Is she right or is she not? Does something magically become untrue if you are not an "expert" in the field?

  72. rachel Invoices says:

    Actually Jillian is a certified nutritionist and all her books are co-authored by medical professionals. I also find it a bit hard to believe that anyone would advocate for factory farming unless their where trolls paid by big AG.

  73. Chad says:

    Organic does NOT mean antibiotic free

  74. mbatheleupta says:

    Can you stop posting videos of Jillian Michaels? I don't want to dislike every one of them.

  75. sushanalone says:

    Hey BT, get Alex Jones Next to comment on nutritional issues of our time! That will complete the circle wink wink

  76. Nick Carpenter says:

    I think some more fact checking on her antibiotics in animal agriculture point is needed. Maybe from someone who is a biologist, not a marketing face.

  77. BaboonMF says:

    Really? Well, I'm eating frozen pizza.

  78. emancoy says:

    All food are organic except for phosphates, sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and trace elements according to chemist,

  79. JonneyETV says:

    She's so attractive

  80. Dino Ramzi says:

    Pseudoscience, woo and ignorance of basic scientific and rational principles.

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