John Deere 445 Moving Rocks and Rubble with Little Buck Loader – 425, 455

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5 comments on “John Deere 445 Moving Rocks and Rubble with Little Buck Loader – 425, 455”

  1. Swedish Holmberg says:

    That going to take some time… Technique could be improved, that woukd help.

  2. Peter Urbanski says:

    Thanks for making these great videos on the 425 and 445! I may be buying a 425 from a neighbor next week with the 54" snowblower. I like the idea of putting the larger tires on the 425.

  3. Laurence & hopeful says:

    Have you noticed any increase in the wear and tear on the front end parts due to using the Buck loader, particularly for rock and/or gravel work? Also due to the extra work duty do you change the transaxle fluid more often?

  4. Jody Smith says:

    It looks lie you have a three point hitch on the back. Why doesn't it go up and down when you use the hydraulics on the bucket? Is there a way to lock it?

  5. General None says:

    Hi, and thank you for the very informative videos. I'm looking into purchasing a Little Buck Loader, but I'm concerned about its ability to handle lots of gravel for a new house and driveway. It appears that the bucket is make out of 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch steel, can you tell how thick the steel is? It appears that the "arm" of the bucket are 2×3 inch steel tubing. Can you tell if it is 1/8 or 3/16 inch steel. I'm kinda an "over build" guy, so the more steel the better for me. Again, thanks for the great videos.

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