John Deere: 6R Series Tractor Updates

( ♪ music ♪ ) ( ♪ music ♪ ) ( ♪ music ♪ ) ( whoosh sfx )>>Anne Anderson: We are
thrilled to bring you exciting new updates to the
6R Series, including a brand-new feature
that will transform the way you operate the
tractor. . . we’ll show you what’s new,
starting with a virtual look inside the cab. ( whoosh sfx )>>Anne Anderson: The future of
tractor operation is now within reach . . . introducing John Deere
CommandPRO control. You can control tractor speed
and direction, plus implement functions – all from a single
lever that’s easy to learn and use. And by the way, we’ve heard it
makes it pretty fun to drive
too! It’s designed to be a great fit
for your hand . . . any size hand . . . Right where it rests naturally. For comfortable and convenient
control. CommandPRO is simple to
operate… From park, press the activation
button on the underside of the control lever. Then, push the lever to move
forward and accelerate . . . And pull it backward to slow
down. Then you can return to full
speed, up to 31 miles per hour by pushing the lever fully
forward to the detent position and letting it go. This makes resuming to road
speed, after stopping at intersections a whole lot
easier. And you’ll also appreciate a
self-canceling turn signal, for one less thing to worry about
during transport. To let you decide how quickly
you want to accelerate based on what load you’re pulling behind
you, we offer three rates of acceleration. In addition to a maximum speed,
you can also program two set speeds. To activate a set speed, simply
nudge the control lever to the right. To select the other set speed,
press either of these buttons. To easily increase or decrease
from an active set speed, use the scroll wheel under your
thumb. To change direction, press the
activation button and move the lever to the left. If you switch implements often,
you’ll love the inching control feature. To engage it, move and hold the
lever to the left, then forward or backward. You’ll also appreciate the time
savings from the ability to control speed, hitch and SCV
functions, all on a single
lever. In fact, we designed CommandPRO
Control to require significantly fewer hand and arm movements to
perform tractor and implement functions. Which means, you’re less likely
to feel worn out after a full day in the tractor. And to make tractor and
implement functions even more comfortable and convenient, the control lever always
reverts back to the “centered” position. You can also customize the
CommandPro lever on the display to suit your specific
preferences and applications. And, you’ll quickly realize how
easy it is to use the new control lever, along with what
you already know. If you do a lot of loader work,
you can still use the loader joystick, foot throttle, and left-hand reverser on the
steering column. We’ve designed the system, so
you can switch to and from CommandPRO without a second
thought. In addition to CommandPRO
control… these 6R Series Tractors
include a few more notable updates we know you’ll
appreciate. ( whoosh sfx ) We’re always trying to make
your daily maintenance easier. So, we’ve added a convenient
access door that lets you check engine oil without opening the
hood, even when using a loader. It may seem like a little
thing, but it adds up to be a big part of your tractor
operating experience. And that’s why it matters to us! ( whoosh sfx ) Previously, only available on
large-frame 6Rs, you can now choose a 41
gallon-per-minute hydraulic pump, on 6145R and 6155R
tractors, for faster front-loader cycle times and for use with high-flow
implements. ( whoosh sfx ) The new 4200 CommandCenter
Display is now standard on 6R Series Tractors. The 8.4-inch touchscreen gives
you more viewable area, including the soft key buttons
at the bottom, for added convenience. It’s able to run AutoTrac
Guidance and Section Control, which saves effort, time, and
input costs. Documentation is also included
with this display. In addition, a 5-year
subscription for JDLink access… plus Remote Display
Access comes standard on all 6R models. And for the first year, an
upgraded JDLink Connect Subscription is included with
the machine purchase. JDLink Connect along with Data
Sync provides the ability to wirelessly, send information to
the John Deere Operations Center. You also have the option to
choose this 4600 Command Center for an even larger screen and additional functionality. ( whoosh sfx ) A new feature we know you’ll
appreciate when tight turns are required, is the Variable-Ratio
Steering option. When traveling at speeds less
than 9 miles per hour, steering wheel rotations are reduced by
one-third. This is a real benefit for
loader work and turning around at headlands. While we could keep talking
about these updates, and how easy it is to operate a tractor
with CommandPRO . . . we know
there’s no substitute for firsthand experience. To help you do that, we have a
few ways to let you try it out. First, you can check out the
CommandPRO control online simulator at to get
an initial feel for the lever’s functions. Then, come see us at a farm
show near you to sit in the cab and grab hold of the new control
lever, with your own hand. You can also visit with your
local John Deere dealer to learn more and line up a demo. CommandPRO control will
transform the way you operate a tractor! We know this is a bold
statement, but believe you’ll agree, once
you experience it for yourself.

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    You guys remember when the first 6Rs came out, and the loader controls would randomly lock out, the diff-lock would engage, and you couldn't shift? Your "wrap-aluminum-foil-around-the-loader-controller" prescribed fix was hilarious.

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    Some dodgy cgi. Especially the bit where you can see through the engine cover – it's a stripped out model with no engine in it to speed up rendering.

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