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– Hey, what’s up guys? We have a very
special video for you today because this
video is sponsored by The Crane Game Toreba. So Toreba can be
played on a mobile device, a tablet or from a computer. All you do is you create a login and get to playin’. And this isn’t a virtual crane,
these aren’t virtual cranes. These are real cranes in Japan. You’re controlling
a crane in Japan. There’s a
warehouse full of them. And the prices that you win
can be only found in Japan. Right. And when
you create an account, you get five
free plays right away. Everyone gets five
free plays right away. You win these prices, burp. And they get shipped to your
house for free from Japan. That crazy? – Mhmmm.
– Yeah. – So I’m gonna play with phone, Bryce is gonna
play in his tablet, Sierra’s gonna
play in her laptop, and we’re gonna
try to win some prizes. Alright, so here we go. These are all the
different crane games and prizes that you can win. These can only
be found in Japan, not sold in retail stores. It tells you right there
how many TP points or plays they’re worth to
play them, right. So we have five free
plays at the beginning and after that
it cost TP points. And so you can
kinda scroll through and see the different
prizes that you can win, what they cost to
play, that sorta thing. So we’re gonna
find some games to play. Alright, here we go. Check it out. It’s a real crane machine. – [Sierra] Wait. – [Clintus] There it goes. (crane bleeps) All right. Trying to win
a video game system. (crane bleeps) – [Bryce] The thing opened up. Oh.
– [Clintus] Oh. (crane bleeps) Oh.
– Oh. – [Bryce] Oh it
has to go in there. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not bad for your first try. (crane bleeps) – Ah.
– Ah. – I was trying
going towards the back so I could’ve lift it up and
then it could slide down. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah, that’s… – That’s a smart idea.
– [Clintus] That’s a smart idea. – Oh. – Try to go the back of it. (crane bleeps) Flip it, flip it, flip it. Oh. – Oh, barely touched. – Barely, yeah. Gotta go further back. – Oh, I might get it. – No.
– Oh. It looks good, it looks good. – You just
needed that to lift up. – It was like
lifting one side of it and then it slipped out. – So close. (crane bleeps) – [Bryce] Oh. – [Sierra] Oh,
that one wasn’t as good. – Oh no. – Oh, that was. – We have lifted the–
– Okay, okay. – whole thing up. – Go for the back,
we’ll have a better chance. Look how far
– Yeah. – off the bar it is. – Oh.
– Guys, we could do this. It’s like barely
hanging off the bar and now, we just
need to grab the back and flip it over,
it’s super close now. – So close.
– I actually thought that was gonna go in. That scared me. – You’re like, ooh. – Oh see, look at that. It’s barely hanging on. Show them, show
them before you do it. – Okay. – It’s barely hanging on, one
corner of it is hanging on to that bar. Good, perfect. (crane bleeps) – Yes, we got it.
– We got it, we got it. We got it, we got it. – Yeah, we got a prize.
– We got it, yeah. – Yes. – It’s first one? – Yeah.
– Yes. – [Clintus] Ah,
they got the cop car. – We did it.
– They got the cop car. – You should’ve seen it. – Ah. – We showed them
like the very tip corner was on one bar
’cause Bryce moved it– – Yeah?
– to the side. And so all we
needed was to lift it up and it would fall in. – Yes.
– Oh. – We did it.
– We did it. – You got a prize. – Awesome. – Police 24. – So we have a police car. – High five. (crane bleeps) – I think it has to
push the bubble down. – We got it. – Oh, we just won another one. – Whoo. – That was, yes. – That was
pretty easy, we got it. – Yes. – I got masking tape. – [Clintus] Masking tape? – That one’s a
different pattern. – [Clintus] Masking tape,
40-piece set. Look at that. – That’s actually,
that one was a confusing. We didn’t know
really how to win. – It’s like hanging by a thread. Look at it. It’s like hanging by a corner, like literally the box
is hanging by a corner. Like I just need it to
shake it just a little more. (crane bleeps) Oh. Oh, it flipped it. (laughs) Oh, how did I even do that? I don’t know if
it’s better or worse. (crane bleeps) Oh. It went by her, come on. Oh. (crane bleeps) Yes. Yes. I got the garden. I got the
healing Japanese garden. I got it. I got, I think it’s this one. The A, I got A. Yes. (laughs) Whoo. I got the healing garden,
the Japanese healing garden. – [Sierra] Nice. – The one I tried
the very first time. I got it. – [Sierra] You got the Japanese. (crane bleeps) – [Clintus] Yeah, dude. We got it. We go the Bulbasaur. Yes. (laughs) Winner, winner. Alright, so we’ve
won a handful of prizes between the three of us. Unfortunately,
Tiffany hasn’t won any yet. She’ll keep trying,
she’ll keep trying. But we’re gonna do is
we’re going to check out and have all the
prizes ship to us at one time. It should be
here in about a week and once we get
them, we’ll unbox them on video with you guys. So we won’t open them
up yet until we start, as we get them
and we get them all and we’ll start rollin’ again. So stay tuned,
actually not even stay tuned. We’ll see you guys
in like two seconds. Boom, here we go. Just under two weeks later,
we have our box of prizes. And I’m not gonna lie
guys, I played a little more after we’re done shooting. I won a couple more prizes. So we’ve actually got
a big box of prizes here. I ripped off the tape but
I’ve not looked inside yet. So we’re gonna do it
with you guys, right meow. So again, from Japan. Whoo. All right. We got paper from Japan. – Yeah.
– All right. So look, this is the
kid’s first prize they won. This is the cop car. It’s the very
first prize they won. – Look you’ll, do in order. – I am not gonna
remember the order. – We do. – I don’t think you do. You don’t even know what I won. I won things that you
weren’t even there for. – Oh yeah. – All right, so this
is a cop car, RC car. Look at that,
it’s all in Japanese. You guys speak Japanese? I don’t. RC blah, blah, blah, 24 blah, blah, blah. With blue and red,
and red blah, blah, blah. (laughs) So there you go, sorry Bryce. Alright, so there’s one. Oh wait, we won another one. – Yeah, I did.
– Look at that. Are they the same one? – Yeah, same one.
– Yeah. – All right, it’s the same car. So now we have two cop RC cars. – So we could race them.
– So we could race them. We’ll crash them. – Yeah, that’s
why I tried getting, was getting another one. – Alright, Sierra won, oh crap. The lid came off. Masking tape, remember that? – Mhmmm. – That was the prize you won
at the stairs, I believe. – That looked way bigger. – Yeah, well it’s a
bunch of little tapes. – Here you go.
– Yeah. – That’s a lot tape, actually. – Yeah. – It doesn’t fit all in there. So a bottle of masking tape. It’s a bunch of
like little rolls. So you can use
to decorate stuff. Very cool right, right? – Mhmmm. – What else? Oh, this is my Pokemon. I won Bulbasaur. – Yeah. – This is a cute little plushy. This is for Babies, this is
the thing I want for Baby. Look at that. How you like that? There you go. Alright, grab another one Bryce. – You got this Japanese garden. – Oh yeah, so this
is the very first thing I was trying to win. – That looks so cool.
– And I didn’t get it at first and I went
and I tried for a while, and I got it. So I’m really excited–
– Oh these are the types – about this.
– you can get. – You actually put
water in it and it’s a nice, little zen garden. I really like it. – I completely. Alright, next. And this is kinda cool. I won the, these are
the things that I won when no one was around. I got two Bluetooth speakers. So this is the wood one. It’s a wood one,
Bluetooth speaker. And then I got this one,
which is the Bazooka Bazooka one as well. So two Bluetooth
speakers, which basically means it’s for the kids,
’cause the kids will use them. I’ve got Bluetooth speakers
but, I like the wood one. The wood one’s
quite, I might put that in the garage, actually. Put it in the garage,
when I’m like working on the dirt bikes and stuff. All right. – Yeah. – And then, last, you
won this right, Sierra? – Mhmmm. – This is, like Peanuts. Is it like a
wallet or diary book? – Um, I think like a
notebook, diary thing. – Oh, there you go. Check it out. Peanuts. Oh it’s kinda like a,
yeah, like a mini binder. – That’s cool. – There you go. So, I’m like, real stuff guys. Like two speakers, right. Two RC cars. Those are all the
prizes that we won on the Toreba
Crane Game, you guys. Check it out. It’s on the App Store in Apple, the Google Play
Store in Android, or you can go to and play it on
your computer or laptop. Five free plays when you signup, it’s pretty awesome. What you guys think? – We’re gonna be
using these stuff. – I’m like super
excited with these prizes. – We got some cool stuff. We’ve got some
really cool stuff. I’m excited to setup
my little zen garden. Ah. – Yeah, you put it right there. – Yeah, you put it on your desk. So cool.
– I know, right? Right, right, right? There we go. – I can use my little
binder thing at school. – There you go. Thanks for watching guys. We’ll see you next time.

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