Kioti – Super Equipped, Absolutely! Test Drive CK3510SE & CK4010SE Compact Tractors

So today, we’re gonna visit the Kioti dealer Something like that. I don’t know if we need a wild animal in our backyard Tractors are kind of like wild animals they’re powerful they can get mean John got teeth for yours Just he’s not a wild animal. Oh, that’s true. Okay these are just a kind I Guess he does get kind of not always gentle though You know after our last video at Yanmar a lot of people were asking about Well what we were gonna do with Johnny? And and what size tractor we wanted things like that Well our intent is to keep Johnny or at least keep a subcompact tractor like Johnny We’re not gonna get rid of Johnny, but could we update Johnny sometime maybe Okay, so no use taking that fight right now to the Finance Committee is there? No Only consider one thing at a time Okay, so at this point we’re thinking about not something just a minor step up because we would be keeping Johnny for those tasks that are Actually probably the most of our tasks in folks backyards or front yards tight areas things like that So we’re thinking what we’d like to have is a tractor that’s a good bit larger, but yet we’d still would like to keep the small frame size a lot of manufacturers yanmar being one of them didn’t really have that tractor now the coyote has a forty 10 and a forty five ten and Just from looking at the specs it looks like the forty ten is about the same size frame as a 3-series Deere and the forty five ten is getting up there toward the four series so we intend to take a look at both of those they have a lot of transmission options cab options of course like that but Well, we’ll take a look at a little bit of that. We don’t exactly know what they’ll have in stock We haven’t called this will be a cold call they don’t know we’re coming They don’t know what’s gonna hit them do they I haven’t seen anything like us yet Well here we are at the Kioti dealer our first glance is Kind of impressive they have a nice inventory. It’s all laid out sorted by size Every every tractor has got an attachment on it. I like the color yeah I like the color (laughs) it matches my hair (laughs) It just looks to me like they want to sell a tractor you can see tracks where they’ve been moved recently This is the 45 10 We were talking about this is I think a little bit bigger than what we’re looking for Yeah, I like that I like the size of this I really wasn’t thinking a cab, I don’t think Yeah Yeah, this is the size, I wish they had this in a 45 or 47 horsepower version Because I was thinking that horsepower range, but this size Oh, do you hear that okay? Well let’s go in and see if we can find somebody to help us Aaron I see a lot of tractors out here right it looks like you’ve got them arranged in Size order pretty much on this side over here, right yes, sir for the most part when I look I just see this this one right here it looks just a little bigger than I want that’s just wider and I think mainly the width I feel like it wouldn’t have as good a turning radius. I’m I’m thinking that size right beside it Maybe without a cab what you got something like that around here absolutely well that model. There is actually new for coyote It is a cks emo Basically, they’ve had a CKD 10 series for about a little over three years now very popular tractors my best seller Okay the SV Was just released this year So it is the standard tractor with more bells and whistles more features things like that. What does se stem? basically se special edition special edition Super a cooper equipped. That’s a good term. I’m gonna use that now Absolutely, okay, so that’s a that’s a 40 horse with the SE there special edition yes Then how about a cab I do I have a 35 in stock without a cab now. Let me explain We’d love to out a cab, but it’s pretty hard for us to shoot our videos With it with a cab. I mean yeah, I could do like monologues and stuff inside but we do a lot of interaction between us, that’s not only do an interaction with our customers, so Even though a cab would really be nice for Boeing and for most of our viewers I would recommend get a cap that guy right. There is probably a great purchase I don’t think it’s the right thing for us absolutely and it’s not for everybody the biggest time that a cab is nice You know in the summertime. Okay? You can it can be a little nicer when you’re walking in the heat Yeah, but the wintertime is where you want the cab because nobody wants to be out plowing snow in ten degrees absolutely We don’t so you’ve got a thirty five horse over here, and it’s identical to the forty Yes, sir other than the four five horsepower exactly. Okay. Let’s take a look at it absolutely follow me right over here So the model we’ll be looking at today is the 35:10 Hydrostatic this is the one with the tiller on the back just to show our show off the tail It’s already equipped. We can get started and start telling tomorrow That is a coyote brakes hiss tiller woods Okay, yes, is it a reverse rotation. I see this yes, sir flapper up here absolutely One thing that’s what we can see a lot of times is you can tell if the reverse rotation because they have this guard otherwise You could get rocks thrown up into the tractor and into your face This is the FIFO right yes, it sure is it won’t Right at 60 inches So it’s barely covers it now. You can probably put us six you could absolutely So what you’re gonna find is some of the standard features on the 35 se is first of all you found the tilt steering wheel on Exactly, it’s all about whoever’s using the tractor and everything that is actually a lever that engages what they call the linked paddle and On the hydrostatic transmission basically what that is is it acts like a car’s? Accelerator the more you push down on the pedal It raises the RPMs automatically to go with for loader work. Just general transport of the tractor and everything awesome awesome feature Some do yeah a hydro systems things like that But that is actually a mechanical setup on that guy to range transmission free range training yes Yep Also, you do get cruise control standard on this tractor as well That is an option on the standard version the double arm rests are standard on this guy Oh Super equipped Exactly mirrors are standard on this tractor, so also rear hydraulics are standard as well You get two hydraulic remotes on the two rear valance to rear graphs Because the valve block assembly that they use in this tracker is one block with two valves built into got Position control here on the three-point hitch. Here’s a little little button to Where you can set the lemon, so you just screw that Set the lemon right there – rear hydraulic valves, I like that they have their own little levers here that I could control them and dependently without using the joystick These would be very nice so far. I really like this This is a nice tractor Yeah, it’s uh. It’s still not not too tall It is foldable Toolbox here it seems a little awkwardly high for the toolbox. I prefer the toolbox to be right right here Nicely equipped Hoses all have Springs around them to protect them from brush and things like that it’s got skid steer quick attach I See that the hoses here. It’s a little on the outside where the connection is Erin can we On this tractor here one more click with the key Exactly Glow plugs are automatic on these guys. There’s a little take just a second if it’s cold outside here We go and then you put your foot on the parking brake That’s plenty hot Compact industry That they come standard somebody so Another question I have is I see here there Thursday There’s the regular 540 rpm absolutely place on the on the meat tack here and then there’s 540 e what is that basically the 540 e is where This is where electronic PTO is kicking and what they call a PTO cruise control on the track okay, so if you’re running and implement such as a Let’s say a grain on or a wood chip or something like that You don’t always need the tracker at the highest rpms That’ll go this Also, gives you and it shows you your optimal ranges for running the PTO implement But what that does the e versus your standard is the e is where you can start and you can give little taps? On your button or so that I’ll see you I see manual and auto here on the PTO Absolutely so right here you would put it in the auto, and then you can control Bumps of about hundred rpms or 50 rpm, so if you’re using a wood chipper And you need just a little bit more power Because you’re putting in you’ve been putting in four-inch limbs you got a five inch line You can give it a tap here And it’ll automatically raise the RPM so the tractor up just a little okay when we get this this Auto PTO setup Yeah, when we’re at 1800 rpm which is the lower? It still runs at 540 in that situation so that gives us a way to run the PTO At full speed without running the engine at the absolutely that’s right. It makes perfect sense a lot of times We don’t have the need to use full PTO power, but we need full PTO speed exactly That’s right now does this tractor come with a mid PTO is there any mid mower deck type? Arrangement before this truck mid mower deck. There is no option of current time on this However, there is a mid PTO kit available for it If somebody was to mount the snowblower attachment the coyote has to offer that’s mainly with the mid PTO is used for okay? Something else you’re gonna notice on the tractor too that you just I demonstrates people on the daily is You can get off of the right side of the tractor because the loader valve is mounted on the operator station So it’s a lot more ergonomic to use plus you have full access to both sides of the tractor Yeah
I mean it was really easy to get off and on now are there steps for it on the right side There is not a step kit left left side. There is a step. Yeah, what left side has a step step Joystick actually, has Instructions well I don’t I mean I prefer it when it doesn’t have instructions that way when you do it the wrong I can Crouch The first thing Christie asked once you got on the tractor was how do I get this thing in high range? Very easy to drive the turning radius is very tight for this larger tractor It does feel very nimble for this for this size and like I said you can get away with running a six foot rotary cutter On one of these guys if you want well So now keep in mind if you want to run like a heavy-duty 30 series woods or land prize something like that your are gonna need a little bit bigger tracker I don’t think that’s what we’re headed towards anyway Yeah, that’s a three and a half inch cutting capacity cutter so anything up to about two and a half would be just fine How difficult to take off the loader a taking off the loader is very simple it’s not quite as refined as some Where you find like the John Deere cam system they do have a nice loader? Loader on and off yeah, they do So on this guy. It’s very simple, so you have your kick stands these are spring-loaded So those top down and you put it in certain slots so do that on both sides Once you’ve got a loader down on the ground level out your bucket. You’ll pull these pins out here once the pins come loose It’s best to keep those guys greased. Let’s put it that way so once these are out Basically just roll the bucket back. Just a little bit. It’ll lift up out of the hooks disconnect the hydraulic hoses and drive out from subscribe out front Okay, so the the pin you have to get this freed up Yes So you have to take a little of the pressure off to get it freed up to get it out you have So that’s probably the most difficult part is getting that pin free and at the right more or less yeah other than that And the nice thing is too is if you’re standing here You know you can You can manipulate the loader bucket just a little bit, and then right here next to it able to get the pins out You think maybe you could get there do you offer a single point connection of one of those? Kind of like Kubota has on their promoter has raccoons absolutely no not at this time There’s nothing nothing on the horizon, but no so we might see what comes out Get down on my knees and then it’s hard for me to get a good ways from you too, so it’s Strength when you’re doing that yeah But I don’t know that we would be taking the loader off of this size as much as we do on Johnny What else do we need to see about this tractor well let’s put it this way. You know the rest of it mechanically? It’s very easy tractor to work on it’s a very easy track or maintain they don’t skimp on some things like for example defenders their metal fenders on there so no plastic no polymer and the hood is a metal hood You read my mind now. This is made by de dong right day long as coyotes parent company absolutely, South Korea so they’re They’re actually one of the biggest OMS or a very large OEM rather in the industry because they have built The Bobcat tractors well that was was the coyote plate they built tractors from McCormick They built a Branson tractor at one point they built one for Cub Cadet They built they bought a lot of different things and motors that used to go in Mahindra tractors what you’re gonna see though is Your battery is right up front It’s easy to get to your air filter right in front of that guy very simple also with the SE Series you do get heavier duty hydraulic coolers up there as well. That is not something. That’s standard in this okay. That’s this Exactly, okay. Yeah, so you do have a standard hydraulic cooler and a hydrostan cooler up there as well, so that’s going to keep It is the DPF. Yes. Oh the DPF is on the right side of the tracker But thankfully all your maintenance points are on well staring. It’s tracking forefront maintenance points are on the line And the DPF and common rail injection is nothing to be worried about on these drivers Every day we get somebody that comes in oh, I don’t want DPF. Yeah I I’ve heard there’s problems with emission systems to date I’ve only had to touch an emission system one time and that was because there was a a tractor that came in that was had a 50/50 mix of gas and diesel oh Very bad day and very expensive Let’s put it that way does it hurt more than the emission says how long have you guys been selling things here This will be our eighth year this year, so we’ve been selling them since mid-2010, and you’ll also notice Right here very easy to access to it absolutely Your fuel filter easy to access right up here Also, it’s got a primer button built into the top of it as well and that way if you ever run out Exactly it makes a lot easier than having to crack lines and things like that at the track Pretty simple other than your valves back there So your hydraulic fluid fill and dipstick is that little orange knob right down there, okay? And the SCV’s I see them there other rear remotes are kind of hard to get to but But they’re also out of the way Fuel tank there how BIG’s the fuel tank and fuel tank on this guy’s eight gallons. You know all this stuff Just like this Aaron how much time do you spend on this quite a bit? Quite a bit and several years, let’s put it that way I don’t remember every fact, but I try to I try to remember the most important facts and features You’re doing a great job. Well. Thank you. I appreciate that you know when it comes to the steering That’s something a lot of a lot of people will forget on the tractor is how the steering systems are going so for example on a Kubota l 3901 or 33 they have Mechanical steering arm it comes out from the front, and then it will connect to the axle straight out here And the coyote has full hydraulic steering basically tucked into the front axle there So it’s nice and protected and it gives it that ability to have that tight turn And the only other things that I did forget to mention are important so one being the hydraulics and then your lift capacity of the loader so for example the foot the 35 and the 40 tens have a hydraulic system with eleven point seven gallons per minute a total flood Versus what you normally find in the nine to 10 range so a little bit higher, and is that shared between steering Or is there some problem that is shared between steering yeah absolutely? so Yeah lower lift capacity so all the way up full height the pivot pens is typically the measurement that I use I Don’t remember the tipping weights and things like that like it’s gets here But you’re looking at 1850 all the way up So it does have the capacity to lift like a five by six round bale and a lot of things that attract of this size Does normally have the capability? So coyotes always head on hydraulics. Yeah aaron this has been you’ve done a great job We really appreciate you giving us a tour of this ck 35:10 se super equipment super equipped. Yeah super acquit super quest and the 40 tan ck 40 10 is identical to this other than the five additional horsepower absolutely identical in every single way Yes, this was definitely gonna be on our list we really appreciate your time here, and then stop drooling. Yeah, I’m drooling I’m drooling I can tell Christie we’re gonna have to stop before I end up want to take one of these home. Thanks for watching everybody We’ll see you next time on track your time with Tim I Want to say it goes a battled 12 13 and Irish some not a street name by any means Exactly

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  91. Sniper Hacker says:

    Every body says that the tractor has the tightest turning radius in that size body

  92. Patrick Mchugh says:

    So how much for it

  93. troy roe says:

    Best review available great sales person I’ve seen nice man man woman interaction. Thanks

  94. Joel Nickerson says:

    I live close to a Kioti dealership. My neighbor has a Kioti that's about the same size as my 1025r. I have to say that he has had a lot of problems with his tractor. He's talking about paying it off and trading it in for a John Deere. Of course that is just one tractor and I'm sure there are problems with any tractor.

  95. DAM8658 says:

    My question is about the def. Mahindra no longer requires it since they have redesigned their engines with CRD; has Kioti done the same?

  96. lakelandpowerwashing says:


  97. Stanley Baker says:

    Same color as kubota?

  98. Richard P. says:

    After all that you didnt buy it ?

  99. Glen Breaks says:

    My brother purchased a Kioti 40 horse loader tractor 5 years ago. He has 1300 hours on it now. Only issue, 2 worn out ignition lock sets , replaced under warranty.
    He uses it in the Coast & Rocky mountains for building horse and hiking trails, contract work.
    The work is beyond abusive and the machine has handled it.
    He bought new 25 HP Kioti last year as they often have need of a second tractor in the smaller size.
    When buying the 40 horse he looked at the Mahindra but said he was put off by the Mahindra's " sheet metal bucket" 🙂

  100. Jake B says:

    The guy at the kioti dealer sounds like he’s trying to make his voice deeper

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