KIOTI TRACTOR: Veteran Takes Modified K9 UTV on Mohawk Outdoors Adventure

The day I got injured is something I
remember like it was yesterday. I went to get myself up and I fell to my right
side and I noticed my arm was blown completely off. And then I got myself sat
up and I noticed my legs were completely gone. The transition was extremely
difficult. The only way I could be happy was doing the things that I loved to do
and that was getting back in the dirt. Just doing everything I could outdoors
to heal my soul, basically. I was meeting other wounded warriors, getting out of
the hospital and not doing so good, so I started taking wounded warriors on trips.
We decided while we were, you know, sitting in camp together that we were gonna form an organization called Mohawk Outdoors to focus on taking all combat vets on
outdoor adventures. Being able to have a UTV, being able to put anybody inside that thing, makes it easier on all of us. This is a honey hole for catfish y’all! [laughing] Dang, John, this place is hoppin’, man. There’s a sign that you walk into our Montana lodge says, “This isn’t a wounded warrior hunt.” And what we mean by that is we want those guys to experience everything. Getting these guys out of their wheelchairs out, of their houses, out in nature, in the dirt, and experiencing what is the most
healing thing in the world and that’s the great outdoors. Horrible form. Nobody likes being called wounded anything. Treat me like the man I was when I raised my right hand. I just ate a spider. [laughs] Oh, was it a banana spider? [laughing] So this KIOTI UTV is, is gonna be a
gift not just for myself and Mohawk Outdoors, but every warrior that
participates on our trips. Getting them places they’ve never been. It’s not only
adapted to where I could drive it with a prosthetic arm, it also had two hydraulic
lifts that I could lift my own wheelchair up and any other person’s
wheelchair. Guys that are paraplegic, triple amputees, doubles, whatever, you just don’t see UTVs like that ever. And we got about 30 to 50 veterans, we’re gonna be, they’re gonna be riding in that UTV this year and it’s just changed the game
of Mohawk Outdoors, it’s a huge blessing. Seeing guys’ smiling faces riding around
in that thing. You know, none of us like being helped. We want to have as much independence as possible, and that UTV does it all for us. This is gonna’ be some good catfish, you guys. Now you hear it sizzlin’.

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  1. Sloppy Joe says:

    These are the real hero’s and lives true “rock stars”

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