Kubota L2501 Tractor Walk Around

hello I’m Ricky Yarborough from Spring
dale tractor today we’re gonna talk about our L 2501 package deal this
tractor is gonna be designed for the hobby farmer somebody who has you know 1
to 20 acres and they’re just wanting a bush hog or they’ve got deer plots they
want to plug in and they want to run a box buddy to keep the road up and then
we can get to the implements of it the lamp rod BB 1260 is built by land prod
in Kansas which Kubota acquired that company about it six or seven months ago
so it’s a good fit for this tractor and then we also on the back end of it we
have an RCR 1260 which is also landpride built right here in Kansas and it is
matched to fit this tractor so you won’t be overdoing it over working the tractor
this tractor is built by Kubota from the ground up so it has kubotas engine
kubota’s front and rear transmission everything is metal almost with
competitors has plastic fenders another good thing about this tractor it is a
Tier three admissions engine meaning it has no death fluid no regen system so a
lot less to go wrong with it it has a six year powertrain warranty two years
is basically everything on the tractor the final four years of powertrain
meaning anything encased an old engine front end transmission rear end six
years this is a Kubota la 525 loader that is performance matched with the L
2501 this loader is a quick attached loader so if you wanted to have the
loader off to get into the confined areas or just get it out of the way if
you’re bush oven so it’s not hanging off the front it’s very simple to do it’s
about a 15-minute job to do you have two parking stands that fold down and once
those are down you’re gonna take your weight off of the loader and you’ve got
a pin on each side that you were pull one on each side you got a nice little
hand or holder here that you can put it in then you would use your loader
control valve to take the weight off of these two pins pull one on each side
tilt your bucket forward and it comes out of the saddle
this being the saddle this being a loader frame and you got color-coded
quick attached couplers here so you just pull back on the comfort of the hoses
come off the hose that stay with it the valve in the loader frame stays with the
tractor you back out and then you just reverse it coming back in
okay this little like I said earlier is a skid steer quick attach which is
pretty Universal across the board meaning you just have two levers you
pull up and your bucket comes off and you go to a pallet forks male spike
grapple this loader can’t you can’t adapt to a grapple if you’re moving lots
of brush the loader lift capacity this is around 1200 pounds so it’s probably
not going to move Ram bells but you don’t move most of everything to buckle
okay this is a lamp rod RCR 1260 this is her 12 series cutter it’s not the
lightest thing they make but it’s not the heaviest thing they make like it’s
building Kansas buy lamp rod it’s got a three year gearbox warranty so if anything
fails in that gearbox in three years landpride is gonna stand behind it it
does have a rubber guard on the back verses chains they try to keep that
stuff that’s not thrown out and hitting anybody
it has a shear bolt protection on your drive shaft meaning if you hit something
hard it’s gonna bust the bolt you have to come back out put a bolt in just to
protect that gearbox um it does have a Stumpjumper on it and what that consists
of is a round disc that the blades mount to so if you hit a rock or a stump it
lifts the mower off up over it so the blades don’t lock into it okay back to
the 2501 comes with a lamp rod BB 1260 box plate which a box plates going to be
used to level your driveway move some loose topsoil it does have rippers on it
this your design too if you’ve got some grassy areas you can set the box plate
down and get the grass out and blade it back off smooth it has bolt on cutting
edges for the for the blades and once you wear the bottom out you can flip it
over and use the other side it has one on each side so you can push or pull
with this blade and it has a one-year warranty from Lampung okay like I
mentioned before the 2501 comes with two different transmissions it comes with a
standard transmission in the hydrostatic over a little bit of features of the
hydrostatic transmission so basically you have a three range transmission you
have a low medium and high range which the competitors typically have a two
range and what’s important to have a three range transmission is that you’re
you’re not in between gears you’re not discretion the motor if you’re in too
low a range or too high of a range it also has a pedal that is your forward
and reverse pedal so basically the farther you push down the faster it’s
going to go use that off it stops this tractor does have a clutch but the
clutch is never used to shift gears meaning so you will not have any clutch
distractor so if you’ve got you know older teenage kids that want to go out
and mow grass or you got a you know your wife wants to go out and use it or
something it’s not familiar with the clutch and shifting gears the automatic
is the only way to go and also will hold you on hillsides so it’s not gonna run
away from you this is gonna be your full wheel drive two-wheel drive lever so you
pull up as in full drive down as in two-wheel drive and also is equipped
with a differential lock which would be this little orange thing here that you
use with your heel of your foot so basically what that is is your one tire
starts spinning you need a little more traction you can push your heel on that
and lock the other one in and give you a positive traction in the rear end to try
to get you out of those sticky situations that you’re in this is gonna
be your three-point control lever so this is gonna raise and lower the
implement that you have on the backseat would you just pull it back to raise it
then you would push it down to lower it you have a PTO engagement here so you
just pull that lever forward and you pull it back that engages anything that
you have on your PTO bush hog post old digger anything PTO driven it also has a
nice little handy cup holder there okay on the 525 loader has a control valve as
you see right here to raise the loader up you’re gonna pull down on the on the
joystick to curl the bucket back to you you’re gonna prove to the side bring it
to you to dump the bucket is gonna be away from you and to go down you just
pull the lever down this loader also has a loader lock and what that is gonna do
is lock your valve so if you’ve got it up and your bush hogging and you’re
looking back you accidentally don’t hit it and put the loader to the ground and
run over something

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  1. Jo Rush Services - Excavation - Demolition says:

    May I suggest you to get a better trailer for this kind of setup? Load seems way too front heavy. Remember to put (and balance) your load right over the trailer axle(s). If it can't be balanced, you maybe need to look at a longer trailer. This will prevent road hazards and excessive wear on both the truck and trailer plus showing the right way of transporting equipment to your viewers. Keep up the good work, looking for more videos.

  2. Way Of the Word WOW! says:

    What kind of price?

  3. kasey casece says:

    your ford truck need over load shock pulling this trailer with any tractor level out your load

  4. Dan D says:

    Can an L2501 be purchased with a gst?

  5. Jon says:

    Great video. Did a really good job making this. thank you

  6. Service Manuals says:

    download Kubota L2501 Tractor Service Repair Manual : www.servicemanualbit.com/

  7. TitusLivy777 says:

    Helpful! Thanks!

  8. H Phillips says:

    At full throttle what RPM does the L 2501run? I Have heard they can be increased to bring horsepower close to 30 hp

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