Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick on Good Morning Arkansas – 8/30/19

– ANCHOR: Hey, welcome back to Good Morning Arkansas. I have Gabe Ferebee here from River Valley Tractor in Sherwood, but you guys have other locations. And you’re here this morning to show off the Kubota RTV.
– GABE: Yes, sir. – ANCHOR: Uh, this is a very nice-lookin’ thing, you
know, we’ve seen different models over the years, uh, this is one of the newer ones.
– GABE: It is. This is the RTV-XG850 Sidekick. – ANCHOR: And uh, this–man, this thing, it’s nice. And if you have any type of land, this is
something that you really wanna have. – GABE: Definitely, definitely has a lot of uses. Primarily like hauling equipment, materials, towing trailers, boats, you know, things like that. – ANCHOR: That’s a very good point that you make–you know, it’s got a bed, so you can put stuff–you
know, you can put a number of things in it. It’s very durable, but it also has trailer hitch. – GABE: It does. It has the heavy-duty all-steel cargo bed that can carry up to a half a ton, has the standard trailer hitch that can tow
up to a full ton. – ANCHOR: That’s quite a bit of weight. And you know, you look at something smaller
like this, you may not think it’s gonna work out, but this thing can haul quite a bit.
– GABE: Definitely, it sure can. Loads of–lot of other features as well. It has a smooth front and rear independent suspension, extra clearance for worry-free use,
split-bench seats with storage compartments underneath, cupholder, DC outlet for convenience,
and plenty of cab customization options. – ANCHOR: Yeah, absolutely. Now, of course it is an all-terrain vehicle, so if you have any type of a large area of land, this is a great addition. – GABE: Exactly. These are made for going over rough terrain. That’s what RTV stands for: rough-terrain
vehicle. – ANCHOR: So tell me, if you had to sit here and sell me this, say I’ve got a little bit of land out there, why should I have this vehicle? – GABE: Well, I mean one–like I said, it has
a 48 horsepower engine, which can produce speeds up to 40 miles an hour, so you get plenty
of speed out of it. And like we talked a second ago, it’s got plenty of hauling capability: up to a half-ton in the bed, full ton on the hitch. And then just all the extra features,
with the cupholder and the outlets, storage compartments. – ANCHOR: It’s uh–and you know, it’s also, we need to talk about this: it’s a great little hunting vehicle. Because it’s smaller, so you can get
it out into the deer woods. – GABE: Exactly, you can get it out and definitely haul a deer back on it when you get one, definitely useful for deer hunters.
Lot of guys love ’em settin’ out near food plots. – ANCHOR: Yeah, absolutely. It’s a great way–’cause, you know, a lot of times you’re not gonna be able to get a truck back there unless you have something very small.
– GABE: Correct. – ANCHOR: This is the perfect thing to use for that. And hunting season’s right around the corner,
too, so I’m sure you have the hunters in there looking for their next purchase. To make things a little easier on them
rather than walking all the way out there. Uh, let’s talk about locations. You guys–of course this one, from Sherwood, that’s where you’re at, but you guys have other locations. – GABE: We do, we have three locations: Sherwood,
Bryant, and Russellville. – ANCHOR: And uh, you know, you guys are–when are you guys open? – GABE: We’re open 7:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. 7:30 to noon on Saturday at the Bryant location–or at the Sherwood location. Hours vary a little bit at the other locations.
– ANCHOR: Yeah. Yeah. But you guys do have weekend hours, so if you’re not able to get out there Monday through Friday, River Valley Tractor does
have a–okay, so you guys do have the Kubota RTV, but you guys have a lot of other stuff as well. Tell me about the other stuff in your inventory. – GABE: Well we carry the–not only the Kubota,
we carry the Kubota tractors, New Holland equipment as well, also carry the Bad Boy,
Hustler, and Kubota lawn mowers. – ANCHOR: Yeah, and the ATVs as well.
If that’s something that you’re looking for. A lot of great stuff, large inventory. Uh, what’s your website? – GABE: www.RiverValleyTractor.com. – ANCHOR: RiverValleyTractor.com for more information. There’s a look at the, uh–what was it officially
called? – GABE: The RTV-XG850 Sidekick. – ANCHOR: XG850 Sidekick.
Hey, thank you for so much for joining us
this morning, Gabe, – GABE: You’re welcome, thank you for having me.
– ANCHOR: River Valley Tractor in Sherwood. Stay with us, we’ll be right back for more
Good Morning Arkansas.

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