kubota zero turn mower review – Z421 KWT 60 Kommander Pro

hey guys I’m Mark with the TractorTread
YouTube channel and today we’re going to do a review on the Kubota Z 421
Kommander Pro 60 inch zero turn mower let’s check it out this mower has a nice
high back padded seat with armrest on both sides that flip up out of the way
and a seat belt just underneath the front of the seat you have your seat
adjustment lever just move the lever toward the center of the seat and you
can move the seat forward or back behind the seat on the left hand side and on
the right hand side you’ll see a lever pull back on the lever and you lift up
on your seat underneath your seat see you have a fuel tank you hold 6.8
gallons and on top of the fuel tank you have a fuel shutoff valve down by the
left hand side of the seat you have an oil expansion tank for your hydros on
top of the cap it says do not top off see owner’s manual and down along the
side of the tank you’ll see where it says full cold this is your oil level
when the units are cold as your hydros heat up oil will expand into this tank
and as they cool back down it will sink back down again you should never fill
above this full cold mark also down by a left-hand side of machine you have a 12
volt charging outlet and you have a pocket to put your phone on the left
side on top of the fender you have a cup holder and a storage area to put any
garden tools next to the seat on the right hand side you have an hour meter
that reads the runtime of the engine now we’ll take a look down the left side of
the engine see you have your fuel filter and easy access to get to your battery
down along the right-hand side of the engine you’ll see your oil drain valve
there’s a place where you can plug on a hose frame has a cutout so you can stick
the hose right through the frame into a bucket drain your oil out easily right
above that you have your oil filter and your oil dipstick to check your oil turn
the dipstick counterclockwise wipe off the stick stick it back into the tube do
not tighten it down pull it back out again the oil should be between the two
lines on the state it when you’re done turn it clockwise
tighten dipstick back up again this unit is powered by the Kawasaki FS
730 V twin cylinder 24 horsepower carbureted engine there is a frame guard
wraps around the backside of the mower and at the very back you have a trailer
hitch now we’ll take a look underneath them our way the electric PTO clutch and
we have the 2 ZT 3600 hydros and underneath the plastic cover present oil
filter is one on each side if you’d like to move the machine around your garage
without starting the engine you need to pull this lever out lock that into place
that will release the hydro on the left-hand side then you’ll need to reach
down behind the seat on the right hand side pull and hold that lever out down
there and that’ll release the hydro on the right hand side with the brake off
you’ll then be able to move machine around your garage without starting the
engine the rear tire is a low profile tire and it’s a 24 x 12 x 14 the front
tires are a smooth air filled tire 13 650 x 6 there is no grease fitting on
the front spindles Kubota uses sealed bearings
up on the front rims there is a grease fitting one on each side now we’ll take
a look at the heavy-duty construction on the front of the deck and underneath the
front of the mower with the mower deck lowered all the way to the ground we’ve
got a good view of the pulleys and the belt now we’ll take a look at heavy-duty
60-inch mower deck we have an anti scalp wheel off on the left front
one on the right front and on the very front we have two anti scalp rollers
it has three spindles and three blades and you can remove the spindle cover by
pushing it on the side move the cover out of the way it makes it easy to clean
the area there’s no grease fittings on this mower deck this deck is maintenance
free and Kubota uses sealed bearings now we’ll take a look at the right side of
the mower deck you have your lower flap you can lift this up out of the way it
has spring-loaded that way you can get on and off your
trailer and out of the shed nice feature on this machine is the foot panels
removable can lift this up and get right in that
your spindles your belt clean your deck down by your feet in the front just
underneath the seat you have a cutout area so you can see how much fuel is in
your gas tank down by your right foot is your mower lift pedal step on the pedal
you can lock the mower all the way up and transport position to release again
just push down on the pedal automatically goes your mower lift
setting down by your left foot or in the center of the machine you have your brake pedal
use the left foot step on the brake pedal you will need to do that to start
the Machine and take your right foot step on the park brake lock hold that
release your left foot now the park brake is locked to release the park
brake lock just step back go on the brake pedal taking a look at the lap bar
handles you have several adjustments lower adjustment and upper adjustment
and if you move the handle out of the way you look down inside the machine
you’ll see a dampener there’s three adjustments on the dampener to give you
a quick quick reaction feel to the handle or a slower reaction field of the
handle to operate the machine in the lap bar toward the inside and push it
forward or reverse the farther you press the faster it will go to start the
machine you will need to be in the neutral position on top of the fender on
the right hand side you have your control panel you have your key switch
stop position run position all the way over the start spring-loaded it will
come back to the run position just in front of that you have your mower deck
height control and you can adjust the mower deck height by stepping down on
the mower lift pedal all the way and holding it there then you can turn the
knob from one and a half inches all way up to five inches in quarter inch
increments to set your mower deck height just release the pedal and will
automatically go down to the setting in front of your mower deck height control
you have your choke let’s pull that all the way up to start your engine push it
down turn it off you have your throttle control all the way up is fast
all the way back is slow that will control the speed of the engine just behind that you
have your PTO switch pulling that up turns on the mower deck push it off to
turn off the mower deck just behind the PTO switch you have the fill for your
gas tank so start the engine make sure your levers are all the way
out in the neutral position step all the way down on the brake pedal pull the
choke all the way up put your throttle halfway the engine might kick over at
that time I’m going to turn your choke off push your choke off turn the key switch turn it off turn on the
mower deck you’ll just need to pull up on the PTO switch with the engine
running and the mower deck will run with the lap bars in the neutral position
forward or reverse you just need to be sitting on the seat when you get off the
seat the mower deck will shut off the Z421 has a foldable ROPS on it to fold
that down just by removing the pins you’ll be able to fold the ROPS down and
pin it in order to get underneath some low-hanging trees once you have your
roll bar in position you have a black knob on each side you can just turn that
in tighten that up against the roll bar and that will keep it from making any
rattling noises while you’re mowing now we’ll start the machine by pressing down
on the brake pedal making sure our arms are out pulling choke on turning the
machine over pushing choke back in half throttle it’ll start right up and
then release your brake pedal if you’d like to move forward move both
levers forward or reverse you want to go to the left push on the
right bar and pull on the left bar you want to go to the right pull on the
right bar puts on the left bar and you can make perfect zero turns turn on the mower deck
put your throttle up pull your pto switch out at anytime you can step on the brake
stop machine from moving if you step on the brake with the handles
in it will shut off the mower so that’s my review of the Kubota Z421 Kommander
pro 60 inch zero turn mower please subscribe to my channel you have any
comments please leave them in the comment section below
I’m Mark with the TractorTread YouTube channel and we’ll see you on the next

21 comments on “kubota zero turn mower review – Z421 KWT 60 Kommander Pro”

  1. Michael Mac Tavish says:

    kubota kawasaki engine kubota making more engines from diesel and gas options

  2. Michael Mac Tavish says:

    there smart engineneer kubota and safety features wich why they saved 100% of people from accidents wich no other brand lawn mowers doesnt have them wich i find other brand mowers are un safe

  3. Bert M says:

    I have owned my kubota z421 with 60 inch deck for a month now and I am very happy with my purchase. Weather cutting my yard or my 6 acre pasture which was 24" tall weeds this machine is great .

  4. Verlis Guinn says:

    My bro has a Kubota Zero turn and he loves it! It's a quality machine!

  5. Kyle Skierski says:

    Can anyone tell me how the Kubota cuts alone and inside ditches? ALSO – can I cut on a 45 degree angle inside a ditch? Can you recommend extra items that I should consider buying at the same time – (Example – motor belts, etc.) – Ken Skirski

  6. TractorTread says:

    YouTube friends, I NEED YOUR HELP!! Thanks for watching my video. If you enjoyed watching this video please subscribe to my channel. YouTube has made it tougher for new channels like my self and I need your support more than ever.. Please subscribe and thank you!

  7. jeffrey frantz says:

    I just purchased this unit. The review/operation training was perfect. I can’t wait to use it . Not delivered yet. Thank you.

  8. Mrs Silence DoGood says:

    Just ordered mine Today!

  9. Riko Georgi says:

    hi. Great video.My Z421 KWT 54 blows grass out the front of the deck when mowing. Do you have the same issue? Do you know how to stop the issue of blows grass out the front of the deck when mowing? Please advice. Thanks

  10. Michael Was says:

    Great video with no annoying background music.

  11. Mrs Silence DoGood says:

    7weeks from Georgia to Dead center of Country is Stupid! 8K should have delivered in 3-4 weeks!

  12. Rick Fowler says:

    This is a product description, not a product review. I was hoping for an assessment of the positives and negatives of this model.

  13. Jim Stark says:

    A couple of moths ago I bought a Troy built 25 hp 60inch deck for $3399. I absolutely love it. It is a first class hog. It will eat just about anything that you put in front of it. I can mow grass 6-7 inches tall as fast as it will go which is 7 MPH. It is all commercial and well built.

  14. Bruce Rumrey says:

    I like the video of the mower mowing

  15. Boyd W says:

    Needs an ejection seat for when you run over a ground Bees nest.

  16. mx127 says:

    What a great video on the features and controls of the Z421. I wouldn't go as far as to say its a "review" but just great clear concise video! Only thing I would add is that when the engine is warm you don't need to choke maybe just a touch of throttle.

  17. Bob Smithereens says:

    That foot brake and parking brake is retarded. Better design on my Toro Titan HD 2000

  18. Jose Samilpa says:

    What can I say I went to look at one today I’m sold for sure

  19. Paul Guill says:

    Went and bought one today and I love it! Delivered the same day!

  20. RoadhogRNA says:

    I bought this same mower today thank you for the video.

  21. UncleJerm76 says:

    This is not a Review, this is an “Overview”. You just put to video everything that is in the Owners Manual. I want you to test it in tall, short, dry, wet, st. augustine, bahia, zoysia grasses. Tell us how it performs your thoughts, pros, cons. “Then” you can call your video a “Review”.

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