Kubota Zero Turn Mowers Comparison

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey it’s Ricky Yarborough from Springdale tractor today we’re going to go over three different mowers and Kimoto zero-turn line I’m going to start off from the starter motor to the commercial mower and then one in the center so let’s talk about the little 42 inch commander okay let’s go with a Kubota Z 122 our commander series this machine is going to be for somebody who has you know a small yard in town mowing up to about an acre and a half it is powered by a Kawasaki engine it’s got the hydro gear 2200 commercial pumps on it it’s got a 10 gauge fabricated mower deck comes with a four year $300 warranty right now this machine starts at thirty eight ninety nine and we do have some 0% financing up to 48 months on it okay on a Z 122 commander as you see levers are very very nice easy to get to your parking brake is on your left hand side there’s nothing in between your feet a parking brake lever you do have your height adjustment pedal is there and you have a knob that you turn to set your Heights on the right hand side you also have a choke lever ignition switch a PTO engagement to turn on and off your mower deck your throttle a nice iron meter to keep up with your service your fuel tank is on this side and of course you do have a seat belt that that locks and this is also a rollover protection bar incase you on a hillside and accidentally try to turn the machine over your handles are very simple to use you pull them in you push them forward you go forward if you want to make a left-hand turn you pull back on the left and push forward on the right and vice versa to make a right-hand turn to pull back on the right push forward on the left and then coarse to go reverse just pulling straight back and then this is your neutral position okay this commander is powered by Kawasaki 21 and a half horsepower engine it is a v-twin engine it does come with the four years 300 hour warranty you have course your spark plugs on each side your oil filters here your old filter is here on this side very easy to get to and you have a fuel filter on this side so if you want to do it service it yourself it’s pretty pretty easy to do that now let’s go over here to the z7 26x and this machine is a commercial machine or somebody has a very large estate they want to mow 11.6 miles an hour and for gear it’s powered by a Kawasaki engine it’s got some of the features that the little baby ones got your Dada and height adjustment steel Kubota exclusive very very nice to use nothing here in your foot platform to get you hung up here is your fuel gauge here is your choke lever this is going to be your throttle for your engine this is going to shut your mower deck turn your motor deck on and then shut it off and then you can also have an iron meter so you can keep up with your service on this thing this one is going to have a 2 year unlimited hour commercial warranty and a 4 year consumer warranty with 750 hour limit on it so it stands up with a good warranty it this machine here has a 7 gauge fabricated deck versus a little one head to 10 gauge so it’s a heavier motor deck this one cuts 60 inches wide and it’s very very fast on the ground it’s running a solid front tire so if you’re in the commercial business you won’t ever have to worry about having flats on the mower deck itself it’s running sealed bearings so if you’ve got guys working for you that don’t like the grease and don’t like the serves it because it’s not through machine it runs a sealed bearing you get a nice plate that you can lift off here to take your leaf blower to blow all the grass out from underneath it and it’s a 7 gauge mower deck built by Kubota in Georgia this machine is powered by Kawasaki engines 25 and a half horsepower everything is very easy to get to your fuel tank it’s here your fuel fill it runs underneath the seat so your center of gravity is a lot better if you’re on some hillsides you put your engine oil there your old filter is right there you have a spark plug on each side and of course this is your big air cleaner here it is built for the commercial use commercial then again you have a 2 year unlimited warranty on ours and on a consumer you have a 4 year 750 hour warranty so we’ve talked about the small the medium and let’s go to the large machine here the biggest motor Kubota builds this machine is a thirty point eight horsepower three cylinder diesel Kubota diesel engine seven gauge on the mower deck grease ball bearings run flat front tires shaft driven hydraulic deck lifts up and down not electric over hydraulic but true hydraulic and how they get that is they run a hydrostatic transmission still running two different wheel motors I’m Tinsley what that does for you if you’re making a lot of left-hand turns your left hand pump will get a little harder so it’s a little hard to keep it straight with a complete enclosed hydrostatic transmission stays the same speed the same temperature on both sides on this machine here you can get inside like I mentioned before it is a shaft driven unit meaning it has a shaft from the engine to the top of the mower deck and then you have a belt on that mower deck just in case you hit something hard it burns that belt and will not tear your gearbox up this is pretty much leading in the industry very nice a lot less belt wear wear one less belt to worry about on the ZD 15:11 it has like I mentioned earlier a hydraulic deck lift up and down so basically you have two pedals you have an up and down pedal and you still have the dial in height adjustment you just turn the knob to whatever number you want to mow at and you hit your down pedal it goes to that height to engage your disengage your parking brake you would push your brake to disengage it to send it you would push down and hit that little lever beside it and that locks your parking brake that allows you to get off the machine with the machine running so it doesn’t die every time to get on and off this is your throttle I mean a diesel of course has no choke so you just have a throttle you get a slow and high there this would be a hydraulic independent PTO engagement for your mower deck so it’s not running a electric PTO clutch but it’s just like a tractor it’s hydraulic independent and then of course this is going to be your ignition switch another thing that this machine has is an air right seat so if you got some bumpy terrain you got operators using it very very nice option to have of course the controls are similar to any zero turn out there same motions forward backwards your left hand turn right hand turn and then come back to the neutral position okay this is the engine compartment metal hood there no plastic it lifts up just like that nice and easy like a hood on a car the Kubota CT 15:11 it’s powered by a three similar Kubota built diesel engine 30.8 horsepower plenty of horsepower on that 72 inch mower deck it’s got a metal hood on it as you can see it opens up real nice to get access to your engine ok on the CD 15:11 right now through Kubota we have 0 for 48 month financing or we’ve got 1.99 with approved credit ok here at spring no tractor like we showed you we’ve got them from the small guys to the big guys and everything in between come see us at spring no tractors you’re looking for a new lawn mower this season and thanks for watching

19 comments on “Kubota Zero Turn Mowers Comparison”

  1. Michael Mac Tavish says:

    the worlds best products

  2. Ronald Stephens says:

    I own a zd326 and I love it, 190 hours 3 years old.

  3. breeze787 says:

    That was very informative. Thanks for revealing the price for the 42" model but you didn't mention what the other models are going for just for curiosity sake. I think the 42" model which is the one I have my eye one will work at $3899. That's a pretty reasonable price point when I think about it. Go orange "A"?

  4. baja5racer1 says:

    Is the roll bar removable?

  5. Grasspro says:

    I thought HydroGear pumps 3100-5400 are commercial. You said I believe….that the 2200 are commercial !?? I think 2200 pumps are residential!??

  6. rick Woz says:

    Does the Z122r have 2 transmissions (one for each wheel) ?  As in other Zero Turn mowers.

  7. Gulfrider says:

    2200 hydro's are not commercial lol…

  8. Brandon Murphy says:

    I have no experience with Kubota if they are anything like other Japanese manufacturers I'm sure they are great. honda could take over the mowing industry if they wanted . they must be not interested

  9. Brandon Murphy says:

    300 hrs warranty is sad

  10. Ken Gray says:

    Why, why, why is your deck not serviceable on the middle mower??? Probably the reason I won't be buying Kubota.

  11. GEMJ #BORDERWARS says:

    Bad boy mowers

  12. Michael Lilly says:

    a price on the other 2 machines would have been nice thumbs down

  13. skip man says:

    I have a zd1511, awesome mower. I have 11 acreas to mow with lots of hills and this mower gets it done unbelievably fast with a 72 inch deck. It cost $20,000

  14. Deere 6430 says:

    How does the Kubota stripe?

  15. Go Ahead Make Our Day Scooter &Peanut says:

    Sealed bearings stink,more grease fittings the better who cares if someone don't like to grease ,I don't like cutting grass but it's MY JOB.

  16. Fast Nigel Fabrication says:

    On the z726 the warranty states different on kubota website… I have one, I believe its only one, unless you buy an extended warranty. Then entry mower is 4 yr's. Ive owned both mowers.

  17. Joshua French says:

    Z2200 "Commercial pumps" lol good one.

  18. smart man says:

    Kubota has the worst mower decks all they do is make pulp

  19. SuperDave21 says:

    How much does that commercial ZD1511 sell for? I've got a little TG1860G from 1998 with only 470 hours on it I might trade for. Thank you.

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