9 comments on “Lawn Care Striping Tips & Tricks”

  1. lawnchaser says:

    its also a good idea to change your mowing direction pattern each time u come back to mow. but other than that. great job. I like it

  2. alan30189 says:

    Dude, turn the engine off when you are talking on a video. I couldn't understand a damn thing you said at the beginning. If you are mowing the grass as you are doing the striping, that's fine. If not, all you are doing is wasting gas, polluting the air we breathe, and causing soil compaction, all to have stupid stripe in your lawn.

  3. Kyle Kearney says:

    First thing you did after you backed over the curb onto the lawn was lock up your tire (thus leaving turn mark) also switch up your lines before it's too late. Could be wider too.

  4. D Thornton says:

    lawn looks good good video

  5. thecadencroy says:

    looks good, only pointer i can give you is the stripe before a tree, go around it and the next stripe go towards the tree and then outside the stripe on the side not mowed yet, the next stripe will clean it up and makes it look like the stripe goes right through

  6. Joel Garber says:


  7. Jesse Harding says:

    Your stripes dont look to bad little crooked but not bad biggest advice is get a johndeere 930 or 950 ive used exmark also but the john deeres leave a cleaner cut with the deck speed being so high

  8. Raman Sandhu says:

    So this little friend needs a long cord to use but as described works great the bag is easy to remove the grass>>> t.co/DrG2V6feiw   and has 3 levels of how low you want to cut, user and easy to assemble

  9. J. Michael Durham says:

    So simple of a video yet the best one that I've seen that actually shows how to cut perimeter first and then stripes. All these other guys on YouTube just wanna hear themselves talk rather then get to the guts lol

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