Lawn Mower Assembly Aldi Garden Feelings

So this is NekitaNet and what I’ve got here
is the “Garden Feelings” -well- wonderful “Mow N’Stow” with a Briggs & Stratton 550E
140CC -well- lawn mower. It’s a self driving unit. It’s a little bit of a hassle to put together
and I’m missing one part. So, I’ll have to call the manufacturer [and]
ask them to send me one of there -on of the little- caps that is supposed to be on here. There was only one in the packaging. Yes I’ve checked, twice even. But, it looks great. It’s in the highest setting. You can lower it four wheels at a time with
this handle. Only have to add some oil and some fuel. And it is ready to use. Which is wonderful. So, this is NekitaNet saying: Thanks for watching
and see you in the next video. Bye, bye.

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