lawnmower blade brake repair

it’s 65 degrees and has it been this
cool and Monts and my dogs are just going nuts you bring that here you bring
that here you bring it oh oh god it’s little
things like watching dogs play that just make it glad to be alive
that send sunshine alrighty two projects have been sort of
neglecting my a lot of my other work I’m gonna party this up first I got to get
it running and then her teed up and put it on Craig’s List and that needs a
little work actually I probably needs a lot of work
but I haven’t even touched it yet so let me get this in here actually I think of
me see if that’s a quick fix if it is I’ll do that real quick and then get on
this this is gonna take me some time get the grass peeled off of it
get the bleed sharp and now the bottoms are done I’m fixing to sweep up turn it
up and then see what’s wrong with the top no let me show you what’s wrong this
cable here is broken and this is an engine break a blade break and you
squeeze that handle and it releases the blade break but here is also the engine
cut off it grounds the engine out so when you pull the handle what it does it
it releases the blade break and it pulls that arm away from the ground so it’ll
crank so what I’m going to do is just take
this off wire this open just to see official crank and run without a lot of
work and if it will then just find your cable I’m gonna get that off all right I will order that cable clean
this up and go from there damn it’s a rough we have the bat for you well just a little bit of carburetor
cleaning and tweaking and tune in I still don’t have the the Idol set right
I think of my cable maybe pinched back there somewhere I gotta pull the seat
off and have a look what do we got some kind of weird frog threesome going on
here not in my yard by God looking at the Frog threesome going on
out here threesome a menage a frog little
teeny-tiny yeah they’re getting bigger

36 comments on “lawnmower blade brake repair”

  1. Redneck Tech says:

    your having way to much fun on that three wheeler! Slow down!

  2. 84GreenBear says:

    Got a question for ya, I got this crapsman self propelled lawn mower. The cable that operates the drive wheels has been kinked in 2 places and the jacketing is broken but the cable itself is still good. The cable cost about $50 to replace, OUCH! Is there a way to repair the jacketing of the cable with something that can put up with the inertia of the cable being moved back and forth?

  3. Ladyshystar says:

    I wish that I lived closer, I have been waiting a month to get our 4 wheeler running. (Carb rebuild. I bought the parts). It is just getting folks to do anything. It's hunting season now.
    EVERYONE turns their cell phones off now. I had fun on that ride anyway. 🙂

  4. Norman McGregor says:

    That quad would be great for collecting sea weed! To much freight to get it here I bet! 😕

  5. John Strabismus says:

    Being able to fix things people want is a useful skill.

  6. Love2boat92 says:

    Annnnnd now you decide to keep the 3 Wheeler because well its so much fun to ride. hahaha.

  7. DAVID JONES says:


  8. Mayhem Country Living says:

    good dang job man!!!

  9. wyattoneable says:

    Oh yeah, quick fixes equal maximum profits!

  10. Buckrun11 says:

    I thought OH NO he road it. He's going to keep it now! Those 3 wheelers are dangerous. I like the 4 wheelers. Us old fat guys don't bounce and recover like we use to. You are a whizz at fixing those things with motors! Nice Job

  11. A Few Minutes With jman says:

    Wish I could ship you my Suzuki Savage it's a 650cc thumper that I have had sitting in my yard the last five years. May be I can fit it in the van and take a trip down to see you next spring. Are you going to do doing the videos one the makeovers? Sure would make for good ones. jman

  12. buzzsah says:

    Nothing like a quick fix.

  13. Off Grid Nation says:

    Nice work. The frog porn was a little disturbing though.

  14. simple jones says:

    Try bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cheese, and drizzled with bbq. I also recently made two little grilled cheese sands and then made a BLT out of those, oh man….. thanks for all the great vids.

  15. Life wont wait says:

    LOLOLOLOLLL…a boy and his toys …Hey BC don't boys usually keep their pet frogs in their pockets …:-)))…AWESOME hysterical video CONGRATS on the push mower hopes it sells quick

  16. Robb's Homemade Life says:

    ménage a frog.LOL!!!

  17. Wallace Knifeworks & Homestead says:

    When frogs attack,,,,, They come in trio's. 🙂

  18. tblbaby says:

    Pretty good, pretty good.

  19. Jason Meadows69 says:

    Hope the wife is doing good love watching your videos

  20. sixtyfiveford says:

    Love your confidence…. New oil and sharp blade before you tackle running.

  21. AnnBearForFreedom says:

    I know you probably can't speak frog, but I definitely heard one of them asking if you could spare a shoe. They were looking for a HOME, the poor things. Nice work on the machines, btw.

  22. SomeGuyInSandy says:

    When handled properly, good stuff can become great stuff! Nice video =)

  23. Daniel M says:

    I have a Big Red! You're welcome to the parts if you need them.

  24. MotherGoose says:

    'menage a frog!' hahaha! What with +CarolinaPrepper and his deer porn and now this, I may have to put a rating on my phone!
    you should have asked your wife to film the 'Chips' segment, now that would have been X rated right there, (queue Swedish sound track)! 😂 Happy Sunday

  25. Mark acres says:

    looks like that was fun you know I think them frogs are traveling the train I had one under my wood pile yesterday my wife was helping me stacking it and she jumped a mile high it scared her for a sec and then she stuck it in the garden

  26. whoolph says:

    Haha . . . fun on the bike . . ya know the dogs are priceless . . . . 😉 Rog

  27. Rusty Glovebox says:

    Yep, that's a great temp and the dogs like it too. Looks like the mower was a quick fix and a ez Craigslist sale. Sure you're ready to part with the 3 wheeler, looked like you enjoyed ridin' it around…lol

  28. coolcamaro12 says:

    I think rattle can spraying the panels and using rustoleum on the racks on the 3 wheeler would really help with the value

  29. No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

    you are good with them engines. are you in Florida. I remember seeing them everywhere when I went there as a kid

  30. Junior D says:

    3 wheeler looks fun!…A frog 3 some, that's funny!…Cheerz!

  31. saltyshellback says:

    Hmmmm…you run accross any snow blowers> I am in the market for one 🙂

  32. Recycled Cottage & Garden says:

    Those frogs are looking for your wife's shoes!

  33. William Scott says:

    pass the exit for Sibley about 3:30 this morning heading east on I-20,I could smell the Bacon!

  34. kbbacon says:

    Got one of those to fix, too! Lawnmower and 3 wheeler.

  35. 59chevt says:

    Brad you made short work of those problems. nice vid.

  36. Shawn Landers says:

    I laughed so hard at the menage a frog I spewed tea all over the room!!!!

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