Lawnmower safety switch test

all right I got it off the trailer
let the games begin well I’ve got the deck off I’ve got the battery charging I
don’t know I actually put this battery on last night
and it’s just now got the 99% it was that it wasn’t registering last night so
normally when batteries go completely zero dead there’s no bringing them back
but we’ll see that this will hold a charge just long enough for me to do
some testing for me to determine whether it’s worth me spending more money on a
battery all on though in the an hour so now this does not have a low pressure
oil switch the seat switch right here is working watch that watch how that works
when you’re in the seat those two contacts come apart when you get off the
seat it grounds it out and it’s shuts the ignition off the ignition coil stops
the spark that’s okay the we see down here you see with that brake hitch that
yellow plunger right there all right I’m gonna seal end point to it
see that gray looking plunger right there when you press the brake it
presses that plunger and that is a safety switch underneath there and it
screwed in from the bottom so I’m gonna get under there and see if I get to it
and take it out and test it that’s the next thing I’m gonna try man you would
not believe what it took to get this switch out of there there’s a plate
under there that all this and the steering gear that goes down through
there and the tie rods they’re all connected to this plate and you gotta
drop that plate to get to this now fix it unplug it and take it in there to my
tester and we’ll see if it’s working and my battery is 100% so uh any minute now
I’ll be plugging to the end all right I’m gonna try to keep this right here so
you can see what I’m doing okay we’re gonna see if this thing is working this
this is the safety switch on the brake pedal and I’ll put this over here so you
can hear it maybe let me look in there all right there we go so that sides working now we’re going to
try the other side and it won’t work too light depress the plunger so I’m going
to connect these and I’m going to push down on this so the plunger will go in so this safety switch is working the
seat safety switch is working this is working my next guess would be PTO
switches is sending power to the PTO so I’m going to disconnect the PTO and put
that battery in there and see if I can get some some crank egde out of it I’m
gonna put this back on okay I got a I’m gonna tell you what it did but first I’m
gonna show you this this thing okay that’s that’s voltage 235 hours that’s
not that okay watch this alright that’s all I’m gonna do because I’m gonna drain
this gas out of here and let me come over here
what it here and I’ll tell you why I did I have completely bypassed that safety
switch and I’ll tell you why the brake pedal here’s why this thing wasn’t
working the brake pedal wasn’t pushing this thing in all the way it was only
getting it in about that far well with me playing with this and I pushed it in
about thirty times to try to get this thing to work and this is before I
showed me testing it so I’m 100% certain this was not making contact until I
started messing with it and playing with it and pressing this plunger in and out
so I do not want to put this in I’m gonna leave it out I’m gonna I’m gonna
do this upright I just did this temporarily to see if it would turn over
so that was a problem so I’m gonna do this all up right I’m gonna drain this
gas and I’m gonna drink drop the bowl in the carburetor
make sure that’s not gummed up and we’ll go from there I’ll be back in a minute
I’ll tidy this up first all right I’m draining the gas out of it I’ve pulled
the carburetor Bowl off and this is the fuel solenoid which basically these
eliminate are supposed to eliminate backfires and when you turn the key off
what this does is it shuts the gas off to the carburetor so this is a real
common thing that goes okay that phone call it’s a real common thing that goes
wrong with these these go bad pretty often and what happens is when you turn
the key on this plunger is supposed to come down so the carburetor can get gas
and when these things go bad they stay in there closed position and the way you
check it is you ground it out against the engine and then you reach up in you
turn the key on and see if it uh if it depresses yeah so I’m going to put all this back
together and as soon as all this gas drains out it’s almost almost drained as
soon as that gas drains out I’m gonna reconnect everything put some gas in it
crank it up get it warm and probably gonna change it all all right
this hadn’t been started in many years so let’s give it a shot well now it’s already worth 200 bucks I
think I’m gonna bring it outside and let it idle for 20 minutes 10 minutes and
drain the oil change oil and I tell you while I was under there I have noticed
that I’m kind of had to replace the main drive belt that goes from the engine to
the transmission so I’m not even gonna bother putting this on
I got still got some work to do but I was gonna sell this I was gonna ask for
about six hundred with a bagger but my wife has decided she wants it so you
know I don’t know what we’re gonna do with three lawn mowers but it’s a cute
little lawn mower so she wants it she can have it but anyway I’m gonna get it
roadworthy can’t think of anything else to tell you it you know just start start
with all the switches that’s my troubleshooting method and that’s
usually what’s wrong with these is a safety switch the PTO switch is not is
not signaling that it’s off I mean the switch will be off but it’s stuck on the
opposition and it’s sending electricity to the PTO when you turn the key and it
won’t start the engine low pressure oil sensor this doesn’t
have one and that’s pretty much it I mean as far as electrical now you know
if it’s turning over then you don’t have a safety switch problem you may have a
fuel problem or a spark problem but anyway I guess that’s it
I’ll show you this once I get it all pretty and cleaned up and and new belts
on it and new blades and stuff like that and I’ll put the bag around it just just
to see how a bag of works thanks for watching y’all

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  1. spellen errer says:

    I was actually looking forward to this video all day

  2. Chris DIYer says:

    Awesome! Glad there wasn't bigger issues. She'll be good as new!

  3. Tom Burgess says:

    Excellent tutorial, thank you Brad

  4. Runs With Knives says:

    Hey I thought some jerk in Idaho sent you a nice Fluke multi meter? 🙂

  5. spellen errer says:

    Isn't that a satisfying feeling getting something started that hasn't ran for a long time

  6. Interp66 says:

    It's coming along Buddy

  7. bc65925 says:

    Cool, you'll like that bagger when the leaves are hitting the ground. Good for the garden. Mow em once, then bag em.

  8. Al Stock says:

    shoulda checked the cupholder… see if it's working…

  9. Catherine Marchand says:

    Best video ever! I so enjoy your take on the universe at large. Your bride is a lucky woman.

  10. AnnBearForFreedom says:

    Golly, I wish (for the three hundredth time) you lived closer! Woke up this morning to a billion frantic little wet pawprints in and out of the bedroom….and an inch of water in my den, through the garage wall. Water heater, prolly. Sigh, I'll get it dealt with. Nicely done on the mower! Tell me again….why do you need 3 mowers? One for you, one for your better half, and the third for….? Are the dogs moonlighting as landscapers now? Anyway….glub, glub….back to mopping!

  11. ICU8 12 says:

    Great video and I actually learned something!

  12. 454pakr says:

    Good trouble shooting!

  13. Jeff's Freedom Garage says:

    @BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose – How much does a new safety switch cost?
    Or is the plate that pushes the switch bent?

  14. SurviveN2 says:

    A good job of troubleshooting it and raising it from the dead 😉

  15. roger oconnor says:

    2 things,those engines are known for head gaskets and adjust the valves before you start using it since it probably has never been done

  16. Reds Kool says:

    glad you got it going … some take a bit of time LOL .. †

  17. hurdman says:

    Funny that your wife wants a third mower.

  18. Mark acres says:

    Lol 200 easy cash that's just ausom and it would of been a 10 dollar fix

  19. Gayle McArthur says:

    Beauty. Do you know, can a muffler be put on a riding lawnmower?

  20. John Solar 283 ™ says:

    Now that's a great deal

  21. Recycled Cottage & Garden says:

    Way to go!


    great job BC doc sprocket on YouTube getting a video on the carburetors with the solenoid is fix was to snip off the end of the solenoid and put a shut off valve on the fuel line

  23. 84GreenBear says:

    Purrs like a kitten! Good video!

  24. tsx3214 says:

    Beautiful! She'll deserve a coat of wax when she's done;-)

  25. Big John's Life says:

    You have great skills wish I had your ability

  26. Daniel M says:

    Bypass !!! Great video bud! You probably saved many fixit guys lives! I'm serious. I havent seen your dogs lately, did you get hardwood floors, and have to put them down?

  27. Cody Jv says:

    I won't charge a battery that's under 11.4v usually wastes my time… If it's for someone else or even me I try and replace new or known used. Rule of thumb is anything under usually is a bad cell or going out soon cell. 12.4 and up good and charged but ideally float charges can be flaky

  28. Chick-a-Woof Ranch says:

    Very nice and I liked the victory lap!

  29. buzzsah says:

    You have a winner.

  30. Buckrun11 says:

    I knew you'd have it running in no time!

  31. Mayhem Country Living says:

    Good job BC!! I have had to bend those brackets back on occasion to get the plunger to depress.

  32. Mayhem Country Living says:

    600 for mower 200 for bagger

  33. wyattoneable says:

    You got it, start with the easy stuff. This purchase will pay off for you. It looks to be in real good shape.

  34. Stedhomer says:

    I would do that deal over and over again for a piece of equipment like that. Great Fix and Momma is getting a pretty new ride! 🙂

  35. GrandsonofKong says:

    Cool fix. That Brake Safety dies not look waterproof and given where it's located it should be. I'm sure the contacts are corroded to some degree. My Cadet, you can get out of the seat and leave the engine running as long as the PTO is not engaged and the Parking Brake is engaged.

  36. Michigantler says:

    good job driver

  37. moviemakerwannabe says:

    Another great video!

  38. 59chevt says:

    Great job, will follow your advice.

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