Lego City Bulldozer Break In 60140 Build and Play

LEGO City bulldozer break-in! Liam, what do you
see about this set? That comes with two awesome bank robber. A red bulldozer,
awesome police helicopter! look at this police truck. oh okay, I’m excited are you?
ready to open this up? Bag one, it looks like we’re gonna be building the bulldozer!
these are really cool. Oh stickers! you’ll at least save my favorite. here’s our two
bank robbers, I think we already have this red guy in a different set, but we
got a green guy now. Liam how’s the bulldozer coming along?
you’re building up a storm, aren’t you? I know that this is gonna be the
helicopter, so I’m gonna open this bag. we got a girl helicopter pilot here, buddy.
she’s got her badge and walkie-talkie in her helmet, and she’s going after the bad
guys. bank robbers. I’m about to get ready to start on this helicopter, how’s the
bulldozer coming along? hey your bulldozer looks awesome so far buddy!
what do you think of my helicopter? this thing’s gonna fly for sure! it looks
like actually this looks like a downhill sled. yeah oh yeah you got me now what
time is it William? we need sticker number eight. how’s that
sticker look on there? this is gonna be so cool when we’re done. I got my police
sticker on. we’ll be putting on there that curl, yeah that’s like a crowbar
right there. that’s awesome! look at this thing is so cool! look at the front,
look at this cool camera I have on this thing! no that was pretty much a drone. I
can just fly over you and just film you. hey you guys on YouTube! this whole
copter also has a giant searchlight on one side, camera on the other. look at
this thing! there’s more pieces, are you done the
bulldozer? let’s look at this thing. we got Green driver in there. it moves on
the tread, you got the chain in the background. look at this crazy guy, he’s
gliding through the wind! look at this awesome police helicopter! yeah gotcha!
dad’s police helicopter safe on the ground, nothing bad is ever gonna happen
to it. until the bulldozer comes along. look at these guys oh the chain, brought
me down. what’s going on here? is he just hang it all by a chain?
oh no, don’t fall! too late! well we have got the police van with two police
officers in there. dog we’ve got the bank! Liam, which one do you want? so are you
gonna do the bank? okay good. we’ll start this I guess. Bank look at all that cool
stuff! here’s the first bag for the bank. William what did you find? and some coffee and a keyboard. no
helipad though. bulldozer seems pretty happy about it.
please bye Bonnie I don’t know that would you like a cup of coffee instead I
got $200 $200 you got $200 you know that’ll buy you a cup of coffee and a
camera to camera you wanna know something though no flaws on this
channel it’s illegal well that’s not good what’s happening now is he’s
flossing on top of the we got two more police officers with handcuffs and a
police dog William which one of these minifigures do you like the best
I think I know the police woman not the dog
make it the bank already buddy you like this thing this is looking really good
I’ve already started the police van it’s already sticker time I think I know what
stick I’m going to use nice I got the license plate in the rear end of this
awesome van I can’t wait to see the finished product on this new look can we
nice green door to be a big police found two bags look
at all this stuff that has to go on that fan look at this I love the pillars on
this thing you did a great job wow it’s got a waiting room in there
I’ve got a hood on and it’s already time police coming to get the bulldozer
there’s the computer oh look at that he’s actually playing video games well
he’s playing for tonight got the coffee mug there and the police wagon look at
this it looks like they have the jail cell in the back more sticker time we’ve
got more police decals oh is it sticker time for you too I
betcha it’s the one that says police on it all of the bank one that looks like
an automatic teller to me and then I’ve got the police paddy wagon I think it’s
time to do the windows Liam’s got the bad guy in the jailhouse here the
helicopter says whoosh I got you bad guy this is kind of like a post office oh
he’s flying in there and on the other side there’s a door and opening oh and
you can get it out and we got doors in the back of the patty wait when you do
that it’s sticker time again for the police van this thing looks awesome
look at this thing William are you done level one you don’t got level one of the
bank you beat dad we got a camera there you have a waiting room you have an
automatic bank teller you have an office in here wait for the P I’ll be away to
break into the bank come oh there we go get back to sticker time I’m gonna get
this police stick around the bag which how about that’s real good
nice well so much for my police wagon I got it all on video let’s going up on
YouTube that’s my austega police unit number
five awesome we got more pillars for the bank gentle bad guy the most gentle bad
guy ever yeah so gentle destroy an entire automatic teller machine excuse
me sir someone just loved your ATM and I it
needs a pulp and I need to donate this to the bank. I know there’s a bank
manager in today I’m almost done this police van, so I’m gonna help you out. well
we finally got the wheels on are you ready to test this thing out
Oh and it hit the bulldozer and hit the bank you got those wheels work and will
you watch this piece this is the roof we put it on right here and then it closes
like that she can grab there and look inside well the police that is complete
we can lift up the roof for the bad guys or we can open up the back door yes we
can it’s a little bit difficult it’s a little bit disturbing and then we can
remove this to put a driver in there as well a little bit of a battering ram
there with the headlights and starved up put your police guys we’ve got our
helicopter made here with our police pilot and we’ve got the bulldozer we’re
just working on the bank right now aren’t we
you’re doing a good job working on this well you got going on here
now guys and Joe what happened to the bulldozer did it what happened to the
dog okay the dogs fine that’s that’s all that’s important the bank’s doing pretty
good we got a vault in here and we have our last sticker which is going to go on
right now here’s the last sticker on the bank this thing is starting to look
really good but we have one more bag Oh where’s this guy going oh you can drive
over the instructions if he likes we have a helicopter in the air okay please
start on the roof and you guys hit the bank how do we know that was gonna
happen final bags nice there’s our final bag what’s the first thing we noticed
William I look at all the money so we know that
the safe is going to be in here for the bank robbers Wow look at the how awesome
this thing is you built it yourself buddy
look at the inside it’s not too safe oh wow that came out that’s the safe what’s
inside oh look at all that well you got stacks of money in there
Wow look at this is this a skylight wow they can sneak in through there oh he’s
using the bar to hold it up oh no what happened oh no they stole the safe ATM
suddenly gonna go get the ATM oh oh there’s a camera on him he’s gonna be on
YouTube oh wow you pulled off one habit but the alarm went off let’s go before
they know it was us oh no the bank’s been robbed I’ll fly the helicopter I’ll
Drive the police band and I’ll pet the dog good boy they’re too distracted to
even though it was a spear I got you one do – I got you on YouTube oh wow they
smashed it up see oh no and they not go to the box
that’s the worst oh wow smashing the safe oh wow they are
strong starting to please fasten errantly no that’s not good going on
well Oh help he’s got my pants oh man oh and the bank fell over those were some
strong pants jeans oh wow oh the dog got the bad guy with the money how do you do
that I typed in the same Oh No the bulldozer you’re under arrest bad
guy what do you mean dog I did all the work I guess that means I can escape now
Lego bulldozer break-in set dies what did you think of this set what’s your
favorite part overall let’s see that would happen one more time wow that’s
awesome it’s all there I like that part too I really like this bank building
that you get and I like this police cruiser even the bulldozers a lot of fun
this might be one of my favorite sets we’ve done so far
yeah comes to five minifigures in the mini dog and that’s not good
oh that’s off-road for sure hey guys click here to watch another video and
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