Little Heroes 8 – The Spark, The Fire Engine, The Tractor And The Farm Fire

[country music] Owen: I’m excited for my vegetables to grow. Farmer: Say, Owen. Isn’t it a beautiful day?
– Yeah. – It sure is hot out here! – Say, it’s like 100 degrees! – What are we going to plant it, Owen? – Broccoli! Farmer: I love broccoli!
Owen: Me, too. Owen: Okay, I’m all done. Farmer: Good job, partner. [evil laughter] – I’m going to set all the vegetables on fire! [ominous music] Broccoli! [snickering] See you later. [explosion] Narrator: Meanwhile back at the firestation… [cheerful music] [ringing] Firefighter: Hello! What is it? [radio] Someone set the broccoli fire!
We need your help. Firefighter: Okay. We’re on it! [dramatic music] Narrators: Little heroes to the rescue! [siren]
[honking] Farmers: Thank you, firemen!
Firefighters: You’re welcome! – I think our broccoli is saved. Firefighter: The Spark set this on fire.
– He got out of jail! – I knew this would happen.
He hates veggies! – Let’s get him! Farmers: Bye! [country music] Narrator: Later that afternoon… Farmer: Yahh. Spiders! Ahh. I’m scared of spiders. Owen: I’m totally scared of bees
because I already got stung by one. Farmer: I got stung by a wasp. Owen: Wasp? I almost got stung by a wasp.
Farmer: Last year. – I love this tractor.
– It’s like our newest baby. – Yeah. Both: A clean tractor’s a good tractor. Owen: I’m done.
Farmer: Let’s go home and rest! – That thing has got to go. [ominous music] [evil laughter] [explosion] [tropical music]
Narrator: Meanwhile back at the firestation… – I’m bored today.
– Me, too. [ringing] Firefighter: What is it?
Fire Chief: What is it? [radio]
Now someone has set the tractor on fire! Firefighter: We’re on it!
Fire Chief: We’re on it! [dramatic music] [siren]
Narrators: Little heroes to the rescue! [honking] [siren]
[honking] Farmer: Keep going, keep going!
Owen: Hurry up! Farmers: Save our tractor! Farmers: Thank you, little heroes!
– We’ve got to catch the Spark! – He going to go over to the barn. – Yeah. He is trying
to get rid of this farmer. Let’s set a trap for the Spark! Let’s go! Fire Chief: Okay. Let’s go! Narrator: The next day… [suspenseful music] Fire Chief: We’re waiting for the Spark.
Firefighter: He’s going to go for the barn next. He’ll be here any minute. Fire Chief: There he goes! [cheerful music]
The Spark: Ahh! No! Ahh! No! No, please! [laughing]
The Spark: Oh, my gosh. The Spark: Oh, no, I’m meltiiing! Fire Chief: We got the Spark! Fire Chief: Why did you do it?
The Spark: I don’t like vegetables. Fire Chief: But they’re good for your body. The Spark: Eww, greens. They’re slimy and gross! Fire Chief: No, they’re not. They’re good for
your body. You’ll get stronger and bigger. Farmer: Eat your veggies to grow up strong!
Firefighter: But you have to go back to jail, Spark. The Spark: Nooo, not jail! Every time? Farmer: Then stop setting fires! It’s not right! No more setting fires!
– Hey, go with me, Samuel. Come on. Let’s go.
– Okay. The Spark: I’ll be back.
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