Mahindra 2638 HST Tractor Walk Around

hey folks this is Chris with Tom Wood
outdoor equipment today we’re going to talk about the new Mahindra 2638 this
tractor is equipped with the new MCRD engine with no DPF no def fluid and no
regen let’s hop off and go over it starting up here at the front we have
the front end loader which is the 2638 L designed and built just for this
tractor with that loader it does come standard equipped with quick attach
skid steer style front loader bucket attachments take the bucket off in a
little as ten seconds put it back on or you can put on pallet forks grapple
buckets front end post hole diggers the possibilities are almost limitless is
what’s out there on the market that can go on the front of this machine moving
back here Mahindra one thing they’re greatly known for is all steel, steel
hood steel side panels very easy to get to for servicing this tractor is 38
horsepower tier-4 compliant without any regeneration
whatsoever there’s no DPF filter no def fluid this factor has a diesel
oxidation catalyst that burns clean and meets the tier 4 EPA’s requirements does avery good job with very little fuel burn moving to the operator platform a big
plus for this tractor is the flattest operator platform on the market has a
rubber isolated pad so when you’re out there on those long days whether you’re
rotary cutter you’re not going to have your feet fall
asleep because this rubber pad is going to take a lot of the vibration out of it
for you alright starting on the operator platform here we have a tilt steering
wheel which is standard equipment on the Mahindra 2638 this cutout here is
available for the 2645 which is the same platform tractor actually has a
shuttle shift transmission available in that size range right here you have
emergency flashers for when you need to get on the highway run down move some
round bales of hay whatever it is you may be doing with this tractor right
here you have headlights horn and turn signals moving down here is your brakes
which it has a splitter switch makes it nice if you’re out needing to run a disc
or something that you’re needing to turn in a very tight area maybe in a small
arena you can just flip this open doesn’t turn into a zero term but it
turns extremely tight comparatively – without having that locked up down here
you have a differ interlock that you operate with your
foot and your three-point speed control new this year Mahindra has introduced
their EMM comfort seat this is a very very nice seat actually designed and
built right here in the USA has an adjustable air ride setting on it with a
sensor or a level right here when you sit in the seat you can actually control
it to your weight giving you the most comfortable ride you could possibly get
creature comforts are something that Mahindra takes it really serious and do
that for you the customer over here is your 4-wheel Drive settings pull it up
to put it in full wheel drive push it down and take it out right here
is your pto you push that forward to engage your pto
but on this tractor being a hydrostatic transmission it also has the electric
pto switch so you engage your pto forward here and then you come across
the dash and push this button on the dash to actually engage and disengage
your pto what you have here is your throttle where your turtle is is idle
pull it all the way back down here by the rabbit you’re at full throttle your
operating speeds on your engine can vary due to what you may be doing at the time
with the tractor there is a PTO speed right here just to right about 2500 rpms
it’s a good operating speed normally that’s about right here on that setting
moving over here is your PTO switch which is an electronic engagement right
down here is the switch to pick what if you want to use the electric PTO switch
or if you want to use it manually using the lever that we just talked about
earlier right here is your key switch has a nice cover for you when you are
not using the tractor pull the keys out put the cover on keeps water and dirt
from getting down in your key hole right here is the lever for your parking brake
to engage that you just push down on your brakes on the left hand side of the
tractor this will and then engage and lock in your brakes down here you have
your hydrostatic transmission pedals this is an infinite range hydrostatic
transmission which means there’s no gears it’s all hydraulically driven
transmission so push down it’s going to go forward push down here it’s going to
go in Reverse has a side by side pedal which is
very nice user friendly setup you’re not having to keep your heel stuck up on the
back of a rocker style pedal right here is your high medium and low speed
selector for your hydrostatic transmission all the way forward is in
low in the middle is medium and all the way back is high right here is your
three-point height adjuster moving it down drops your three-point arms pulling
it backwards raises them here’s your accessory area for your
tractor actually comes standard with a 12-volt accessory plug and a spot to put
your cell phone so you can charge your phone while you’re out on those long
days on the farm or on the property a nice cup holder here to put whatever
type of drinks you may have and an extra spot here just to put whatever bolts or
nuts you may need to have now starting at the back of the 2638 today we’re
going to start with a rollover protection system it’s a really nice
system most every tractor on the market has this today this is actually a
folding rollover protection system which is really nice because if you’re out
mowing around some hillside stuff like that you absolutely want this thing up
with your seat belt on it could save your life a nice thing about the folding
roller protection system is if you ever have to get into barns or corrals or
anything like that that have low ceilings and maybe drag your arena clean out
stalls you can fold this roller protection bar down and get into some of
those slow-moving tight areas really really nice down here you see the are
four tires which are standard on this tractor you do have the ability to order
these with turf tires or AG tires as well alright back here looking at a
three-point list system starting with your top link right here this is a
category one system which it has a category one top link with it Mahindra
puts a hanger up here so that when you’re possibly driving around your farm
or property and you don’t have an implement on this visit just hanging
around back here you got a nice place to hang it at down here are your
three-point lift arms with adjustable tensioners on either side this is also
available with a category one quick hitch system another nice thing back
here at the back of the tractor is a standard sleeve hitch with an adjustable
tongue on it well that curves from good key points on
the new Mahindra 2638 this tractor comes standard with the seven year 3000
hour powertrain warranty by far the best warranty in the industry
come see us at Tom wood outdoor equipment at Anderson Indiana and
Martinl Indiana let’s get back to work

3 comments on “Mahindra 2638 HST Tractor Walk Around”

  1. James Giles says:

    Does this tractor have a tool box mounted on it?

  2. rick moreland says:

    Nice video. I wish I had waited a year. I bought the 1538 last year, and it looks like several upgrades to comfort and convenience have been made this year

  3. Brian G C says:

    The Branson 3725 has a larger frame and the 3 point hitch has the quick release sliding links for easy on and easy off. It also has 2 PTO speeds, one is an economy mode to use less fuel. Larger tires and higher capacities on the Branson 37 hp model with a choice between hydrostatic drive or 12 speed synchro shuttle shift. Mahindra looks like a good 2nd choice.

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