Making Your Prints Personal! Part 1 by Kate Crane

Hello. Kate Crane from England back with another video for Gel Press. Now as much as I like stencils, I also like designing my own. So I am going to show you how I make simple, single-use paper stencils to use in my journals to create pages like this. So it is super sunny here in England, unusually. So I’ve gone for a sunshine theme. But I really liked my stencil when I used it, so I have included that in my journal too. You might also get some nice off-prints to use in your journals too. So I hope you will join me and play along. And let’s make it personal. I’m going to begin by designing my single-use stencil. I am just doing this on ordinary paper. That is why it is only single-use. If you wanted to you could cut something like this from acetate. I’m going to need my paper, cutting mat. I’m going to use this circle punch and a craft knife. One of the reasons I like making handmade stencils is that they are not perfect. They will be slightly wonky, slightly irregular and that is the look I am going for. So I have cut a circle from just a piece of scrap card. This is going to help me design my background, but I will also use this later as a stencil. So don’t get rid of this bit. You are going to need it later on. So I randomly added some circles. And I am now going to add some spikes to kind of make a sunshine effect. I am going to do this just freehand. But I am just imagining, each time I do it…I am not going to write this on every time. But I am just imagining that kind of cross-section, there. Which will make sure that the spikes coming out from the center of the sun, I am just going to draw triangles, but at least they are coming out with the right direction. So I am just start adding some simple lines. Remember I am going for that kind of slightly offset, whimsical look. And if any of them aren’t quite right, I can just adjust it as I go along with the knife. Start with the circle. And when you have carried on and done the whole thing, you will end up with something like that; which makes a really good single-use stencil. And the all important off cut to match the middle bit here. I am using my large, 12 inch x 14 inch Gel Press plate today, because I want to do a full-size journal page. And I can fit that all on there. I am going to do a series of lemons and pinks as my background color. And I am going to use this Art Printing Texture Plate by Carabelle to lift off some of that background so it is not too heavy. I just want to lighten up this background. I want to make sure that my hand-cut stencil design really stands out. So I am going to use a stencil by Dylusions, and a little bit of light white, just to lighten that background. Thanks for watching! Part 2 coming soon…

15 comments on “Making Your Prints Personal! Part 1 by Kate Crane”

  1. cheryl7476 says:

    Kate, you always get my inspirational mojo going, with every one of your suggestions. Thank you so much!😎💖🌸

  2. Donna L. Hanrahan says:

    Stunning love your backgrounds

  3. Marie Barnard says:

    Thank you Kate, I love your backgrounds and

  4. Kelli Hull says:

    I don’t know how you brayer all those colors without making mud!!!! I keep trying and am getting closer! Your projects are always so beautiful!

  5. Peggy R says:

    Great work -you make it look so easy going to try soon !!!( maggiecreatesart on instagram ) tfs

  6. Wanda Sleurink says:

    You are always so inspirational and I love your choice of colours. Tfs

  7. Kristy Tyra says:

    I agree with cheryl7476! You stretch my boundaries of how to use my plate!

  8. 1tinac says:

    I love watching you create. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Karen Atkinson says:

    I really like your handmade stencil. Your papers turned out great.

  10. Cheryl turtlemoon says:

    I always learn a lot from watching your videos! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Ilona Brown says:

    fantastic Kate x

  12. Glennis Trotman says:

    Nice technique but you need to turn your music volume down, it's way too loud compared with your voice, I had to keep adjusting my volume button every time the music started and stopped

  13. Kathleen Roush says:

    Unfortunately, I agree with the comment about the music volume being so loud. Plus, your voice is relaxing and then the loud music comes on and is jaring. I know on the software I have used, there is a choice of emphasizing voice over music or the other way around. The voice should always be louder than the music. I have both my laptop's volume up and the YT video's volume up just to hear your voice so you can imagine how jaring it can be. I LOVE your video so this is not about content at all!

  14. TouchedByAngels2 says:

    I just LOVE anything KATE CRANE!!!!!!!!

  15. Mags Nash says:

    Thank you so much Kate, that’s so awesome and fabulous, I’m definitely going to have a go at this. And repurposing that stencil, what a great idea 💡. xxx Mags

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