14 comments on “Man Climbs Construction Crane In Hollywood, LAFD On Scene”

  1. TidyLadyAnnie says:

    Holy shit…thats high! Please dont jump or fall…that would suck

  2. D DOLLAR says:

    WTH? People in LA just be crazy. Says the native!!!

  3. Taylor Ross says:

    Its on markdohber

  4. Ray Her says:

    JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP . base jumper right??

  5. spoofy spoof says:

    legend has it hes still up there today

  6. spoofy spoof says:

    jump already

  7. Joel Bondurant says:

    Going outside is a good way to get shot by the police.

  8. Mando H says:

    He's shouting make America great again!

  9. David Woodward says:

    its not a special rope. i bought it at home depot. Not a stunt. Dude is crazy.

  10. revolvingtoto says:

    crack head

  11. David P says:

    I can't find the footage of him hanging off the crane. That's the most hilarious part.

  12. To The Top Crane says:

    Why don't people who do this understand the ramifications of such acts? Had he gained access to the cab interior and somehow was able to put it into operation, this very well could've ended badly for everyone in the area.

  13. fat man skinny woman says:

    too much vodka

  14. Gustavo Driotez says:

    Tourist attraction on Hollywood Blvd.

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