Matt Loader Talks About Marriage Equality

I know why hundreds of thousands of
Australians think this issue is important. It took me a long time to come out about my
sexuality with my family and friends. And some years later, as a young man, I was
walking home one night with someone when I encountered three drunken louts who thought it was okay to bash me up because I was different. They bashed me up so badly that I lost two teeth. They bashed me up so badly that I lost permanent feeling on the left hand side of my face. So badly, that it took me six weeks before
I could return to work. So badly, that it was six months before I
stopped having flashbacks and stopped being afraid to walk my own neighbourhood at night. So marriage equality is so much more important as a symbol of what Australia should and can be. If we cannot give our citizens equal citizenship,
we’re giving a green light to hatred Australia can do so much better than this
and there will be no prouder moment in my life than if I have the opportunity
to stand on the floor of the parliament and cast my vote in favour of changing this law.

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