Missing scene: On Lego City Bulldozer Break-in.

What’s up everybody we’re just done about this Lego Van, it looks okay, isn’t it? Yeah, so this is what it looks like if you open these doors. Just give me a sec you’re open these doors It should work yeah, and then you get the criminal out there, and you close them, and then you put the passenger in there Sorry, yeah, I couldn’t find another piece that couldn’t find earlier, but don’t worry I might find it must have been somewhere hidden. That’s what happened last time it has doors pretty cool. So these two windows in the mirrors. I like them. Doors yeah! I like the doors because I never had lego set of doors and then went i cover! (My Brother Talking Martin.) Do what i Like the word inside!! I know that’s cool, so we’re gonna continue, and we going to put the sticker on so right now when turn the page and Stick the last pause so please please please wait, okay?

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