Motorart Volvo L350F Wheel Loader by Cranes Etc TV

The Volvo L350F is a medium size wheel
loader and it weighs between fifty and fifty
six tonnes. This model by Motorart comes in a Volvo
branded box and there is a nice photo of the real machine on the back but there’s no other information either
about the L350F or the model. The box is factory sealed and after opening
it up you can pull out the insides and we can see the model is contained
between a pair of plastic formers which are also factory sealed. After
flashing the knife blade like a demented swordsman we can separate the formers and lift out the model. There’s no
assembly to do because this model is complete out of the box. Starting underneath the detailing is
simple. There are no drive shafts to the axles however the rubber tires are good and are
mounted on wheels with detailed external faces but hollow internal faces. At the back the detailing is very good
with painted lights and small graphics on the counterweight, and the tiny Volvo badge is sharply
rendered. There are textured surfaces leading to the cab and there are more tiny graphics on top
of the engine cover. A particularly nice detail is the grille
behind the engine it’s see-through and there is also a very fine
mesh. The cab detailing is good and there are
even switches on the inside right pillar. They’re hard to see but they are there. One of the nice aspects of the model is the
high quality fell with metal used for the mirrors, the grab rails and the
handrails. The detail is also good at the pivot point
with the front axle drive shaft, hydraulic hoses and small graphics. The connection rivets on the loader arm are
quite small and discreet and there are also hydraulic hoses. Another particularly good part of the model
is the spade nose rock bucket with its nicely modelled top grille and the
detailing of the teeth and wear plates is very good too. Out we go into the Cranes Etc test
quarry and the L350 F rolls very nicely
indeed. Using the giant loader arm we can lift the
machine and see that the wheels spin freely, and there is a small amount of oscillation
possible on the rear axle. There’s also some oscillation on the front
axle and that would been better if it had been fixed. There is steering available at the pivot
point but it is to a fairly restricted angle, and the steering pistons seem to have no
stiffness at all as they seem to be loosely mounted. Let’s take another look at the
oscillating axles and because the front axle is not fixed then the whole body can move from side to
side. But that’s not too much of a problems as it does pose straight. Moving on to digging functions and
there’s no cut or carry angle possible at the low level, but the model does have a good overall range of
movement in terms of height although you can pop the pistons out of the
rams at the maximum. One thing that is very good though is
the tipping angle of the bucket and you can certainly go for a full
discharge. The rams do have some stiffness but they
won’t necessarily hold a load and here we’ve got the bucket full of rocks, and if you watch closely you can see that
the loader arm can’t quite hold the pose and it is gently going down down down down
down down DOWN! Another nice feature you often get on Motorart
models is opening engine covers and underneath there is a detailed engine to
be seen, and it is made up of a number of different coloured components. On the other side of the body you get a
different view of the engine but on the review model at least the cover
on this side won’t pose in an open position. In summary this is a very good looking
model by Motorart and its definite main plus point is the
high standard of the detailing. The functionality of the model doesn’t
achieve the same high standard but overall the model is of good quality
and although it’s a bit on the pricey side for a model like this, it is highly recommended.

12 comments on “Motorart Volvo L350F Wheel Loader by Cranes Etc TV”

  1. Lars Stelzer says:

    Schöner Volvo l 350 f von Motorart

  2. Diecast Emporium says:

    Love the real video footage! Really is quite a nice touch!

  3. Runaway train Productions says:

    I've got the Lego technic version of this machine and al in all it's pretty much the exact same as the real thing

  4. Speed Racer says:

    Way to expensive NZG or Conrad is a better choice.

  5. Jeff Decker says:

    i have this in a lego set 🙂

  6. SmokeStack_684 says:

    That was a great review! Love the video of the full sized machine working.

  7. killstrees says:

    LOL! That complete out of the box! 😀 hahaha Each one is always little bit different.

  8. A.P says:

    Do more clips of the real machine working. It gives us a chance to see what the real one looks like.

  9. Godwar OFF says:

    can you send me the machine

  10. fernando Ossorio perez says:

    Hola mi nombre es Fernando soy de sevilla España me podrías mandar la dirección de donde podría comprar esos modelos gracias

  11. Ivan Divan says:

    Hi there 🙂 very happy i found your channel and presentations here 🙂 glad to see the presentations ,i would like to ask you about your opinion as a professional about the wheel loaders ,according to you which one is the best ,very important for me is the bucket performance and cutting angle ,the bucket going downdowndown is not good ,how do you think ,which is the best ? thanks in advance 🙂
    ivan 🙂

  12. Eugenio Kenan Savkli says:

    its a motor art but more datiled than the nzg liebherr 586 or 580! i applied a lot of to my nzg liebherr (all metal; front light protector grills and frames, metal and rubber hydraulic hoses, electric cables and all decals and moreover i’ve repainted all gray parts and rims because nzg choiced a false gray tone! i applied original matt liebherr gray tone 🤬

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