Moving the Crane onto the New Track Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

– The plan is to try and get this crane on this bloomin’ fancy new truck. Which is proving a little
bit more enthusiastic than we thought. But were gonna use the, dick and I’m hoping to
figure out how to cut a hole through checker plate without a, I think I’ve still got an oxy torch around here somewhere but hopefully I have. Could be fun trying to
drill a square hole, maybe we’ll ace it that’s
a bloody slacker idea maybe a bloke could put
round pipes on there. (laughter) Anyway, so first things first we better go and cut this off, get it tidied up and move the truck somewhere
where the bloomin’ power can get to it that’d be a good idea too! (buzzing) (beeping) Oh my golly gosh! That’s a jolly long tray, we’ve only got the little
ole’ Douglas welder here, the good welders at home
where we welded up that pipe. Anyway, that’ll be alright. Poor little truck’s starting
to look all naked isn’t it? Sorry old girl, you’ve done a good job. I was thinking I’d cut it
through here but I don’t know would that end up too short? It’s a fair way through. I reckon if we just cut it through here it’d be about right wouldn’t it? (sawing) (upbeat music) Hot, hot! (upbeat music) Alright, that’s some serious metal! (laughter) Aha, I think that’s us. Oh well, we’ll go and get the welder and a different battery. Bloody hell ole’ lad. You’d think if a bloke had any brains he would’ve brought the charger with him! Here we go can we crow! We’ll see if we can get
our welder back on board. Now don’t lose that
radiator cap I need that! I need that for my sweeper. Me wheels are a bit flat! Oh help! Bloody hell! Jesus. I should put that on
the job sheet I think, put the wheels back on the welder! Oh they fell off years
ago the bloody things. Alright welding rods, did
we leave a helmet out there? Oh bloody vandal, it’s like
it’s own little skipping rope! What else do we need? What else did we bring here
that we’ve stole from the farm? I think that’s all we’re gonna
want for this job isn’t it? Oh! That’d be right! That battery must be suffed, oh poop! Oh well, we’ll have to go old school and use the electrical one! Maybe I won’t leave it on
there because otherwise next thing I’ll forget it. I’ll get me trusty camera
man to hang on to that end otherwise the crane will
swing around and take off! I mean I suppose we could tie it to that, I suppose we could swing
it around and tie it but we tried that and
it went all weird too. Oh shit lad I just had a
bloody nightmare thought, we’ve got the truck the wrong way around. Cause when we get out there it’ll want to go the other way won’t it? After all that effort I have
to turn the truck around! Oh golly gosh! Cause otherwise this’ll be facing forward. (upbeat music) Under the bed of the truck
we’ve got the nice crossbeams, they’re running this way so I’m hoping to actually blow some
holes through me floor so these little bits here can sit up flesh against the crossbeams
and I can weld them to the crossbeams and weld my floor up again so it’s all nice and neat! And then I’m trying to
decide what I’m doing on the back here, I don’t know. We’ll figure that out when we
get it on that far I reckon, then it might look like it belongs. Cause it’s a fraction, that little truck was narrower than this one so. Oh I don’t know. There’s always some fun when
you’re retrofitting stuff isn’t there? Anyway so we thought the most
easiest way to blow a hole in the deck of the truck here
is to get our oxy torch out. Just all that does is pretty
much heat the metal up and then when it gets hot
enough you blast a bit of oxygen to it and then
it just atomizes the metal and away you go and you can
cut holes through shit so, a lot quicker than drilling it! Of course the thing I love about metal is if you buck it up you just
weld the hole back in anyway and just pretend you weren’t here! So I figure the best
approach is to go underneath the truck and blast it up from underneath so I get it on exactly
where the beam is so, hopefully that’s a good
idea but we’ll find out. Now we’ll see what happens. I think we’re gonna have
to come from the top down. (sigh) Shit! We’ve got 890 from the
outside, 100 from the weld, and we’ll drill a hole and
then we’ll blow through that and see what happens. Cause I don’t think I
can cut from underneath cause it’s right in the wrong spot. There’s always something isn’t there? It’s gonna be too bloody
long if it hits that beam, we’ll have to make them 75. We’ll pull this out the way
so we can drill some holes, and then we’ll cut our little struts off to the right height too. This we should’ve just cut
the bastards off and welded the tray and be done with it! You gonna buy me a bull bar? Then we can look like real truckies! (upbeat music) (sigh) Oh shit, I want to go home. Hoist up the John B’s sail, she’s not there at all. (drilling) I was just thinking since you’re in charge of holding the tape
measure I can blame you if we cut the holes in the wrong spot. (laughter) Oh maybe not. Oh dear! Shit! We’re going down, we’re going down! That’s why it says never work underneath hydraulic suspension. It always says that on the
little hydraulic jacks too. Don’t get under the car
under a hydraulic jack! Well I’m probably breaking
every safety rule ever, as soon as we light this
up the oxy will burn the texture out the way. Straight to jail, do not pass go. Do not even collect 15 cents. Now we’re not gonna wreck
anything under there are we? [Camera Man] – I don’t think so. – It’d be helpful if a bloke
could cut in a straight line! I never did actually
say I was an engineer. Check, he’s still moving! Getting very close, we don’t want it too snug anyway do we? Otherwise we’ll never get it in there. Ahoy me hardy! What do you know, do you
reckon we’re dreaming? Anyway, don’t forget
you measured the shit! I really don’t think we’re gonna be quite this clever but you know. Anyway, at least we’ve got
some holes to get started with. Surely it’ll go somewhere near it, surely. Lets see what we come up with, let’s see what trouble
we can get into shall we? (upbeat music) Golly gosh aye, what a circus. I reckon that’s looking pretty good! I know how come the gorillas feel like they can do this when they
have a win they go ahh! Look at us go! It’s not quite in there a little bit but I’ve got to get the fork out somehow, that’s the next thing cause
it’s hitting on that beam there but anyway we can
figure that out in a minute. It looks slightly crooked,
we’ll weld it there. We’ll weld it down we’re
not going to be that rough. – I mean once you take those out. – Yeah well hopefully I
mean it’s just sitting there already so. – Oh dear, you need a new ladder I think! – Yeah I think so, I
need a bigger ladder now! Is that rested on there
long or it needs a beating? Cause it’s sorta, maybe I’ll
go down a little bit more. I think I’ve gotta tap
it off of that edge. Did we bring the hammer up here
or the crowbar or something? It’s got itself jammed
in the middle there. I’ll give it a whack and see
if we can make it fall over, right before we undo it though. Cause it’s sitting on there anyway. I think that’s pretty good,
I’m fairly happy so far. (banging) Oh dear that’s a hard drive
with the forklift stuck on the side of the truck though aint it? Oh hang on. Oh ya silly thing. Well it’s jammed under
here and jammed over there so I’m trying to get it undone. Without getting too excited otherwise we might lose everything. I almost like this you can
get all excited, can’t ya? Alright that’s off of there now. So then I don’t think,
does that fork actually, see then it’s still
jammed there a little bit but I don’t think it’s doing too much. Look at us couple of bloody champions! Goodness me lad. Oh that’s bloody good,
I’d give that a credit! Not everybody would agree
with me but I reckon that’s pretty bloody dandy! I think it’s not quite square cause this was obviously not sitting
on the deck before it was it’s own thing. So I think what we’ll do is we’re gonna, I’m gonna get some, well I
haven’t got any steel with us and it’s too jolly late
so while you’re not here I’m gonna get a bit then
I’m gonna weld onto here, then I’ll bolt it to the deck either way, and I reckon that’s gonna be pretty cool. It’s gonna be perfect I’ll
make my little mounted up bit there at the back and I’m thinking I could make it so I could spin it around and put it over the front if I wanted to use the back of the truck. Like you know that little deck
for a tractor or something. Couldn’t I? Anyway we’ll slap a bit of
weld on there we can get our tractor away and we’ll
be all good for the day. Oh man a life! Don’t know where that
bit of rubber mat went. Kevin what are you doing? Who wrapped this up? I wonder. I normally have some bit
of rubber mat to kneel on so you don’t bloomin’ do yourself a damage if it decides to ark out. Where the hell my welding
mat is I, oh there it is! Not that it’s ever happened but apparently when you’re welding steel on steel and you’re kneeling on
steel, you don’t want to become the actual earth point so. It’s a very bad idea! I’ve had a few tingles
along the way but I’ve never actually done it to myself properly. Officers work I reckon,
that’s looking pretty good! Bit of paint on that you won’t know it! Really though, we’ll
be like professionals. Well, let’s not get carried away. Maybe newbee professionals,
you know with a double E. Oh shit! (laughter) Should’ve cleaned this up I think! I was just thinking this would really suck if this turned out to
be aluminum wouldn’t it? That would’ve been great! But luckily that’s not the case. Oh man I’m gonna have
to get up there I think, I’m not that tall. I think you’re gonna
have to make me a ladder. At least you can walk around the edge of it that’s pretty groovy! I guess if we wanted to
get really really excited we could’ve ground off the checker plate but hell, we’re not that professional. I think it’ll be alright
but we’ll see what happens when we take a lifter away. I don’t think it’s really
supporting too much yet, obviously we’ll have to do
a little bit more supporting and strutting around but
we’ve run out of daylight and I’ve run out of enthusiasm. Oh shit! Golly gosh! Oh come on, fingers crossed! Well I don’t know whether
I’m just exhausted and delirious or just
pretty happy with myself. But it’s been a really good week I reckon! We’ve gone from complete crap to completely bloody awesome! So all I’ve gotta do now
is brace it up a little bit and put a little support beam at the back so that’ll be good! Thank you all for all your support, and love and best wishes, and I know you all believed in me! Let’s get these bee boxes moved! (buzzing) [Camera Man] – The fuck is he doing? – Oh man! [Camera Man] – Just
leave it alone for now. – Oh my god. [Camera Man] – What are you trying to do?

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  1. Charles Show says:

    Last min was funny as hell

  2. private bubba says:

    I think I would put a small building in dead space complete with generator and AC for a break room when you are in the field.

  3. ZOMBIE FOX GAME says:

    Very nice! Was the end of the video a crazy moment from the Bee man, at least none got hurt, only a bit of pride.

  4. Lisa Berryman says:

    Nice work you boys!! That’s what I like to see👍

  5. Arkonite Babe says:

    Love the music on the timelapse xx

  6. Arkonite Babe says:

    Was that Mrs BBM at 12:28?

  7. Stan Ketchell says:

    Did you disconnect the alternator on the truck before welding?
    And you could have used the whole deck by modifying the boom as per the canadian beekeeper

  8. Dovine Drake says:

    Good job. Good luck.

  9. Lois Langley says:

    nice one. Wishing you the best.

  10. crispernator says:

    Hi B.B.M now i dont know a heap about trucks but here's my 2 cents worth .Those bloody spare tyres could they not be put in carriers under the tray to give you more space , the crane i think i would have tried to disassemble it from the steel work you pulled of that old banger rather than stuff around with it cutting holes in your tray , my way of thinking is every square inch of that tray is money ,the more bees you can stick on the truck the more honey and money ect your going to get, i know your doing the best ya can to get this thing up and going and maybe in time you will modify it but thats my way of thinking , by the way how the hell did you bend those tynes on that fork must of had a hell of a strain on it take care .
    P.S John when your working with this crazy B.B.M wear a hard hat hahahaha !

  11. dstick1 says:

    LOL haven't seen the gas axe on the BBM before. That was lots of fun, though I hope the electrics were spared with the arc welder. Loved the last minute, more of those please with Benny Hill sound track 😉

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    Good job fellas

  13. tim _ says:

    yes, a support beam connecting the two headache racks

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    Brain fart moment at the end. Lol.

  15. Neill Barry says:

    I laughed pretty hard watching that last bit! Could see what was happening. After completely destroying my back, don’t do stupid shit like lifting a Welder! Your back is everything. Anyway take care.

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