Mower Mayhem

So I just hope it didn’t ruin the mower. Came out to mow my mom’s lawn, rolled up all the hoses. Or so I thought. This one was hiding down in the grass, this grass was all grown over it like that. And I didn’t see it. It wasn’t hooked to any spigot and all of the sudden my mower went ‘wrink” and just stopped. And surprisingly, it didn’t cut the hose, So I don’t know if you can see, it’s wrapped around Lets see if I can hold this thing up and video at the same time. It’s wrapped around this blade here and wrapped around that blade over there. And I tried just unwinding it. So I got slack and unwound it some. But I think I’m gonna cut it in the middle right there, my mom said just cut it and unwind it from each one separately. So, I just hope it didn’t ruin the mower. Gonna cut it out and see what happens. I’m just hanging out here in the grass. My mom went into the house to get a knife for me. And, Uh, Frankly I didn’t want to get up and down. I’ve gotten to that age where I can get down on the ground, most of the time I can get back up. But I can’t do it too many times in a row. There you have it, that’s what we are doing. But let me show you my view, it’s kind of nice. The chickens are out here and stuff. Got a lot of clover, the bees are liking that. And look over there I think we have some corn? Doesn’t that look like that’s corn that is volunteering in the lawn. But I think I’m gonna mow them down. I don’t think she wants corn growing out here in her lawn. Funny thing is, I don’t know how those got planted, because none of the corn that we planted last year came up. So the only thing I can figure is we had some corn on the grill and the dog stole one of the cobs and took it off and was eating it in the yard. And I wondered if some of the kernels off the corn that we cooked didn’t grow? I don’t know if thats possible. But I see like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 about 8 or 10 of those from right here. Well the knife cut through it like butter. So now I just have to try to unwind it. Let’s see, I’m gonna have to put the camera down and figure this out. Alright, key is in let’s see if she turns over. Lets see if she cuts? Perfect, good to go! Alright, now what did I do with the keys? HAHA I took the keys out because I thought we might have to lift it. Hey Momma! Did you see what I did with the keys? NO.

7 comments on “Mower Mayhem”

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I am 56 and my knees are shot. I need a knee replacement but they told me it is very painful so until my everyday pain is to that point, to just wait. But it takes everything I have to get up!!

  2. JAMS BOOK NOOK says:

    when you were talking about being selective on when you need to get up I spoke out loud " I hear ya, girl". haha!

  3. embarado smithing and woodcraft says:

    it may not have cut off but I bet there's a bunch of holes

  4. embarado smithing and woodcraft says:

    you should watch this vid  at least the first 5 min a questian of you tube ethics and updates

  5. Living Weird Esther C says:

    I don't get down on the ground anymore unless I really have to. Getting up is not pretty lol

  6. woody ydoow says:


  7. Noble Homestead says:

    Bee's-eye view 🙂 Gotta go mow the… corn. Glad to see you up and runnin' again!

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