MSI PRO MOD Interview #1 (XPOWER Loader – Soccer & BaluC)

Hi everyone, I am Pepino from MSI Headquarter and today we are on MSI booth at COMPUTEX 2015 And I like to introduce you to some really amazing case modding made by BaluC and Soccer from Hungary As you can see behind me there is the XPOWER Loader which includes MSI X99A XPower AC motherboard. It’s really an amazing case mod that is made there. And I invite you to take a seat with us to discuss with BaluC and Soccer from this mod. My name is Janos Fresli, my nickname is “Soccer”. I am from Budapest, Hungary’s capital city. I make mods for nearly 12 years. Till now we had many outstanding and unforgotten works. We both have won many trophies at home and in foreign lands. But who counts the years? We were interviewed at many printed media, internet websites and even on televisions. Hello, my name is Balázs Szabó, more Known as “BaluC”. I come from Hungary Budapest. I make mods more than twenty years, but then when I started, I did not even know what the name of it. And when you count the half-finished cases all together I made over thirty. If I remember right we met and became friends at a Hungarian Modding contest Because we had shared the visions, and maybe this could be the reason why we can work together so well. At first it was a modder friendship, but then I spoke to Soccer about my dream that I would like to go on an international contest and show my mods to all of them. Then for the first trip, we are real friends. We know each other’s strengths and skills. Assign tasks and we are planning ahead. Of course the movie, and the loader machine in Aliens. But from my own approach, own concept, and not following the original. But I wanted to make a mod what demonstrates the power of the hardware. We both like Sci-Fi movies like Aliens, and when Soccer told me that he would like to make the Yellow Power Loader from the film, I said yes on the spot. From the beginning it was clear that it will be a great and spectacular mod, but the main goal was that it would stand beside Soccer’s Table at home. This mod was one of the most time-consuming ones. More than hundreds of work-hours went in it, what we have spent on it together. The challenge was the whole mod in it. Several weeks of thinking and planning of: What should be done and how. The idea was that the whole machine must be made at home, at our own taste and designs, and NOT in specialized workshop! If something’s size is different or the proportion isn’t right, the whole thing could look malformed and awful. The parts were made separately, and not only the weight but the size played also really important role. Because from the hands on the front, and to the hydraulics to the back, it has to hold its own BIOS. Even the hardware are built-in. Because the whole thing has to stand on its own feet. Of course that we had made this mod, and that we had the support of such a big company like MSI. I’m thankful for the support, and so the world can meet, and know what is the XPOWER Loader. This is a Big size mod. A little bit bigger than the half of the original one from the movie. The original one in the movie was around 2.4 meter height. We planed and made it to 1.7 meter height. Every single part on the robot is hand-made. The front guard opens up. The motherboard tray can be opened so the inner parts can be seen or repaired. The hands can be put and turned into different positions. The mod has received the next gen HW-s from sponsors. We tortured and tested the system with XPOWER X99A motherboard and it is very stable and perfect all the time. And on the day when the GTA V came out, we have tested the game and the experience was perfect, like a dream. Everything went… You have to try it! Because of a lot of work, we didn’t have time to test how much the tuning potential is in the system. But still, if someone build the computer, wants it stable and reliable, even if you don’t want to tune it over we still recommend it because you can not get it better than this one. Don’t give up, of course! Not even when it seems no reason to continue that mod. Not even when you have to sacrifice money on it and not even when you don’t win on a contest or on an event. I think the greatest creations are made when you make it for yourself, and not for others. Have fun by the process! Find yourself a theme what you really like and have fun with it Don’t mind if you make something wrong. Rebuild it! No problem. The whole modding is a process! A process of learning. Solving Things, solving problems, and in the end, when you love what you have done, then it is good! With my first serious mod. I have rebuilt it seriously three times over and over again. Almost from the ground on. And It was fun, it was build all together, but it haven’t win on a contest. But on the fourth time, when I made it really I had the experience, I had everything to make it so that it has won on this contest. And still it was a learning process, it is important! And it was very important for the next upcoming mods as well! Have FUN!!!

24 comments on “MSI PRO MOD Interview #1 (XPOWER Loader – Soccer & BaluC)”

  1. LeSnupiz says:

    wtf ??

  2. Play GT says:

    @MSI Global We i want more motherboard for AM3+, one based in 2 model of intel the Z97A Gaming 9 ACK: the ports, and X99A Godlike in their desing, than use ddr4, with multi-gpu SLI and Crossfire, for AM3+ pls 😃😃😃😃

  3. Takahashi Kenji says:

    OMG!! That's awesome.

  4. krisna aprilliano syaputra says:

    why so cool??

  5. ShotFinger38 says:

    Really awesome mod, one of a kind. Are you going to make an improved version in the future, (like XPOWER Loader v2), completely movable, with a remote control or kinda ??

  6. Nanang Kwoel says:

    What did inspire you to build on this design? A giant robot from Japan or USA or something else?

  7. Antonio Iacobone says:

    are you going to make it like a real robot, moving inside it's body?

  8. krolinnyytit says:

    Uhh why is it so ugly and useless :e?

  9. Martin Brideau says:

    Do you plan in the futur to improve this by actually making this moving?

  10. Jerry Lafferty says:

    Is the Loader functional?  Is there anything that  you would change no that it is done?

  11. Jasper Cecilio says:

    What was the hardest part of modding this master piece?

  12. Imhotep Architect says:

    How much time did it take to do the modding? and How Did You Come Up With the Idea?

  13. Sergey Ospischev says:

    What is the weight of the whole MOD?

  14. Falco13Z says:

    What's its weight?

  15. Uxell says:

    Will be make and coffee? 😀

  16. Pedro Javier Sanchez says:

    you posed to the successful realization of this project?

  17. andrian septiadi says:

    what materials you used to make that case ?

  18. Khang Letuan says:

    What is the most interesting part when you MOD your XPOWER Loader (designing, choosing components, building, etc…… ) ? Do you have any plans after this big success ?

  19. Андрей Филькин says:

    XPOWER Loader pancakes oven can? Joke! Who first had the idea of this mod?

  20. Lobella Dela Pena says:

    Do you have any plan to make the design more cooler than this?

  21. Sam Nicko says:

    STUNNING XPOWER Loader PC mod! Some question for BaluC and Soccer
    1. XPOWER Loader in total, how much does it cost? i want it too haha 🙂 Love your art work guys…yes it's a PC mod art!  
    2. Who is your favorite PC builder?
    3. What it takes to be a PC builder?
    Thank you and keep mod guys 🙂

  22. Samer Rustom says:

    How much does XPOWER Loader modding cost?

  23. filip adrian says:

    can i buy this case ?

  24. vasile filip says:

    how much is cost ?

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