Must Watch Film! Farm to Fridge by Mercy for Animals (The Truth About Meat Production)

In the next few minutes you will be given an eye-opening look behind the closed doors of Modern Farms Hatcheries and slaughter plants revealing the Journey than animals make from farm to fridge For nearly their entire four-Month pregnancies mother sows are locked in narrow Metal stalls barely larger than their own bodies many of the animals develop open sores and scratches Workers often kick hit and yell at pigs to move them soon after birth piglets are castrated By workers who cut into their skin and rip out their testicles Next the workers chop off their tails both of these painful procedures are nearly always done without anesthesia many animals dialed from botched mutilations Piglets who become sick who are injured or who are not growing quickly enough are killed Common killing methods include throwing animals into bins and painfully gassing them with Carbon dioxide Others are killed by being slammed headfirst into the ground At a factory farm in Ohio workers killed injured south by hanging them on a forklift to be slowly Strangled to death a practice defended by the pork industry Pigs raised for me typically live only five to six months a mere fraction of their natural Lifespan in overcrowded pens like this Workers frequently Tattoo the animals with ID numbers by hitting them with metal spiked mallets Once pigs have reached market weight. They are sent to slaughter at the slaughterhouse pigs are knocked in the head with a steel Rod hung upside down and have their throats slit Improper stunning condemns many pigs to having their throats slit while they are fully conscious and suffering Others are even scolded alive in the hair removal tanks From the moment they hatch the egg industry subjects chicks to horrors few of us can even imagine at the hatchery Workers quickly and Roughly Sort the males from the females Because male chicks don’t lay eggs, and do not grow quickly enough to be raised profitably for meat. They are killed within hours after hatching Male chicks are typically thrown into giant grinding machines while still alive this practice is deemed Standard and acceptable by the egg industry Another killing method is to drop male chicks into trash bags to be smothered or suffocated More than 200 million unwanted male chicks are killed on their first day of life each year in the United States The females have it even worse Destined for a life of prolonged cruelty to reduce pecking induced by overcrowded living conditions Workers use a hot blade or laser to remove part of the chicks beaks this mutilation can cause both acute and chronic pain After debeaking the birds are moved to cages where they will spend the rest of their lives nearly 95% of egg-laying hens spend their lives confined in tiny wire cages like this Most Birds never see sunlight or breathe fresh air They are packed so tightly they cannot even spread their wings walk or turn around without pushing other birds aside the Harsh and Unrelenting environment of the cage takes its toll often leading to severe feather loss open wounds and birds trapped in cage while For many hens the stressful confinement is too much leading to premature death Undercover investigations at egg farms from Coast to coast have revealed a culture of cruelty and neglect including workers stomping on Birds throwing live hens on Dead piles and in trash cans and painfully mangling Birds spines in botched attempts to break their necks At one or two years of age when a hen’s egg production begins to decline she is violently ripped from her cage Workers often fling the birds into metal carts where they are painfully suffocated with Carbon dioxide Crowded by the thousands into filthy sheds Chickens and turkeys are denied many of their most basic natural behaviors and needs such as fresh air and exercise through genetic selection Chickens and turkeys raised for meat have been bred to grow so large so quickly that many suffer crippling leg disorders Chronic joint pain and even fatal heart attacks sick or injured Birds often have their necks broken Others are clubbed to death Those who live to reach market weight are thrown into transport crates and loaded onto trucks bound for slaughter plants? Handling is often violent and frequently causes bruises Broken bones and other injuries at the slaughter plant the birds are dumped from their crates, then Roughly snapped upside down into moving shackles by their fragile legs From there the birds are dragged through an electrified vat of water which renders them paralyzed, but not necessarily unconscious They are then pulled across a blade which slices their throats causing blood to pour from their necks Some of the birds who missed the blade have their throats slit or their heads ripped off by a backup killer Other birds are drowned and scolded in the tanks of hot water designed to Loosen the birds feathers cows Produce milk for the same reasons that humans do to nourish their young But calves on dairy farms are dragged away from their mothers and violently killed all so that humans can have the milk instead The majority of today’s Dairy cows are confined on Factory farms Some spend almost their [entire] lives standing on concrete floors others are crammed into massive mud lots Workers subject young cows to painful mutilations and amputations Here a worker cuts off a cow’s tail slicing through her sensitive skin nerves and bone without any painkillers Another Routine practice is dehorning burning into the calves skulls to remove their budding horns painkillers are rarely used a 2010 undercover investigation at a dairy farm in Ohio revealed a farm worker Stabbing cows with pitchforks beating them in the head with crowbars and punching baby calves injuries and illness often run rampant in filthy disease-Ridden Factory farm environments cows too sick or injured to stand are called downers and are often left to slowly suffer and die from their injuries at A Fraction of their natural Lifespan the so called spent dairy cows are prodded on to transport trucks and shipped to slaughter houses An undercover investigation at a slaughterhouse in California revealed down Dairy cows being kicked shocked pushed with forklifts and water hosed in the mouth and nostrils in an effort to get them to the kill floor most cattle raised for beef endure several mutilations without painkillers including castration and hot iron Brandy Most spend the last few months of their lives in overcrowded feedlots standing in their own waste unreliable stunning practices at the slaughterhouse condemn many cattle to having their throats cut their limbs hacked off while still alive and conscious Undercover investigations at Kosher slaughter houses in the United States have documented the routine practice of cutting open the throats of fully aware and alert cattle Fish and other sea animals are sensitive intelligent creatures who have a demonstrated capacity to suffer pain massive trawling nets indiscriminately drag hundreds of tons of fish and other animals along the ocean floor as They are dragged up from the ocean depths the fish undergo excruciating ly painful decompression the Extreme changes in pressure can rupture their swim bladders and pop out their eyes They are then tossed on board where the surviving fish either suffocate, or are crushed to death? Others are still alive when they are hacked apart on these floating slaughterhouses Untold millions of dolphins turtles and other non-target aquatic animals are also killed by Ocean trawler nets each year Today approximately one in five fish consumed worldwide is raised in Captivity like Factory farmed animals on Land Farm raised fish are crowded by the tens of thousands in small disease and excrement ridden areas for their entire lives When fish reach market weight they are loaded onto tanker trucks and shipped to slaughter where common killing methods include slow suffocation farmed animals are every bit as intelligent curious and capable of feeling pain and Suffering as the dogs and cats so many of us know and love if you are at all moved by this film Please do your part make a commitment today to explore a vegan diet it could be one of the best decisions of your life by withdrawing our support of this cruel and violent system We can put our ethics on the table and make a statement for a kinder and more compassionate society for all animals for delicious vegan recipes Nutritional information and tips on making the transition to a plant-based diet please visit choose veg calm you

100 comments on “Must Watch Film! Farm to Fridge by Mercy for Animals (The Truth About Meat Production)”

  1. Alyssa Myers says:

    This made me cry for like 10 minutes

  2. MyTopGuy Al3X says:

    Got a problem? Thake it out on the animals. There gonna die anyway😂😂

  3. ᴀɴxɪᴇᴛʏ ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴄ says:

    This made me cry

  4. Kazuto Buto says:

    This is why I buy meat from Islam slaughter house because Muslim slaughter house is mercy to animal and clean place..

  5. AHGHN NADIEN says:

    Why abuse them so much. That’s so inhuman

  6. แม็ก โจ้. says:

    ควาย!!!! ไอสัส

  7. bluethunder says:

    its fingerlicking good

  8. Agung Wahyudi says:


  9. Axel Mercado says:

    Fuck thees bitches

  10. Athena R says:

    I’m really gonna try and convince my parents to go vegan and let me go vegan,
    I’m definitely trying to go vegan as hard as I can

  11. Wataru Kawakami says:

    Don't you all know that?
    Where do you think came your meat from?
    In Japan they are hunting whales again (in fact never stopped).

    Human race is a desease, like a virus, consuming and destroying everything.
    And we want to go to other planets… As I said, like a virus…

    Imagined if some alien came to earth and decided to eat human fresh hamburger?

  12. diamondseed345 s village says:

    This is basically what Peta doesn't want yet they kill many healthy animals each year

  13. vj balan says:

    Just watch earthlings!

  14. SDS Nation says:

    I will never look at a big mac the same way again..

  15. SDS Nation says:

    The Killing part i got over because they always do that, but the way they treat them and how they do it is the part that disgust me.

  16. Its Loopy says:

    i hope that u add arabic captions to the vid
    its gonna be rlly helpful🌼

  17. Tgodzilla roar says:

    it doesn't matter if u r consumer of meat or not this is happening and this is wrong this is immoral and this makes me feel ashamed as a species in general, wish I could find a way where i can find out where a place treated the animals right before they were slaughtered

  18. dont want to show my full name says:

    Most people don't give a shit trust me it's sad

  19. Kyla & Mickey says:

    This is heart breaking. I have wanted to go vegan 🌱 for about 6months, I asked my mom and she said no 😭
    I’am secretly kind of converting to veganisim. I have stopped drinking milk and drinking almond milk instead!
    I will show her this video and hopefully she will at least let me go vegetarian.
    Pray for me 🙏

  20. Luke Pierce says:

    Lamo so funny watch this commit get deleted 😂👌

  21. Joshua Davenport says:

    I hope all them cruel people die and suffer so bad them animals are like a newborn baby there so incessant like what can they do you guys with suffer the rest of your life that make me not want to eat meat anymore

  22. Sky Star says:

    Oh god I had to stop watching because I was crying so hard. This is like a horror movie except worse, because its real. And happening all over the world 24/7

  23. giulia istrate says:

    Its 1 am and i cant stop crying,i'll never eat meat again..

  24. Brenna Thomas says:

    I’m vegan already but this made me cry within the first minute 💔 Everybody needs to see this.

  25. chicken_ _15 says:

    my aunt showed me this video, going vegan

  26. Damion Lightner says:

    It takes a strong detachment from reality to watch this and not find it horrifying.

  27. Thickthick Boys says:

    Isn’t this illegal

  28. Thickthick Boys says:

    Don’t make your kids become vegans

  29. Thickthick Boys says:

    I’m still eating my burger through this video

  30. Simply Melany says:

    Okay this is horrible but sadly me becoming vegan isn’t gonna change anything…the only reason these animals are treated in such a matter is because we have such a high demand for chicken pork beef and milk. There should just be strong regulations for how these animals are being processed, and we should have to wait patiently for the food to get to our grocery stores

  31. mycul AVFC says:

    Ye its cruel and it shouldnt be done this way .But will it stop me eating meat naaaa !

  32. Balraj Singh says:

    where is god, why he is not to help…

  33. meg pijanowski says:

    Now I am going vegan

  34. Hrishikesh Kumar says:


  35. Hrishikesh Kumar says:

    We have no any right to do this, please stop killing innocent animal.

  36. Jo Marsden says:

    Which is better vegan or vegetarian because I'm vegetarian and wondering if it's health to change vegan I've never eaten an animal before

  37. Sing Togeder says:

    i don't know if am gonna like this cuz this acts are inhuman ! what a race !!

  38. TB says:

    This hurts my soul.

  39. vv vv says:

    Fucking Americans,what do you expect?? Thank god im a Muslim

  40. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    I can't believe this had happened to animals. I knew they killed them but I didn't know they tortured them like this. #Savetheanimals

  41. DJ Jones says:

    Why are people so fuckin cruel!! These people have to have some underlying mental issues to be able to do this.

  42. yuvaraj ayannur says:

    Nice video super bro we should kill the animas

  43. Damian Ochoa says:

    I'm hungry

  44. The new Thinker says:

    Fuck such thoughts. we are humans we have r own intellect instead of supporting the animal life are recklessly killing them for just for no only for some food means are vegetables, fruits, grains are not sufficient for up to leave that we are being this much disgraceful to this beautiful lil creature they also do have feelings 💘 it should be claimed illegal so sad

  45. The new Thinker says:

    You are not human if ur goosebumps didn't scream after seeing this 😢😭

  46. Nicholas1130 Trapp says:

    So sad I would never ever ever kill or step and kick on a animal. Imagine you were an animal and they slit your throat or beat you to death. But hey, the meat is great though. Why could they just do something less tortures

  47. Chris Pamm says:

    After watching this video i want to convinced myself to be vegan, but the thing is i can't even afford to buy a vagetables. Poor animals. 😭😥

  48. Riaz Zazai says:

    Nooooo I hate it when that dick head punched the poor cow :((((((

  49. yale nerd says:

    I am crying, this is so sad. For some animals this planet is hell because of us. Thanks u for showing me this
    No more meat from todays

  50. jacqui cleijne says:

    No meat, soy or dairy for me 😊. This is insane. People must be dead inside to inflict so much cruelty on these poor animals. It’s a fact also, that humans suffer psychological and physical injury when working in slaughterhouses. People who are not deliberately cruel, but are pushed too hard by the people who put profit over everything. Shame on them. 🥺

  51. Ivano Kriletić says:

    What is it with all you "im gonna be a vegan overnight after watching this"?! Even if you stop eating meat there is millions and billions of people that will eat meat. Also, those people who work there will not stop doing it because of some vegan people who doesn't eat meat. Human healthy food is combined of everything, first of all meat. I love animals, dont get me wrong, but being a vegan and unhealthy, nah.

  52. Priscilla Patino says:

    looks like i need to leave my earth

  53. Ruth G. says:

    OMG!!! This is what they do????? I am only 0:57 minutes into the video and I’m already deciding to be a vegan😳😳😳🥵

  54. Anuradha Mandal says:

    Does this kind of farming happen in india too ? I consume chicken once in a month and fish also . We don't come big animals. But i decided to become vegetarian. I'm gonna offend non vegetarians with this clip .

  55. Guy Who Ate All The Pizza says:

    Yeah…just showing me clips of only bad slaughter houses won't effect me, it's one thing to show your view on being vegan and shoving it down our throats more than the meat me we eat. Sorry you snowflakes in the comments can't handle real life but this is how things work and always will work. It's literally our need and in our DNA to eat meat, we have teeth specifically to cut down and eat meat. If everyone went Vegan than I would expect the next few generations to die out due to the shear lack of needed meat and the stuff in meat that help form our bodies. Most of you people will forget about this video in about a week or so and not care about eatting meat anyway so don't pretend you suddenly know the right and wrongs and everything about being a true vegan.

  56. JKham F says:

    Qué pedo con el men del minuto 7:34?… Debe ser de esos vatos que fueron violados por sus tíos y sufrían bullyng de chiquitos… Puto gordo de mierda, bastardo hijodeperra… Ojalá ese imbecil se muera gritando y agonizando frente a su mamá, ojalá que sí :')

  57. nOOdle_foo_ young says:

    I still eat meat

  58. Dylan Fiddler says:

    America, the greatest country on Earth. No thank you. Keep your food out of Europe!

  59. Mercy says:

    I want to kill myself, I cannot live in this world anymore

  60. Susake Kurosaki says:

    We, humans, have such a big power. But fortunately, we use it in really wrong way. Fuck all those people that kill poor animals like that like their lifes dont matter

  61. STR_angel_ yt says:

    Is orrible

  62. MackZ ALDC says:

    I have seen this like 100 times but I just can't stop eating meat

  63. Mercy says:

    I vow , i will never eat meat ever again. My heart is breaking for these animals i mean do these workers not have hearts!?!!! Those workers are demons and shall burn in hell for eternity for what they do to animals. Im going fully plant based. I cannot support this.

  64. Mercy says:

    Whyyyyy!??? Why kill these animals in inhumane ways instead of give them anesthetics and pain killers before killing them wtf they kill them in such unnecessary painful ways

  65. Mercy says:

    Who the fuck would want to ‘work’ in farms like this

  66. Kenny River says:

    Malditos…. lo bueno de la vida … es que de lo que se siembra de eso se recoge y hasta 10 veces más…

  67. OLI DAVIES says:

    ah some fine comedy

  68. SolaR Vyper says:

    I feel so bad now tf

  69. William Akiu says:

    They stopped all this . Stop being bitches. Also you vegans are eating my foods food !!

  70. Pëdø Bēär 69 says:

    This is shocking. However let us not forget that not all meat is sourced this way. A lot of farmers treat their animals with respect and give them more dignified lives. At least this is what I have learnt in the UK. So please don’t assume all meat farmers take this approach. These people are down right disgusting but I’m just saying it’s not all like this.

  71. This Is No Ordinary Planet says:

    Many Animals And Fishes Die Like This, Others By Diseases. Therefore We Must Care The Animals For The Next Generations.

  72. Ant beejacka says:

    This is just horrible if you want to kill a animal shoot it in it’s head so it dies quickly

  73. Anthony Philstead says:

    How do u have the heart to do this

  74. Anthony Philstead says:

    6:35 WTF

  75. Anthony Philstead says:

    6:43 😱😱

  76. Anthony Philstead says:

    What the fuck man i never knew this until now i mean this no reson to go veagan but just kill them quick and do NOT slam little piggys HEADS in the ground,kill them with PAINKILLERS at least 🖕fuck the people with the heart to do this

  77. Terry van scorpio says:


  78. Jess Philo says:

    Fake bullshit stfu bitch

  79. Amélie Messier says:

    I am already not eating animals,!
    This made me cry my whole body , i feel sick for once have been omnivore.
    How could I be so fucking cruel and stupid.

  80. Stay_ Frostyy says:

    PETA had entered the chat

  81. Lemurian Mapping says:

    We all know your child still eating chicken.
    I do. Workers cant do anything. They are working fir money.
    Ok,why do Lions eat animals?
    To survive. We humans have different taste buds too ya know.
    This is cruel. But only way for humans to survive


    What the actual fuck is wrong with these assholes

  83. Sanay Bahl says:

    I am trying to be a vegetarian. Every time I think about eating non-veg, I always watch this video…

  84. Medify says:

    Thank god i eat halal meat, if you don't know what it is, it a much more human way of treating the animal!

  85. Nevruz Celik says:

    Killers and murders

  86. jitax lees2 says:

    i swear i just search tv on friedge wtf is this

  87. Henry Broderick says:

    I’ll eat meat because it’s good and yeah some bad people work in that line but this video showed the bad people and the bad slaughtered animals but think of how many they do successfully so this changed nothing in my eyes. Plus of all the of all the people saying vegan for life have y’all ever raised and cow and killed it your self because I have and it’s sad but we all need to eat

  88. Skykiz hi says:

    Dont kill, ill adopt them all

  89. Connor Trenerry says:

    This is the exact definition of sin and evil towards these animals that have done absolutely nothing to deserve this

  90. Vaibhave says:

    Yes this video changes people's mind. But the concept is simple why we should be a vegan.
    1) our intestines arent designed for it.
    2) our teeth doesnt tear animal skin.(since all animals eat their food raw, we were also designed to do so)
    3) we dont like raw meat like any other carnivore such as lion or wolves.
    4)most humans dont like meat without salt or any other flavours on it.
    5) our heart health depletes when we rely only on meat.
    6) our ancestors had food inadequacy so they hunted animals and let it cook in the fire since they dont like it raw.
    7) even if we lack nutritions our body has the capacity to generate its own.
    8) we just need food to survive like any other animal and not nutrients.
    9) nature gives fruits, mainly seeded foods which has jelly like Coating on the seeds, where our body doesnt digest those seeds and when we excrete those seeds in the soil,it forms another plant.(this is the reason why we plants give us foods. Its for their survival and genes passing)
    10) we have pleasing heart for rabbit, birds,etc. When we see them, our instinct wants to cuddle them instead of killing. But when a lion sees a rabbit or deer thats not the case. Whereas when a lion sees an apple it doesnt mind. But humans are tempted to eat it.
    Dont forget
    The natural instinct guys. Know who we are and decide what is right in the view of nature!!!

  91. Kiro Frost says:

    I want chick.
    Anyone willing to gimme chick?
    I'd pay.
    Imma go get chick.

  92. INSANAZMANI says:


  93. Blacklist_ Dawn says:

    In Islam we slaughter animals in one go, no torture

  94. Polska Rakieta says:

    I like the term "backup killer"

  95. Heka Poo says:

    My heart doesn't last when I watch. Is it human? Poor animals.

  96. StarDrive says:

    So Explain that where is the god ?

  97. Iron Baguette says:

    Yeahhh… I’m not gonna stop eating meat… it’s too damn delicious lol

  98. Metalhead Jamie says:

    Holy shit I wont ever eat this stuff again

  99. Animasyon Tv says:

    Videoyu izlerken ayran içip pide yiyordum.Sonra ne olduğunu herkes biliyor zaten

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