My VLOGGING SETUP for YOUTUBE! Canon M50, Zhiyun Crane & More

ever since I got my Canon m50 you guys have been asking for me to show you some more of my vlogging setup more behind the scenes how I make these videos for you so that’s what I’m going to do today I’m going to show you my vlogging setup the gear I use the camera I use and just run you through how I put together a vlog and obviously that starts with the camera itself so I’m gonna just run you through my vlogging setup piece by piece and obviously the first thing is the camera I vlog all the time on the Canon m50 now it’s pretty much my only vlogging camera sometimes I will use a GoPro for underwater shots I will also use some drone shots and if I’m going out at night I might take the g7x ii instead but otherwise I am always filming on the Canon m50 and I’m just using the 15-45mm kit lens that came with the camera at the moment I’m probably gonna get a wider angle soon but this is all I’ve been using so far quite a few people have asked me what settings I use for the m50 and I will go through that in another video but a lot of the time I just have it on basic video mode but automatic mode and I don’t really do anything with it the only time I ever do anything different is when I’m doing time-lapse and I just have that in a quick custom menu like I can just click straight on to it when I need it the next thing I have in my vlogging setup is this little furry thing this is my microphone this is one of the main reasons why I switched to the Canon m50 so that I could have an external microphone and it makes such a difference I did touch on this quickly very very quickly in my video where I compared the Canon m50 and the g7X mark ii but this is what the m50 sounds like with the microphone and then this is what it sounds like without the microphone and I’m sure you can hear a massive difference in the audio quality there this is the rode videomicro microphone and it’s probably the most affordable vlogging microphone there is but it’s just so so good and I’m gonna put a link to everything I talked about in this video down below so that’ll be down there if you do want to go see it properly and find out more about it I don’t often hand hold my camera unless I want to kind of move around or show things that are going on behind me like this wall and talk about it most of the time I’m vlogging on this strange-looking device this is a gimbal this is and I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this correctly this is the Zhiyun crane you basically put the camera on here and when you switch it on it just stabilizes the gimbal balances it so that you can have really super smooth footage when it’s on the gimbal and it’s switched off it looks like this and isn’t very useful and then you just switch it on with a button balance stable smooth footage the gimbal is pretty hard to use at first to be honest but once you get used to it just kind of twists with your hand you can control it with the buttons on the back I have broken mine so it doesn’t normally look all battered like this and this has been the biggest game-changer in my vlogging I think I can get such smooth shots you just can’t get the same kind of shots without it so this is basically my full setup that I carry around with me and now I’m thinking about it it does look kind of weird and I can see why people give me funny looks sometimes but this is all I pretty much use most of the time to make the videos that you see on this channel the final thing I use for vlogging is obviously my laptop obviously I don’t film with the laptop but sometimes I might include screen grabs or something but apart from that I’m not filming with the laptop but it’s still the part of the vlogging process that I spend the most time with it’s the vlogging tool that I use the most I guess and I edit all of my videos in Premiere Pro this laptop is the HP Spectre x360 I got it at the start of this year when it came out and it has completely changed my editing process even though I was using Premiere Pro on my previous laptop this one is just so much faster it makes it so much quicker to edit so much quicker to export but it is still a very time-consuming process and I will spend most of my vlogging time sat here editing here in Premiere Pro so that is my entire vlogging setup that’s pretty much everything I use to vlog and make videos for YouTube I will put a full list of all the gear I use for vlogging and for blogging down in the description below and if there’s anything else you’d like to see my vlogging process how I edit what I use in Premiere Pro then just leave a comment and let me know below as always thank you for watching I hope you found this interesting or useful my next video will be up on Wednesday and I hope I’ll see you there

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