Need a large TRACTOR to pull this foot out of my mouth

– not cool always wear your crampons it is bitter cold in a super windy that
storm that we got dropped about 22 inches of snow and measured it in three
places to try to avoid capturing a drift and it sort of the average is like
twenty one point nine three inches so yeah all told we got about twenty two
inches of snow here at the farm in the last about thirty hours or so and boy do
I have a story for you guys so look at this though look how high this is and I
even plow our pathway yesterday and all the snowdrifts have completely damaged
my good work there was so much snow in our driveway actually had to have a
friend of mine come and plow it’s a supplement my plowing because it’s so
deep there there was no way I would be able to mound it up this high with the
ATV so last night Alison and I headed over to a friend’s house a couple they
live fountain out two or three miles away from us not far at all
we’ve decided to kind of brave it and go through the snow and just go out and see
them they have this crazy driveway I don’t know maybe it’s about a quarter
mile in length maybe a little bit less I don’t know something like that
it’s crazy incline it’s got bumps and divots and all sorts of interesting
stuff and it was one of those driveways that made me really glad to have my
truck and to have my snow tires that’s for sure and so we started driving up it
got up to the top of their driveway and you know went to park and their driveway
to the other weird feature of it is it has a roundabout so you can kind of pull
up drive around to the house and drive down well there were a couple of other
friends there and they were parked in the driveway ahead of us and so
I you know pulled up behind them and thought okay it’s fine well a couple
hours later came time to leave and we were leaving before other people and so
I said ah I got this I can just drive around in Reverse on this circular
driveway and it’ll be totally fine I’ll be able to completely get through this
is this not not a big deal at all like I said this is this is a real doozy of a
story I’m backing around backing around you know it’s snowing like crazy grounds
all way it’s pitch black dark in the middle of nowhere but I’m getting around
I get about three quarters of the way around the driveway going in Reverse but
then suddenly I cut the wheel just a little bit too much to the I guess I cut
it to the left and I ended up going right and I ended up going down in the
embankment and getting caught in a ditch and by getting caught in a ditch I don’t
mean like it was quite as bad as that time last year when I drove off the side
of the road but I was stuck and there was no getting
out of it so there Allison and I are stuck in a snowbank in our friend’s
driveway and there’s no way I’m getting the truck out myself so I get out of the
truck go find my friend Jeff who lives at the house and let him know I’m stuck
Jeff and his wife Erin they have a tractor baby if they sort of inherited it when
they bought their place but part of it is because they have that crazy crazy
driveway and there’d be no way to be able to get up or down it without
clearing it with a tractor and you know snow blower in the back of the tractor
and plow and all that sort of stuff and I think the other reason is because
they do a lot of work on their property and are doing some pretty cool stuff
there so when Jeff got out there and looked at the situation he and I
immediately came to a consensus of oh yeah we’re gonna need to pull you out so
Jeff goes out hops in his tractor gets it up he puts a chain on the tractor and
he you know pulls I Drive out it takes us I don’t know maybe five minutes to
get the truck out it’s no big deal at all and we’re free and clear and Alison
and I go home so as I was driving home and even as I was trying to drift off to
sleep last night I kept thinking about that incident and getting stuck in Jeff
and Erin’s driveway and you’re ready for this big dose of humble pie I realized
that it’s gonna take a very large tractor to pull that foot out of my
mouth I mean you know you guys saw the video I posted last week where I was
saying oh no I’m never getting a tractor tractor just doesn’t make sense for me
not blah blah blah blah blah blah and all that talking that I have a tendency
to do you know if Jeff hadn’t had a tractor I would have easily been stuck
in that driveway overnight and it probably would have been a half-a-day
ordeal to try to dig myself out and pull myself out and even if I drove my ATV
here all the way up there and use the winch to try to get things out it
probably wouldn’t even work because the trucks too heavy for the atv winch I
yeah you get my drift it just would have been a lot worse if Jeff hadn’t had his
tractor I just wanted to share that little incident with you guys because I
find that oftentimes in life you have this tendency to get a belief in your
head and get very fixed on that belief and say nope this is the way the world
works and this is the way it’s it is and and nobody can sway me from my opinion
and all it takes is a certain incident or change in your circumstances or a
change in life to change what your perspective actually might be you know I
think about other things in this world like people who might turn their nose up
at somebody who needs public assistance but then the minute that they lose their
job their whole perspective changes and and so as I was thinking about my
tractor rent from last week for me personally it doesn’t really make sense
to try to buy a tractor at this point it would be a bad financial decision and it
probably doesn’t make sense in terms of what the farm plans are for right now
but that doesn’t mean that for other people it could be the absolute
necessity that they need to go after there might be a situation that could
work for them you know I was thinking about a friend
of mine who even commented on my last video said you know I hear you but I
gotta say I’m very happy with my purchase of a tractor and I got all the
respect in the world for it and so I guess the point of my rant is this never
be too proud never hold your opinion too strong because sometimes that counter
point of view might be the point of view that helps get you out of a jam I know I
learned that lesson last night when I got stuck in Jeff and Erin’s driveway
and I’m sure you guys might have examples of that too in your own lives
why I can’t leave Vermont it’s winter here in Vermont and the gentle breezes
blow 72 miles per hour at 52 below oh how I love Vermont when
the snow is up to your butt you take a breath of winter air and your nose it
freezes shut yes the weather here is wonderful so I guess I’ll hang around
but I could never leave Vermont because I’m frozen to the ground author unknown man I got a tree shovel all this snow
dress it just pushed it all in the way I’m gonna have to get back to you
shoveling in a minute and clearing a lot of this no that’s pretty much all I’ve
got for you today here at Gold Shaw Farm farm where I’m often struggling just
start a farm in Vermont let me know what you think about this topic of humility
and eating your words I’d be curious to hear your thoughts down below in the
comments and I will see you guys next time

73 comments on “Need a large TRACTOR to pull this foot out of my mouth”

  1. George Lockett says:

    Be careful your barn does not collapse with the wait of the snow. We had a large building near us collapse after a heavy fall of snow.

  2. Tactical Priority says:

    Great outlook and great video. Keep on keeping on brother!

  3. T Blair says:

    During your non tractor video, I wondered how you would manage. We don't have animals or a large garden, but there's always something that needs mowed, or moved, or a driveway that needs leveling – not so much for snow removal in southeast Tennessee.

  4. The Citystead says:

    But along your line of thinking, that one use of the tractor does it justify spending the money up front for it. This is where community comes in and having a neighbor with a slightly different resources that you can share and barter with.

  5. Little White Dory says:

    Funny thing about tractors is some people love their tractors! This past fall I was in the process of purchasing land near Hudson NY, and as a Craigslist hawk found a compact tractor that seemed in great shape and bought it! Now this story would have a happy ending if I actually bought the land… but that fell thtough. Now I'm the proud owner of a 1987 Yanmar YM226 diesel tractor with 7' finish mower and while it's fun to drive around on my 1/3 acre estate here on Long Island…I cannot justify my having it! Moral of the story is don't put the horse before the cart until you own the cart! It does turn heads when I drive it around the yard though! Lol!

  6. Rebecca G says:

    Oh my word. Yes, I have had to eat a lot of words and eat a lot of humble pie in my life. This might also be one of those times for me! Haha. I've commented a couple of times that I dream of living in Vermont. But after watching this, as I'm waking up to 54 degrees and a light drizzle, I'm not sure I could survive a winter there. Oh boy…minus eleven degrees! How do you even breath out there?
    So, although I don't know that I could survive a winter there, especially at my old age of turning 64 next week, I do believe I could survive the summers. So now my thoughts are turning to maybe a vacation home there. lol
    I tip my hat to you young man. You are a hard worker and have that never give up attitude.
    Great video and I look forward to watching as your landscape and weather changes in these next months.

  7. Stoney Creek Heritage Farm says:

    You know, a tractor is a tool like anything else on a farm. I could't imagine not having mine, even if it is a small one. It is funny how an experience can change your mind quickly at times. Glad your friend was able to pull you guys and no damage or injury. Stay warm out there! Take care.

  8. Nicholas Lamphere says:

    Hahaha, you used the poem I sent you 🙂 The snow drifts here are crazy also. My house faces west and is near the Missisquoi and Lake Champlain the winds we get from the west to the east are insane! I had a shutter rip off the side of my house, oh well. The snow drifts are very deep. In some spots, they were up to my thighs. I tried to help dig our mailman out when he ran off the road trying to deliver me grow lights… I felt bad but ended up needing a tow truck. -17 one day two days later 45 and lots of rain, the next day back to below freezing. Yup, we are frozen here. Sucks you got stuck but I'm glad you got out relatively easily thanks to your friend.

  9. Two Wild Onions Homestead says:

    Would have loved inheriting a tractor with our land

  10. Leslie from Morning Mist Gardens says:

    As our lives change and circumstances change, our outlook and needs change as well. You’re going with the flow of your life’s needs and that is a good thing 😊

  11. Vivian says:

    This is an AMAZINGLY GOOD video!! If everyone carried around this very attitude and empathy for diversity in every situation we all would be so much happier! Wonderful u shared this story! I loved ur graphics of the driveway/cars etc…very enjoyable! Hey I am going to barrow ur poem and replace Vermont with Minnesota! We get u on the snow drifts and cold! -35 wind-chill here today 🥶🥶🥶

  12. Vivian says:

    Oh and I felt so bad for u falling 😥 I hope u r not too sore over that!

  13. Duncan 1900 Homestead says:

    One of the first things we bought after moving to our little farm was a tractor. I found a good 8 N but we really couldn't afford it so I talked the guy into holding onto it for me and I got busy and sold our RV for the amount I needed to buy the tractor. Two weeks later we were in business. Long story short, where there's a will there's a way. I loved my RV, but we needed a tractor more.

  14. Nancy Fahey says:

    If you had a tractor . . .

  15. Roots and Refuge Farm says:

    I want to come visit your postcard farm in the winter! I’ve never been anywhere like that!

  16. Jennifer Kooshian says:

    Hahaha, the poem! 😂😂

  17. Northstar Prepsteader says:

    Love the poem 🙂

  18. Built On The Rock Homestead says:

    Did you see Two Family Homestead live show with Deep South Homestead? They have had nothing but trouble with their tractor purchase. The problem is modern tractors have a computer chip. Computer chips and dirt don't mix. If you didn't see it, I'd watch it and/or contact Deep South before even looking at tractors. Love the poem.

  19. Robert lovesdogs says:

    Good morning 👍

  20. Jim's In Town Gardening says:

    Right when I found this video and read the title, I had an idea you were going on the tractor thing. I have been contemplating for a couple years of finding a tractor, not so much for my place, but to do work for others.
    You know, what works for you doesn't mean it will work for others and the other way around. I think that is the important thing to remember. In that video, you were giving your ideas on a tractor your farm with your circumstances now. I don't think people were thinking you meant for them not to get a tractor. You were sharing your thoughts on your circumstances and hey… in time those thoughts may change because circumstances change.
    Good job. Blessings, Jim

  21. StephT5 says:

    It doesn’t take long to realize that ‘you never say never’. We definitely don’t know what our futures hold. 🙃.
    We only have 42 acres, about 25 of it open fields, and we can’t imagine how we’d take care of it without a tractor. The first year we hired someone to mow for us, we have to mow at least 4 times a year to be able to walk around, we couldn’t find anyone to mow the second year. And we were willing to pay whatever the going rate was!
    Our place is in 8b, so we don’t get snow, we get lots of rain and sunshine. And that means, lots of mowing 😂😂.

  22. Chick-a-Woof Ranch says:

    Sounds like your friends require a tractor because of their land/property setup. With all the snow in your driveway you might need one too. Are you willing to change your future farm plans to purchase one? I think the reason we have been successful without a tractor is because we plan out projects knowing a tractor is not a part of the equation. For instance, we don't consider buying the large round bales of hay because we can't move them. So, we buy the small square bales and move them by hand. Do I wish I had a tractor to make projects easier? Yep. Do I want the debt and upkeep? nope.

  23. Green Dream Project says:

    Ouch! Be careful out there Morgan. We don't want to see you hurt.😬🙏

  24. Green Dream Project says:

    Every one's needs are going to be different. Especially when it comes to getting a tractor.

  25. jonigee1 says:

    I enjoy your vids ..
    just wondering – do you have a shovel attachment for your truck or ATV to help with all that shoveling ?
    that’s a lot of snow to deal with in Vermont !
    I can see how a tractor could help with a lot of different things on a farm / not just during planting season

  26. Start From Seed Homestead says:

    I decided not to buy a tractor when I moved here as well, despite technically probably needing one (I have an almost kilometer long hilly driveway as well.) The only reason I get by without is because I have a neighbour with a tractor+blower who swings by after bad snows to blow me out (in exchange, he hunts on my property during hunting season.) I also have another semi-local neighbour without property who has a loader which he leaves here, and he sometimes swings round to play with it and clears snow with it. In exchange for leaving it here, he's teaching me to use it so that he can eventually leave keys with me so I can clear snow myself, although honestly that thing is 11 tons and scares the dickens out of me, so I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it.

    Without all that I'd be snowed in here every winter. Now, I don't have a day job, so I could just stock up on supplies and hole up all winter in theory, and I'm largely doing that anyway this year, but I wasn't 100% prepared. I'm hoping to be 100% prepared for winter next year so that option is actually on the table, even though it's dull and lonely. I mean, the alternative is a very expensive tractor and I'm not sure I want, or can afford, to invest in one. I think a better option for me would be to put a small garage at the end of my driveway, just off the road, where I can park in winter so that if I need to leave for some reason I can hike out to that, shovel out the few feet needed to get onto the road, and then sled in any supplies or whatever. The only real problem with that is in case of medical emergencies or something that prevents me from being able to hike out to the van to get help, but since I'm alone out here, if I can't hike to the van I probably can't drive the van either, so I'm not totally sure what the solution is (aside from stocking up on medical supplies as well for said emergencies.) Lots to think about out in the country, eh?

  27. Dolly Perry says:

    When you close the coop in the evening…dump those water bowls. Then it's not so much a pain in the morning!

  28. Lindsay Z says:

    Sounds like you don’t need a tractor as long as a local friend has one… 😏

  29. Homestead Blessings says:

    It takes a real man or a real women in my case to admit their wrong. We are not perfect and God teaches us everyday. Save for a tractor. It will be a help for you. Never be to proud to admit you were wrong. God's blessing to you and yours

  30. Farmer Jei says:

    You don't offer supplemental heat for your ducks in those temps, correct?

  31. Rosanna says:

    I hate when I have to eat my words.. OK that was one time this winter you could of used a tractor but how many times are you going to get stuck in there driveway? and even if you had a tractor at your farm what good would it do when you were at your friends, you still would of used his being it was there. I received the tee shirt thank you so very much ,I love the color!

  32. Cynthia Fisher says:

    I love this! Very well done. You make me laugh! Sorry for your overabundance of snow in places you don’t want it. And thanks for the insight about experience changing your perspective, so true. We need to be interested in being the best we can be and seeking to be better, not thinking we’ve already arrived. Love your content!

  33. Imagine Acre Wood says:

    Glad your butt was ok. New sub here from Off Grid in N. Idaho. Great content you have here!

  34. Mary Gibilisco says:

    I give your Ice Dancing a score of 9.2, very graceful mid-air but your landing needs work. 😉
    …and yeah, that's G-d sayin ya need a tractor!😃

  35. Haywire Homestead says:

    Great video. Love your honesty on the lesson you learned. Also loved the poem.

  36. B Havens says:

    LOL ahhhh! One of my favorite childhood memories contains a phone call where these words are honestly uttered over the phone "Its the only car and TWO TOW TRUCKS stuck in the field." (emphasis not yelling!) took the trucks half the night to pull themselves out of the sand. Family friend came the next day with a couple of 1 X10's and drove the car out of the field in about 10 minutes. and yup the uncle in question was eating crow for a while over that one! flexibility is a very important tool for adapting to circumstances! I totally agree with Vivian!

  37. Ryan Brockley says:

    "Artist rendering" dude, that was awesome lol

  38. Randy Rejer says:

    It's ok to change your mind.

  39. No Worries Homestead says:

    Two words I try to avoid: "always" and "never". I end up eating a tremendous amount of crow when I use either. 🙂

  40. Elizabeth Myers says:

    Great video and your story is a good reminder for all of us to be open to changing our mind as the situation warrants.

  41. Dgrinch Scrooge says:

    Lol..sorry to laugh you are such a good story was as if I was there watching you..I would have loved to see the look on Allison's face..glad you guys are safe and well…

  42. Alex says:

    "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  43. Hey It's a Good Life says:

    These photosshops are killing me. I'm so glad you're ok! Also, I want to live in a town one day that has a tractor parade… haha!

  44. Eileen Palumbo says:

    Been in that boat many times my friend. I have learned over the years what we believe today may certainly not be the held belief tomorrow. Life happens. Great topic.

  45. Bailee Layn-Gordon says:

    My favorite poem! I hope you didn't have much flooding from the rain today (Thursday)….we are in northern Addison County, Vermont and were hit pretty hard in some spots.

  46. A says:

    You really could do with a plow for that truck of yours though. And the foresight to just inconvenience some of your dinner party pals and have em move out from in front of ya. Another great video though. I always appreciate your ability to see more viewpoints and stay positive

  47. Liz Zorab - Byther Farm says:

    Hey Morgan, we are all learning all the time – changing our minds often means we are learning something new 🙂

  48. Pine Brooke Homestead says:

    I want a tractor but I don't have a need for one….yet. Give me a year then I'll find a need, I'm sure! I hope you were not too hurt by that fall. It looked kinda nasty. At least you are willing to change. Some people would be stubborn but I'm glad you're willing to change and get something that you need.

  49. N S says:

    Respect to you for admitting that your perspectives evolve. Only you know what you really need. Also, I can so relate to the comment that you made about working in DC dreaming about a farm. I used to work on Independence Avenue and wonder very much the same thing sitting on my desk. Haven’t made it to my farm yet but working on it.

  50. Micki Martin says:

    So the moral of the story is to have friends with tractors……

  51. Hewett Homestead says:

    Hey! Saw you on Wholesome Roots live stream and Subbed you guys! God Bless!

  52. Micki A says:

    I just love that you are man enough to admit when you put your foot in your mouth. That says a lot about who you are 🤗. We are all guilty of it, but not all of us admit it.

  53. 50 Chickens In a Hen House says:

    Great video!

  54. Natacha Yearwood says:

    A tractor is a necessity but I still agree with your first video, of you cannot swing it without deepening debt then……ingenuity has to prevail. Or some good farm auction research.

  55. Rocking C Homestead says:

    So true! Tractors are super helpful for many things.

  56. toe dancer says:

    you ate your pie well. Can you get a plow for the ATV?

  57. Kayinfso Here says:

    You're working so hard…I'm pulling for you!

  58. Perry Jordan says:

    we all do it lol

  59. Nancy Warren says:

    On my friend. We have ALL eaten a bit of crow. Some the whole crow. With feet and beak attached. Good video. We get what your saying.

  60. PaulaA says:

    I look back 20 years ago and can see how VERY much I didn't know. Heck, even 10 years ago I can see how much I didnt know. My wish for myself…is that I will have been able to learn SO much in the next ten years, that I will be able to look back on today and see how much I didnt know…right now.

  61. Robert Orr says:

    BTW…… Ilove your music! Please give credits!!!!

  62. Robert Orr says:

    Hilarious!!!!! Watching a bunch of your videos…… Then found this one. LOVE IT! It is interesting how rationale logic can lead us down the wrong path.

  63. APiriates Life says:

    Watched the last video and now this one. 1st-luv the honesty & humility.
    2nd-luv my tractor…was it a financially smart decision….probably not. But just as in what happened in your friend’s driveway-when you need it, you need it and nothing else will really do. Keep the great videos coming and good luck with all your farming adventures.

  64. Carol Reid says:

    Check Craigslist to see what people have in your area! Perhaps a GoFundMe or a dinated tractor that needs some work? Do you have anyone there that could go over a tractor mechanically?
    Love the story! YES! Having expectations and too firm beliefs of how things "should be" will have life steering you to change!
    I think the universe, God, whatever, is telling you to get a tractor, or at the very least, a snow blower!
    Love your story telling!
    Good time of year to shop for a tractor coming up in the next few weeks, monyh or so!

  65. Larry Ross says:

    Sometimes it a while to grow up and understand your limits lol

  66. Joe A says:

    Your reasoning does not make sense! So i too have zero need for a tractor but if i get stuck this winter i should go out and get a tractor??!! Thousands or tens if thousands to avoid calling someone for help??!! That is hardly a "business" decision, but sounds like you were all smoking weed at that party!

  67. Donald Miller says:

    Hi Morgan ,
    I can see where having a ATV you may think that you do not need a tractor. But , suppose that you had neither a tractor nor an ATV ? What then ? I'm 77 years old and I have neither a tractor nor an ATV. Heavy work often times takes a long time to be accomplished. I do have a lawn tractor and a garden wagon. If I can get a 50 lb. bag of feed onto the wagon then I'm all set.
    So far I am getting along without a tractor. However , a small tractor such as Al's would make life easier.

  68. PJ Maynes says:

    Get the tractor. So many projects so little time.

  69. Oh yeah yeah says:

    the poem is great!

  70. Dave Wygonowski says:

    never say never…

    But I'm with ya. If it's not in the cards/ wallet, then it just aint, until it is…

  71. Brandi Alford says:

    How many layers of clothes do you wear on those -11° mornings!?😨😨❄❄ I couldn't do it!!

  72. riverrstorm lagranmariachi says:

    I visited a city with lots of snow as a kid and realized I'm very much a hot weather person. My old injuries noped me out fast

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