New 6230R and 6250R Tractors

♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ ANNE ANDERSON: We’re adding
two new higher-horsepower models to the 6R line-up that
are faster, stronger and smarter… the 6-230 and
6-250-R. These tractors give you an
ideal combination of power, efficiency, and versatility. That’s what makes them perfect
for transport, loader, and PTO applications. First, let’s take a look under
the hood. The 6-250-R has a rated engine
horsepower of 250. When you factor in power bulge
and Intelligent Power Management… you can take
advantage of up to 300! Compared to the 6-215-R, you’ll
get more engine horsepower, but with only slightly more
base weight. That’s an excellent
power-to-weight ratio, which gives you quick
acceleration. And for greater fuel
efficiency, the engine operates at the lowest possible RPMs,
even at top speed. You might be wondering how we
cool down all that extra horsepower. We’ve included a larger cooling
package with a viscous fan drive and a relocated air
intake. This is similar to
our 7Rs. Compared to our current
large-frame 6Rs, you’ll notice a few differences in the
overall size… The new frame is 4 inches
longer for better ride quality. The hood is higher too, because
of that bigger radiator and fan. And the cab sits about
3-and-a-half inches higher to ensure you’ll still have
impressive visibility. Triple-Link Suspension is
included for improved comfort and traction. It features adjustable
cylinders and allows for self-leveling. And these new models include a
factory-installed front hitch and PTO. It gives you the lift capacity
and power to handle large implements. And even when equipped with the
front hitch and PTO, these new 6R models are still compatible
with the 680R Loader… giving you added options for
versatility. On this side of the tractor, we
have a handy spot for a toolbox. We also made it easy to access
the battery by lifting up this step platform. We’ve heard you asking for more
ground clearance. Now you can opt for these
larger Group 48 tires that give the 6R more clearance
than both the 7 and 8R. We’ll also offer a wider rear
axle for duals to help with flotation and stability when
hauling wagons, slurry tanks, and grain carts. Now, let’s look at the rear
hitch, hydraulics, and PTO… The 6-250-R is equipped with a
42 gallon-per-minute hydraulic pump that can handle demanding
implements. These new tractors feature a
hitch lift capacity of 10-and-a-half tons and two PTO
speeds with economy options. These models are also ISOBUS
compatible. This allows for communication
with an implement, even if it’s another brand. And, to help you work longer
between fills, we made the fuel tank 20 gallons larger than
on the 6-215-R. We’ve checked out everything on
the exterior. Now, let’s look inside the cab. Variable-ratio steering and the
recently introduced CommandPro transmission control are
available on these new 6R models. For complete details, check out
our videos posted on YouTube. The IVT transmission has been
optimized for quick acceleration and durability at full engine
power. You’ll get the 40k IVT in base,
or you can choose the 50k option. The main difference is the top
transport speed. Earlier, we showed you the
updated T-L-S Plus front-suspension system. Here’s where you can adjust the
settings… Choose from three modes – auto,
maximum, and manual – to suit your needs for comfort
and stability. Another important detail you
can find in the display is the engine power meter. It shows the Intelligent Power
Management system at work… visually demonstrating when
extra horsepower is generated. There are many more features
built into these tractors that make them an excellent choice
for transport, loader, and PTO applications. So, be sure to check out the
new faster, stronger, and smarter 6-230 and
6-250-R from John Deere.

19 comments on “New 6230R and 6250R Tractors”

  1. Stefan Lübke says:

    Its a Tractor designed for european needings, in dont know if its realy needed in the US

  2. Ad Min says:

    You have better looks than the Deere presentation well done

  3. Oklahoma Farmer says:

    What’s the difference between an equally spec’d 6230R and 7230R?

  4. Justin D says:

    Will comand pro be available in the 7r and 8r lines?

  5. kladpapier says:

    A lot of overlap in the line up I'd say. What's the difference between 6250R, 7250R and 8245R ? What makes a farmer choose one over the others ?

  6. Ilmari Laitila says:

    Very nice tractor

  7. Piero Mele says:

    Bel video, se magari ci fosse anche in italiano però!

  8. Rafał Rolnik says:

    what price is this model for you in the USA? because in our market in Poland deler wants $ 250,000 for him

  9. nicolas messeiller says:

    It arrives 2 years after the introduction in europe. And in EU specs in a NA « commercial »

  10. Conor Doherty says:

    If she is not blue she won’t do 👍

  11. Ian Bermingham says:

    Building the fuel tank around the back axles is some disaster

  12. Stanley Baker says:

    All I have to say is wow

  13. Carson Wiebenga says:

    Will row-crop
    tire options be available?

  14. Jonas Brock says:

    I've already seen them in germany, is there a differene between them and those you presented in the video?
    Or did you just not released them until now?

  15. Archer's View says:

    Great video, tractors look great!!👍

  16. Joakim Sveen Flåtten says:

    Driving this beast is a dream! Tried it in august last year. Smooth and incredible acceleration

  17. Mehmet K. says:

    Fendt better

  18. Kavita Hunasimarada says:

    What is rate of 6250

  19. Jonas B. says:

    If I buy one new from a dealer in Europe, will it be covered under Warranty in Canada ?

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