100 comments on “New Pokemon Crane Moncolle Catcher”

  1. Baku Links says:

    I want a tape koko where do I get It?

  2. Samit Bhoyar says:

    saur vvvvvvenasaur

  3. Samit Bhoyar says:

    i seen your magikarp vs raqaza fuck on raqyaza

  4. Samit Bhoyar says:


  5. Jarosław Kucharski says:

    Co u nas za dziadow i do ciebie ja po prostu o naszych

  6. the theo channel says:

    Where TF do you buy all this stuff!!!!???? I want a Z ring!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dia Moua says:

    Omg that claw machine hold lunar float

  8. Regine Chieh says:

    Is cool

  9. Annalei Allen says:

    I WANT IT!!!!!

  10. Button Mash says:

    where do you get these toys?

  11. Button Mash says:

    where do you get these toys?

  12. Button Mash says:

    where do you get these toys?

  13. 高橋彩理 says:


  14. Sanjiv Samaya says:

    For ware did you get this

  15. AFP says:

    0:24 the part that it said get out

  16. fc ob. พี่บูท says:


  17. Rafał Banaszek says:


  18. romi mew fan says:


  19. Koala says:

    I think this type of claw machine is designed to work on like the ones you find in Walmart

  20. Eevee Charnyi says:

    Can i have the eevee

  21. Relorelo23 says:

    Lol Venusaur is too fat

  22. King Ghetsis says:

    the ending picture. XD
    Solgaleo "uh, I'm stuck. How do I get out?"
    Lunala "I could ask the same thing about myself. Thank goodness Necrozma isn't here. he would never let us live this one down."

  23. azi aza says:

    Name all the Pokemon that you put inside the crane game

  24. Mouser Trybopeep Clawgrip Trycylde Wart says:

    Want the normal rotom, blastoise, lapras, confined hoopa and chespin

  25. Nightmare Virus Sans Gamer says:

    I think i like Lunala and Tapuu Koko

  26. Mouser Trybopeep Clawgrip Trycylde Wart says:

    You use pokemon from every generation

  27. Arturo Garcia says:

    mándame los juguetes de pokemon

  28. Wendy Kwa says:

    I want the pokemon crane

  29. Faezah Faez says:

    Pokemon crane

  30. Fernando Perez says:

    Dime donde lo compras

  31. The Bakugan kid says:

    i want to get solgaleo for my son

  32. #jibakoma the cool one says:


  33. Mimikyu Fan Boy says:

    I got that Hoopa that was in there!

  34. bluskat says:

    I love this, i want for my collection this toy and the red whit the Pikachu >3<

  35. azi aza says:

    1:55 Either Poor Venusaur or R.I.P. Venusaur

  36. Tinkerbell The Therapy Cat says:

    Do a video showcasing your Pokemon figure collection

  37. Dylan DaKing says:

    0:03 OOPS

  38. Dũng Lê Trung says:


  39. РусТем гизатуллин says:

    прикольный автомат

  40. Niko Henderson says:

    You are so good

  41. Allisson Reyes says:

    Me encanta

  42. Allisson Reyes says:

    donde lo cinsigo

  43. Angel Rodriguez says:

    cuanto cuesta una de esas y donde se puede comprar

  44. Emmathyst says:

    At least these crane machines aren’t rigged and you get something every try.

  45. Kara Hintz says:

    I want that

  46. Fabulous Kitty says:

    I want it xxdddd

  47. Fabulous Kitty says:

    Moncolle is really expensive

  48. Aussen says:

    1:04 mi pata!!!!

  49. Coolfoxy Gamingplush says:

    I. Have same litten

  50. pikne3 msp says:

    On récupère les pièces ou c'est des vrai s

  51. Rachel Kurr says:

    U make crane machines look easy…

  52. りおyuーhi先 says:


  53. Mateuszek knapik says:

    so good

  54. king entertainment says:

    where are buy that

  55. L rose says:

    where did you get the claw machine?

  56. nun Lê says:

    Can you gave my two pokemon to the VietNam ?I want Tappu Fini bs Tappu koko.

  57. Balu Surwade says:

    Pokemom i likes very much

  58. Uğur Çiftçi says:

    Pika pika

  59. samuel pokemon says:

    wats wa ta funk

  60. Vanessa Ribeiro says:

    Grava mais vídeo de pokémon e grava vídeo de ben10

  61. Kuro The Dutch Angel Dragon says:

    I think this machine works better than a real claw machine

  62. Foxy TV says:

    So good

  63. 山田陽子 says:


  64. Mario Girl says:

    How did you get the coins out?

  65. Yessica Bendezu Vargas says:

    Donde venden y cuanto cuesta

  66. Rifki Aziz says:

    wow sangat hebat

  67. TheVoiceTrumpetYT says:

    This is really a copy of the other claw machine toy, but pokémon themed…

  68. zikeal gamer says:

    wow i want buy 1 please

  69. ΔΜbêr_Štøñė904 Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ & ᗰOᖇE says:

    I love tapu koko,lunala,and solgaleo

  70. RAYQUAZA FAN says:

    Lunala 3.39 "IAM FLY !!!!!!!!!"

  71. Anne Vlogs 2 says:

    It ain't rigged!!!!

  72. RUBELAXT says:


  73. Proofs says:

    That crane is awesome! A lot better than ones at the stores rigged to not let you win anything. Is it battery operated?
    Oh if you play the Pokemon video games (I have seen the 2DS in your videos) check my channel as I upload videos that explain some stuff that a lot of people do know but a lot of others probably don't know.

  74. Willy Alexander says:

    how big is this ?

  75. Pedro Alvarez says:

    donde los consigues

  76. Jhon rhey Curiano says:

    Where did you buy those

  77. Makoto Antonio says:

    horosho! 💕

  78. Shogumaza Son says:

    This is so cute I can’t even!!!

  79. Evelyn Moya Fuentes says:


  80. Scott Trudo says:

    Sogaleo was my fav

  81. None Lol says:

    Lol but serouisly lunala is flying? 😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂

  82. Juan Alberto Lujan Vereau says:

    Cuanto cuesta

  83. Kirby Rio06 says:

    are you a girl or a boy?

  84. Rodolfo Brijapp Maldonado Lopez says:


  85. Leonardo josedasilva says:


  86. Marcos Lima says:

    Você você me manda o nome do brinquedo da garra o nome em lindo português tá bom porque eu vou querer comprar tá bom é que eu gosto tanto desse daí é que eu não sei assim falar em chinês ou japonês porque eu não aprendi ainda não tá bom então tu me manda e você me manda quantos reais também quantos reais

  87. Fah Sasi says:


  88. Flor Torres says:

    The best

  89. Dale Vu says:

    What? Did you put yoshi in there?🤔🤨

  90. Pedro Baltazar says:


  91. Allaine's YT channel says:

    I want to buy to but where can i buy it?

  92. Olivia And Friends says:

    Lunala stayed in the claw LOL!

  93. Rosell Cantada says:

    What if i lost the coins? What can i use?

  94. Karli_716 _ says:

    Lunala is flying!!!!!!!!!

  95. SHINDUK CHO says:

    Solgaleo is playing dead😄

  96. Tepek The AquaMew says:

    This is so cool

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