Nokian Tractor King – Revolutionary from Surface to Core

Hello, my name is Teemu Vainionpää.
I work as a product manager in Nokian Heavy Tyres. I have been heavily involved with this Tractor King product family development – – that we have been doing. Nowadays, tractors are very sophisticated machines which are used in various – – different working tasks. Common for these tasks are heavy use,
very tough conditions and high speeds – – even with the long distances. We have been studying tractors
that work in this kind of – – conditions and what we have
found is that the current products in – – the market are suffering different
things: like punctures, uneven wear – – resulting poor mileage, and tires
simply cracking under the heavy loads. As you can see, this new Tractor King is
revolutionary looking tire. It’s totally different compared to the current,
existing solutions in the market. We have this unique double lug design here,
and the main idea of this design is to share – – the amount of rubber evenly on top of the tread – – resulting very even contact pressure to the ground. On top of that, resulting very good behaviour of wear
and very good mileage. Another thing in this tread pattern is
that we have increased the tractive edges of the tire. Like you can see here, resulting
supreme traction in different conditions. The third very important thing is that
the tire can tolerate the toughest conditions – – because of the great puncture
resistance all over the tire. As an extra, it can handle high speeds
with heavy loads becase the heat generation is very low.

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