NZG Atlas Weycor AR 75e T Wheel Loader by Cranes Etc TV

The AR 75e T is a small wheel loader
weighing only six tonnes but it’s unusual because it’s got a telescopic boom. It comes in a small Atlas Weycor branded
box but as is so often typical there is no
information about the real machine. Inside there is the usual
pair of trays and if we separate them the model sits nicely inside, and there’s nothing else in the box other than soft paper which is there to protect it. There is some tape to remove as is securing
some removable pins but there’s no somebody to do because
this model is complete out of the box. The detail underneath is good because
the transmission is modelled well and the tyres have a very good tread pattern.
At the back there are sharp graphics on the curved engine cover and the lights are painted. At the pivot
point the steering ram is seen but there’s no hydraulic hoses. The cab detailing is good inside
including a textured floor. There are few plastic elements on the
model and that includes the main mirrors, the grab rails on the cab and also the
lights. But one good touch on the model is the
mud flaps which are mad of nice soft rubber. The boom is good with the thin hydraulic
rams having metal jackets and there is nice high hydraulic detailing at the
top of the boom. The metal shovel is fine with its sharp teeth. Once again we venture out into the harsh
environment of the Cranes Etc test track but the little AR 75 doesn’t care
and it rolls along just fine. If we pick it up we can see that the
wheels on each axle are fixed to common axles so they spin together
and like a typical wheel loader there is a degree of oscillation in the rear axle. The steering across the pivot point is
good because it’s quite stiff so it holds a pose if you want to set
one and the AR 75 is perfectly happy going round in circles. Another feature on the model is the
opening engine cover at the back although it does look like you need to be
vertically challenged to service this machine because the cover doesn’t open
very much. If you do take a peek inside your can see there is a plastic engine. Let’s move to the front end and look at
the unusual digging arrangement and firstly the movement of the shovel was
very good in the lowered position and it can adopt a reasonable carry
angle. To raise the shovel you elevate the telescopic boom and that works quite well although the main
ram does lose a little bit of straightness at the top end. Telescoping the boom also works although it
was very sticky on the review model. However in terms of the tipping angle it
is very good and the shovel could be positioned in pretty much any position. There is another worthwhile
feature on the model and that is that the shovel is removable. There’s a couple of small pins which are a
bit tricky to remove when you have salami sized fingers but once they’re out you can remove the
shovel. And here the AR 75 is driven up to put the shovel back on. What the hell is this? Another one
sleeping on the job! [screams as thrown] Let’s get back to work with the genuine
imitation real-life test and here the AR 75 arrives
with a shovel load of sand to dip into a road tipper. We need to
extend the boom to get up and over but watch out lads – it is a bit stiff! Just to clarify that boom is a bit stiff…. Will the operator listen? No he doesn’t
listen… What a mess, have another go and get it
right! This time the operator approaches and
let’s just say this time he’s got his boom well and truly up. This
is a nicely detailed small model from NZG with some good functionality. Given the removable shovel it would
have been nice if the model had included some lifting forks, but overall it’s still nice and good
enough to be highly recommended.

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  1. NeAZ says:

    I say "Complete out of the box" along with you as some sort of karaoke.

  2. Raoul Potters says:

    Dear cranes etc tv could you please show the WSI falk Volvo?

  3. Luke the crazy hill billy says:

    I LOVE Your videos

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