NZG Liebherr L 586 XPower (2019) Wheel Loader by Cranes Etc TV

The Liebherr L 586 wheel loader first
appeared as a model by NZG in 2008. Since then it’s been updated as the real
machine has changed, and 2019 sees this third version of the model. The trays are
helpfully marked top and bottom and they’re sealed together with tape and
once the tape is cut the giant hand crane can get to work. There’s no
assembly to do on this model because out of the box complete it is. the front axle is detailed and on this
version of the model it’s grey rather than yellow. The rear axle is similarly
detailed and it’s interesting to note that the base plate still has the number
of the previous version of the model. The tyres have a good tread pattern and a
highlight is that they also have Goodyear branding in the sidewalls. There
are textured steps leading up to the cab and at the pivot point the steering
pistons can be seen but there are no hydraulic hoses crossing.
At the back the lights are nicely detailed and the graphics are sharp and
on one side there’s a metal handrail. Up on top there’s a big exhaust pipe but it
doesn’t have a fully formed hole. Another change on this model is that there’s no
handrails on this side of the engine cover but there are nicely textured
surfaces including the grille. The cab has got plastic mirrors and there’s a
large windscreen wiper. The large windscreen has got nicely indicated
seals around the edges and the side windows also have markings. There are
more metal handrails outside. The wheel arches are slightly different on this
version with the wedges removed and other details include lights and
stepping plates. Hydraulic hoses run to the rams and the
graphics are sharp. The big metal bucket is nicely shaped with the top edge being
solid rather than a grille. Along the bottom edge are nicely formed
teeth. With the model flat on its back we can see that the wheels are fixed on
common axles so they spin together and there is also a very good range of oscillation on
the rear axle. The steering angle is moderate. Out on the test track and the L 586 is a very smooth roller and that’s helped by its heavy weight. If we set the
steering it’s not quite so good because the wheels are fixed to the common axles.
It’s time now to go up with the bucket and the height you can achieve is
excellent. Now that you’re up so high you want to tip onto somebody’s head and the
tipping angle is very good for that. The model has a very good carry angle at the
bottom and you can also get a decent cut angle. This is a larger wheel loader and
it does make a very good transport load so incoming is the low loader and we can
get the machine on board using the giant hand crane, and then we can drive off to
the next review but one question we’re often asked is how good are the
operators on Cranes Etc? Well for the answer to that just take a look at this. Over the years this model from NZG has
always been a very solid combination of a high metal content, good detailing and
very good functionality. This latest version has a few cosmetic updates from
the previous ones and it remains a very nice quality model which is very good.

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    Wow super loader and nice video

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    How did the right rear light block pass the quality inspection? Any clue?

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    Last scene is very good

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