Playing With Construction Toys Dump Truck Toys, Excavator Toy, Bulldozer construction vehicles

I love to play with my construction toys in the mud. and I know they love water I scooped up some sand and mud and put int he pipe I let my dump truck and excavator rest [music] Every summer my dad would let me play in the sand pit with my dump truck, excavator, and crane toys. My favorite part of the summer is playing with the water. I turn on the hose and let it turn my sand pit into a muddy puddle. My construction toys love to take a muddy bath. [music] Do you know why construction toys are usually yellow? Most construction toys are yellow because they allow people to see them clearly. I love the color yellow too. Do you know that when the traffic light turns yellow, you need to slow your car down? Most people sped up and that is not right. I love to share things with my brother. I let my brother use the hose to spray at the mud and me. We have so much fun when we share things. My brother is such a baby that he would cry if I don’t share things with him and that can give both of us into trouble with our parents. My parents would take away our toys because we did not share and we would not have any toys left to play so sharing is very important. We love to play toys and we have so much more fun if we share and we play with each other. Did you notice that we wear yellow construction hats? Construction hats protect our heads from injury and people would not let you in the construction site without a construction hat. Your head is the most important part of your body so we must do everything to protect it. Did you see that I dropped the bucket because the water was too much? I tried to stop the water but it was too slippery. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to do your homework. One plus one equal two

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