Pressure Washer Won’t Stay Running / Pressure Washer Starts But Suddenly Stops / Briggs & Stratton

Hey This is John with U Do it. My pressure
washer won’t start I think it’s an easy fix
so I use this so use the pressure washer earlier in the year and it was fine but
it’s at it would run for about a second and then shut off and I could repeatedly
start it but it was shut off immediately so this is the troy bilt it’s the 385EX
series on this unit underneath here you’ll see the the ball for the
carburetor and it’s this that we want to take off and so you use a half-inch
socket to remove it look what cardboard underneath to catch the excess fuel and
I have a roll of paper towel on standby okay so the tank is empty so it
shouldn’t shouldn’t waste too much so this is the bowl and it’s this piece
right here that we need to clean out so I’m gonna spray a carb cleaner in that
hole right there and make sure it comes out the other side this is a core
cleaner so you want to make sure you wear eye
protection when you do this all right there’s the hole right there so I want
to make sure it comes through to that hole yup there we go
it’s coming out that hole so that’s how you clean out this here well now there’s
this overhang there fell out so you got to make sure you put this overhang back
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how to unclog a spray nozzle for the pressure washer thanks again

47 comments on “Pressure Washer Won’t Stay Running / Pressure Washer Starts But Suddenly Stops / Briggs & Stratton”

  1. U Do It says:

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    🔴 Fuel Stabilizer:
    🔴 How to disassemble carburetor on Troy Bilt Pressure Washer:

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  2. John Christman says:

    Does it start..? don't leave me hanging!!

  3. P V says:

    Somebody with any experience would have put fuel stabilizer BEFORE storing it!!

  4. CHEP says:

    Nice quick summary. Good video. Just a tip for the future. Use Stabil in your gas and it prevents the gas from breaking down and clogging those small passages.

  5. Paul Peck DrywallTube says:

    Good information U Do It !!!🛠👍

  6. Uncle Ron says:

    I have had the same problem with 1 of my lawnmowers (also a Troybilt) exactly the same bowl and jet configuration. I think it is the new ethanol infused gas, I have read that it becomes granular when it ages, and the granules block the hole in the jet. Annoying to have to do, but at least, it is an easy fix

  7. RantJamz says:

    I need one of those! Much love from the Jamz Man! #youtubemusicnetwork

  8. Mr.Butram says:

    This fix works with TONS of other small engines with similar style carburetors. Also… Let us hear it run! 😛

  9. lmdetect says:

    Yes clean this little bolt, but also go ahead and remove the carburetor bowl and run a wire up through the main jet from the bottom all the way up into the throat of the carburetor. This will clean out a lot more clogs than just cleaning the little bolt.
    It won't fix every issue, but it does help most.

  10. MaryMag & Martha says:

    I'll suggest this to my husband. He is having the same problem.

  11. Booyaa Fishing says:

    Same problem with mine cleaned that out worked like a champ! Awesome video!!!!👍

  12. LT's Garage says:

    Don't you think you should have started it or attempted to start it in the beginning. Then started it when finished. If you had shown us both the beginning and the end. I would have hit the subscribe button. But I have no idea if you completed your task.
    And by now. You could have taken it to a shop.
    Good luck next time

  13. Thank you for taking the time to make this video, I don't know if it will help me, but I appreciate your extra effort SHARING your KNOWLEDGE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. !!!

  14. Michael Shanley says:

    great tip, thankyou, perfect since i live in florida and you dont store them but fuel still breaks down and congeals over time, great tip

  15. outdoorzone says:

    I have same prob with a 2016 model from LOWES! Thanks gonna try your tip now!

  16. Captain DJ says:

    I’ve just learned something new. Now my wife thinks I’m even more amazing than I was before lol
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.

  17. Brent Shelton says:


  18. mrgenius64 says:

    thank you so much brother I did just what you showed us on this video and it worked perfect 🙂

  19. Rubin Diaz says:

    I cleaned everything but that part. Thanks for keeping it short and sweet it worked for me.

  20. eddoct says:

    Thank you, this was exactly the problem. I actually took the carburetor apart and cleaned it but did not clean this part. It was starting for a second and turned off like you mentioned. I cleaned the part as you described and it ran perfectly.

  21. Mike Kristin says:

    Dude I was dicking around with mine. Overhaul the entire thing only to find out that the crush gasket on the banjo bolt was impeding the hole. You are my savior of the weekend LOL

  22. Conan the Destroyer says:

    did not work for me… but this is a common problem as there is no fuel filter.

  23. Ulrik Harvest says:

    Back in business, thanks for posting !

  24. adelprincipeable says:

    Did this and it cranked and stayed cranked for about a minute and then quit right when I squeezed the trigger. Now, it's doing like it was before I did the cleaning of the hole.

  25. Chris Barnett says:

    Fixed mine! Thanks so much!!

  26. DavAnd Vandiver says:

    Thanks for this.

  27. Joe Smith says:

    What if I filled the tank with gas and was using it with no issues for 30 min then I started to have these issues? Do I syphon the gas out the take off the carburetor?

  28. Helson Ly says:

    can i use something else if i dont have carb cleaner? brake cleaner? and is this the same for all 4 stroke engines? like honday for exampl

  29. Steven Cooley says:

    very helpful. thankyou

  30. Vijay Amin says:

    thank you .i think this is my problem you solve it. it was sitting on the side for about two years.

  31. jshthms says:

    2 hours stress couldnt keep pressure washer on. Then watched your video and immediately fixed it. Thanks!

  32. spike yoder says:

    Thank you for saving me countless hours of frustration!

  33. Susan Taylor says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your suggestion fixed my problem!! I am very grateful for your video!! I was almost going to just buy a new one, but thanks to you I can keep my money and pressure on!

  34. Robert Ross says:

    Excellent – short and to the point

  35. Scotty says:

    If this works I’ll personally fly to you and kiss your ass…

  36. Reno Stubbs says:

    I appreciate this video,will be in the shed tomorrow morning…Thank you for sharing.

  37. nomebear says:

    Same problem, same machine. Thank you!

  38. Ryan MacDonald says:

    Thanks! Great video

  39. C. Conrad says:

    Good stuff. Worked on mine.

  40. Zachary Kresge says:

    Yup. That was it. Thanks.

  41. wood cutter says:

    it helped, still surging some and shutting off, I think I just need to run a tank of fresh fuel through it, thanks

  42. Cory Lyman says:

    the over
    dubs are funny

  43. MAIL TALES says:

    This fixed mine!!!!! Thx!!

  44. John Wallace McClure says:

    It was the fix I needed. THANK YOU!

  45. GILFREDO Oquendo says:

    I have the Same one but the idle seems to be low how can make it run a little faster

  46. David McCreery says:

    Nice video

  47. Todd Fancher says:

    Thank you for the video. Fixed my pressure washer and saved me from having to purchase a new one.

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