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Okay, now we’re drilling holes for few offers over there it’s the 12 inch drill bit And there’s a 15 holes per hopper. So he’s going down about 3 feet for a hole The leg arms is running the crane and I just got done running that thing. I think we’re done with it for now That’s sweet. So it’s a nice machine. But yeah, we’ll get concrete poured in these and then that’ll be done That’ll be done will have loppers here Guys know what time it is? It’s bud time Okay, Keon, let’s do it All right, we got a rolling Put it in a gear here. Let’s just do seventh right now And that way we’ll just take it easy and let it warm up Now one thing I have to do because we’ve got power lines that cross a lot of our farm here this boom Will hit them So I got to go Sal fillets and do a long detour all the way around to get over to where we need to go So that’s where I started the power lines come across the field right here. You can see them I think it’s this corner right here and then they go down all the way to right here So that’s why I have to make the big D to around all this they also go all the way up the County Road Way up north the only way to get over there. It’s go all around here. Come over it go straight here Unfortunately, we’re taking the bins from to their way down here and there’s no power lines. They need this area So we’re good there and we made it hell, it’s a couple minutes. So we’re gonna use this boom. Crane here We’re gonna take each one of these hoppers one at a time We’re gonna pick them up and set them down on the concrete that we poured the other day. See there’s two of them See the one right there. Well, they’re they’re on top of each other They don’t look very big One just stood there looking at me And they are cool creatures Yeah, they are Oh there he goes That’s funny they’re running in pairs And I’m very big Here they go just right over here, well not letting you chase these buddy I know Are you oh he’s turning into a coon You know long you gotta stretch it out there need to be a hound dog Okay Kobe, it’s okay settle down you’re okay Just some raccoons buddy Sit down sit down now, it’s okay we’re hurting the raccoon Blake my father’s Running right to our buildings and we don’t want if you got chicken Most place is probably to shoot on but since we don’t have any Coons around these areas, it’s kind of fun to see them so There’s no treatment up Come on buddy settle down you’re okay You’re okay there. We push the boy away. Hopefully I don’t come back. Yeah, no fun. Coby enjoyed it Okay, it’s Monday morning we’re back at the bin side again, I’m after doing some numbers and talking some engineers We’ve determined that our cement paths here should be sufficient to hold the weight that we’re gonna have on these bins. I Guess we’ll find out when we put bunch of wheat in them But until then well, no, but we did decide we were doing a 12-inch bit for the smaller hopper bin Turned out they had an 18 inch in town here and around the numbers and that 18 would be a lot better just about perfect for The the size of binits going on in the weight 15 legs in the ground. So we went ahead got that 18 inch auger We’re gonna read rill all those twelve inch holes with 18. Get the cement or to pour it And then today, I believe the wind’s gonna pick up a little bit But if it doesn’t pick up too bad, we’re gonna use Bob’s big blood bid. Boom here pick up these hoppers We’re gonna settle mommy’s conquering up path right there. So yeah Get her done. Yeah Oh Coby found him Yeah, I hear I’m barking out there He found them No So that’s a 12-inch hole and that’s an 18 inch hole. There’s the 18 inch bit. So yeah, we’re gonna do all these again around Okay, these hoppers they say weigh about 5,000 pounds each, so there’s some weight there could you go with me It’s the base point of a particular detail It’s so easy to shift this thing around them Yeah Like right there we can actually pivot they made it so you can swivel the gate on this So we’re gonna turn the gate square it up with this front here and that way we’ll have them That’s pretty level there’s only couples that maybe have a quarter-inch Bianco That’s not bad at all. It’s that one there That looks pretty good Just about there There she goes we had to readjust there was one well in the center the frame that we missed right there So we just broke it off But he’s good now he can lift That’s a little more Right there that’s pretty good those are centered. Well, there we go guys it’s all done Offers are finally on their resting place And so we’re thinking if everything works out, they’re gonna finish drilling these holes over here. We got the concrete poured this week Cement poured its concrete after its cement when it’s liquid. Anyway, the cement will be poured And concrete and then we’re gonna then take and lift these two hoppers, right? There there those two hoppers right there and those two are going to bolt it down on those over here we got all the dirt that the bit drilled up when we dug all these holes, so Flag arms is running the Ten thousand greater here. It’s allis-chalmers ten thousand. He’s pulling over to the side Get out of our way here We just had the cement truck. He’s on his way out to that bin site Alright, here. We are For those that don’t know how that trucks work. There’s an auger inside this tank here and When it spins one way, it pulls all the products down to the bottom as they add water That’s a mixture, but it reverses it Then it’s just like a drain auger and it starts augering the gravel the Smith up to the top and out and so he just Peters how fast it comes out by how fast he turns the drum a pretty Cool idea. It’s been around a long time a little drone footage free guys here. I’m flying over the top of the bin site There’s the to hoppers that we’re gonna move If you look closely you can see those floors like a crack they are that’s all we have to move them Here’s the bins hoppers that we just moved looking good. There’s leg arms looking even better. Oh, he spotted something He’s always aware This is a sweet shot from up above you can see the work We’ve been doing pretty awesome and they’re just now getting the truck ready He’s just adding shoots there digs down the distance as we’re filling We slow it down and then manually rake it in by hand to make there we recomm out for a whole Here’s a neat time-lapse of us doing the whole process dad and I are in the front We’re just filling up the holes to the top and then leg arms comes back through with the trowel and just smooths off the surface Overall, it was a good process. It didn’t take long and we’re happy with how it looks another aerial shot here I stepped aside for a second. I let my dad man the shoot by himself. It’s really simple It just flows down the chute. It goes in the hole when it gets close to the top He waves to stop the flow and then we just moved the next tool. So yeah, pretty simple I like these shots of law. Isn’t that cool? This part of Montana has really bad water supplies for a lot of the communities And so it’s been a lot of years in the works, but they’ve been slowly putting in water lines throughout this part of northern Montana to supply the small communities. Well, they are just now starting to rip a water line not rip dig They’re gonna trench it a pretty good size I think it’s twelve or fourteen inches and it’s gonna go right next to our farmyard through some of our land Up north and actually our plan is to hopefully be able to tap into it and use it for our water source as well So that way we want to use our pump house anymore because it’ll supply enough pressure to get positive pressure to our farmyard So that’ll be sweet then We can just have a float on it have big surge tanks and then they’ll just fill up over time and then we just have a fast a Fast transfer pump that can just take it and kick it right into the sprayer as we need it. So But it’s gonna be cool because they got a d7 Caterpillar out there working right now got a front-end loader laying pipe and they’re gonna bring in a big old s cavae Tur, I think it’s all caterpillar equipment I got to look and see and I’m gonna film off the drone to show you guys I asked that’s okay They said that’s fine. Go for it. So here’s that pipeline project. I was telling you guys about earlier Oh here comes some pipe shipments. Yeah, that’s a little bit of money on that trailer. I can only imagine what that cost. Oh Yeah, that’s good size pipe that’s definitely good size pipe Zip respective. That’s my hand I can actually see right here. They’ve already pulled the Topsoil over with that dozers Lots what they’ve been doing. Oh Yeah Yeah, it’s pretty cool It’s me, uh interesting to see him dig that thing in and that’s a lot of digging They got to go about 15 miles with this thing as far as far as I know It was pretty windy and it was starting to spit a little bit but I did manage to get the drone in the air Here’s a sweet aerial shot. You can see of them. They’re just taking a corner right there. Heading north He just dropped the pipe in with that one excavator They got another guy in a skid steer running around. I’m sure he’s just moving pipe around to get close to excavator The excavator on the right is digging the trench right now. That’s actually not their biggest excavator They have a bigger case, but they didn’t have a bucket at the time so they weren’t able to use it So a little slower running these smaller excavators, but that’s big to me. I wished I had one of those man he goes fast Is that cool how they do that joint like that? I’m sure they have a 45 we’re gonna put in there to connect that pipe and then they had this d7 It could be a d6 I think it’s a d7 cat it’s got you see GPS leveling blade and that just comes by and does the finishing pass after they’ve dug the trench Here’s a sweet. Aerial shot to left is Shelby and to the right You can see our farm the distance way up in the corner That’s how far they’ve gone so far. So that’ll get them a couple days. And then there’s Shelby in the background There’s a big water tank That’s awesome. This this is cool. Okay. We’re in the office. I got my dad leg arms, and we got a package I figure you guys like box openings. Let’s open this package up. See what’s inside. It’s from Pottinger Pottinger That’s how you pronounce it hot. And you’re they sent us a gift. I’m sure it’s to do with running They’re their speed discs of the day the taro discs. So we’re excited. Let’s open her up. Let’s see what happens I’m a lot like arms do the honors I’m gonna say a teapot and a few coasters We got some hats Looks like Yeah, Gary, I don’t know oh Yes, there we go look at this look at this stop 39:13 why? You got some Street Why everybody’s so happy that way you get them. Yes a lot of I’m trying okay, they stapled it really really really low like how well they build their stuff Okay, what’s this really a rain gauge? rain gauge Yeah, it’s a plan led like what yes last night yeah, that’s pretty cool Yeah. All right, there we got 20 shades We’ve got some Hub cap through things. Yes I’m going to say now iPod. Nope. What’s up? It’s a charge pen. Oh it is. Oh sweet Doesn’t say on there go Purcell’s Four thousand milliamp hour capacity so it’s like hit one target least for battery Nice and then I’m gonna use that tomorrow on our special trip. We’re taking there’s a couple pens Does it click nice? It’d better be ready none of those blue ink stuff Nice Wow, cool What we got white gone already? No, not again Darren now we have Lee’s delight to see deer near We have come across amazing view made while demoing our beautiful taro discs on your farm it was beautiful Please find and close this package a few Potter giveaways for you and your crew as a sign of our appreciation Thank you so much for creating the stunning video. Have a great day. Best regards. Well, thank you. Appreciate it Thirty ninth Okay, here we go Hey It’s actually very sad. Yeah, I like it. Thank you. Appreciate it guys Let’s fund run on your desk. Yeah. Yes, very impressive. It was good. So, all right Well, we’re gonna wear these hats and put them use Yeah, yeah. Thank you Father. You’re a shit. It was foggy sugar. And yeah, you guys have a good one All right, and we have another one this package here is actually from a big fan He’s been watching the Channel four on out. Danny. Franks is a name He sent us this he sent us with some shirts a while back. You guys probably see me wear these Hardin County Fire t-shirts I’m not a fireman, but I do wear so much shirts that he’s given a pretty nice shirts and their good work shirts, too So you say they’re packaged you said open? I told my making videos. We open it So this is kind of just a thank you for him. So let’s open this up Okay, now let’s open this up open very ninety-two Okay, we need the next next gift packages need to be labeled as leg arms Yeah, just some random guy here too by the way, what’s this Is it Okay, Hardin County hats oh man. Oh nice Well, that’s kind of cool Hardin County, Tennessee shirts Soaked it in there. Yeah, that’s cool hard County Fire Rescue. Awesome. Well, sir nice shirts Nice leg arms has got his own Got the axe and that’s the fire axe fire department cool That’s great Thanks. Now everyone can think that Dad and Scott are firemen, too Awesome Danny thank you will wear them. We’ll find you this. We’re always using shirts are all kinds of stuff. So Really nice. Thank you hard County Fire Department. Yes So that’s the part. That’s Great having people represent us from all the way over there But will where I’m it’ll be and every now and then you’ll see us on red shirts. I’m sure you’ll knows whose it is So yeah Thank You Danny have a good one. Appreciate it. That’s a cool cool gift We’re gonna wear them for sure and yeah, keep watching our videos cuz they’ll keep coming Well everyone. I hope you enjoyed the video I’m gonna go ahead and sit down and edit all this footage together and get it uploaded as soon as I can Tomorrow is a pretty cool day for us kind of a little secret but we’re gonna go on a little trip and There might be a livestream involved. So stay tuned for a possible livestream It might come out of nowhere or I might have a heads up for it But it’ll be soon and it should be pretty cool one of those so it’s it’s an exciting time We’re looking forward to it. But anyways guys like the channel make sure you subscribe Like and share the video too if you if you care. If not, no big deal We’ve got some big things coming in the future. We’re pretty excited about it. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Take care God bless and until next time I’ll be back You

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