Putting Away Tractors on the Ranch – Wyoming Winter Storage

Hi I’m Mike it’s a cold and gray Wyoming
Tuesday morning hunting season is almost over the
weather’s not supposed to get any better so it’s time to start cleaning out the
sales barn and get a bunch of equipment put away on the project list on our
Wyoming Life welcome back to the project list a
series that comes out every Tuesday please subscribe and follow along as we
tackle this list right here behind me it’s constantly growing and well I guess
that’s pretty much normal around here any time of the year but a big part of
the project list is being flexible and prioritizing some projects can wait
until we’re looking for something to do others need done right away but some are
very much weather dependent we’re pretty much done with fall all two weeks of it
we actually wondered if fall was even going to come as we had snow back in the
mitigating of October but eventually mother nature while she cooled her jets
and the weather is kind of straightened out for a bit over the past couple weeks
we’ve had temperatures averaging in the high 50s to low 60s that it looks like
is all done more snow is on the way we have nighttime lows into the 20s for the
next few days and temperatures only getting up into the 30s and 40s
if we’re lucky when it’s wintertime around here which apparently it is then
it’s time to start putting equipment away it’s kind of like putting your toys
away when you’re done playing with them and most of the stuff that we put away
for winter we’re not going to be using again until spring but some of it we
will with that in mind we just can’t throw all our toys in the closet and
hope that mom doesn’t find them some equipment will need access to and with a
lack of storage options around here we have to be pretty smart about how we do
it not only is this the project list behind me but this is also the sales
barn right through this door our largest story storage area for well stuff
for the last month or so it’s been used as a hunter processing and storage
facility but now we’re gonna take it back and we’re gonna jam it full of as
much stuff as we can and sometimes to go forward it feels like we’re going
backwards this barn used to be used for cattle
sales up until the 90s since then it’s been pretty much storage but before it
can be storage again we need to clean it up a little bit
everything’s set up for the hunters needs to be removed and put away a
carcass hanger is removed from the rafters and tables and chairs are put
away well maybe put away might be too strong
of a word let’s just say stash somewhere else
even our trusty scarecrow slim who’s here to supervise this entire project
gets a little bit of attention and we switch out his hat for the one we blew
up just a few weeks ago that looks better
trash mostly feed bags are removed and burned in the incinerator
then a few tons of feed that I’ve been storing in here has to be moved out to
make way for bigger equipment and make it more accessible when we need it
luckily the Bobcat is back up and running on all four tires and with it we
make short work of getting the 8 tons of cow cake out of the barn and set aside
for a while while we come up with a game plan anything we don’t need in here
right now we can get out like this insulation
which I need to put up in the garage we’re gonna move it where we need it and
the nice thing is that it’ll actually block in my Firebird so if I want to
drive it I have to get the insulation up and installed tarps are pulled up and
anything in the way is moved on to the side with that the sales barn is ready
for winter guests and first up is the baler with a lot of rubber the winter
Sun will wear off baler belts pretty fast so storing it inside only makes
sense getting it in though is a bit of a trick as our door doesn’t offer much
clearance and backing it in is like backing in a
small trailer small movements make a big change in the direction you’re going but
once it’s in place then we can disconnect it from the tractor when
we’re clear then it’s time to park the 4055 in here as well space is limited
and since we shouldn’t need the 4055 during the winter we can put it as far
back as we can of course slimmer than the way but that’s easily fixed and he
finds a new place to hang out out of the way but still with a good view next up is a 64 10 this tractor will
probably see some work this winter so we want to somewhere where you can still
get it out but by putting it in next we can ensure that it’s put away and still
accessible and we’re going to help it fit a bit better we’re gonna remove the
bucket and leave it outside this is a newer loader than we have on our feeding
tractor and disconnecting the bucket is pretty simple all you have to do is pull
one pin take off the hydraulics and back away our brooding box for chickens is in
the way but that can be moved we shouldn’t need it until next spring and
now we can bring in the tractor this is kind of like playing Tetris or if you
were like me dr. Mario I always liked that one better with our tractors in
place it’s time to start bringing our feedback in this will be fed up pretty
quickly after snow hits as the cows will receive about 300 pounds of it every
other day if I do need to get the tractor out before we feed it up well
then I’ll probably have to move it but for now this is the best place to put it
and I’m doing it now because I also want to do it with less equipment in here
less to back into as you can’t see much out of the back of the Bobcat next up or
four-wheelers I’m certain we’re going to need those this winter so they go in
next somewhere where we can get them out pretty quickly if we need them right up
the middle the 445 tractor with a lawn mower deck
is brought in it as well and a smaller lawn mower that we use for yards and
places where the chance of hitting rocks is much less the International 606 is gonna live an
ATAR this winter and it like normal it fires right up we get in and we put it
to bed last but not least the workhorse the Bobcat is wetter did maybe a little
crooked to make it fit the batteries for all this stuff is a
concern over the winter almost everything parked in here is going to
get a trickle charger to make sure that batteries are in tip-top shape when it
comes time to pull them out I have a heavy gauge extension cord that I think
my mother-in-law actually got for Christmas lights it’s been commandeered
by the ranch and is now used as a handy way to plug in all the chargers for
winter this court has an outlet every few feet and by stringing it all
throughout the area I can pretty much get an outlet by each vehicle each one
is plugged in and made sure to be working with all that the barn is full
tractors lawnmowers and four-wheelers are ready for hibernation however short
it may be we don’t have a lot of storage here
oddly enough I could use an equipment shed we still need to get the Model T
put away in the fire truck as well as all the wagons they’re gonna go across
the road in a much smaller barn over there and that’s when we really get to
squeeze in thanks for joining me for a few hours this morning you know it
doesn’t seem like much of a job but by making sure that all of our equipment is
taken care of and inside we have a better chance of not having problems in
the spring winters here can get a little bit rough and no one likes to see a
tractor sitting outside in the cold truth be told they don’t like it much
either now this is only the beginning of winter eyes around winter rising around
here we’re gonna get everything in fuel additives will be used as well as block
eaters but it’s this really gives us a good jumping-off point and it gets me
out of the cold when it comes to doing the more work autumn / winter we’ll have
a bunch of tractor maintenance to do and I hope you can join me for that as well
speaking of live stream it’s live stream week here and if you’ve never had a
chance to join us for a live stream I really encourage you to do so they’re a
lot of fun we get a chance to sit down with you and hang out for a little bit
we answer questions we get your advice and we show you more of what happens
behind the scenes around here and a bunch of stuff that never makes it into
a video that happens on Thursday night 7:00 p.m. mountain time and I hope to
see you there you won’t regret it I know we never do I’m gonna get some lunch I
think I just heard Aaron pull in from picking up Lincoln for preschool and
then it’s gonna be time to get back to work come back and hang out again and
please subscribe so that you can come along with us and explore the ranch life
escape the ordinary until I see you again have a great week and thanks for
joining us in our Wilding life you

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