Real Amiga 500 – Mental Image Game Disk 1

Hello users! Today we’ll take a look at
Mental Image Game Disk 1, released in 1991 One of the best PD gamedisks available for yours truly! It is a compilation of three simple, but high quality arcade games packed in a single disk full of nice graphics and music After a lovely loader in C64 style, you
are presented with a very well-made game selection screen The first game on this disk is Rebound, which requires 1MB of RAM It is a joystick controlled Breakout
clone featuring nice graphics and music as well as a level editor There are no sound effects, but the catchy tune makes that go unnoticed Now let’s look at the level editor Next on the list is Invaders; a very nice
space shoot ’em up by The Visionaries in which you are tasked with defending
Quantox; the Earth’s last base from the Xaragonian onslaught The game features three fantastic C64
inspired music pieces and great sound effects Your mission is to destroy the
enemy spaceships before they reach your base The graphics are fast-moving and
beautiful, full of nice details and impressive Blitter Object effects Actually, my user used to think that the
game’s taking place on Mars until he eventually read the scrollers After sometime Quantox will send a ship
to drop in energy replacement capsule at your location if your energy is depleted or your base is destroyed it’s Game Over The third and final game is the Gridrunner;
an excellent port of the 1982 Vic-20 hit It’s a very fast Centipede clone
featuring nice graphics, with metallic ship colors great sound effects and music These games were both technically good
and very playable. My user loved this disk! What are your memories of this gamedisk?
Share them in the comments below Did you know that Bovaload plays two
songs οn loading error? I’ll let them play for you! That’s all for today, users!
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2 comments on “Real Amiga 500 – Mental Image Game Disk 1”

  1. Vincent GR says:

    Ωραία πράγματα

  2. Alex Reality says:

    Όλες αυτές οι pd συλλογές στην 500αρα είναι θησαυρός.

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