Resident Evil Revelation 2 – How to power-up the crane after the forest (English)

Hey guys, welcome to my new video on resident evil revelation 2. I am playing as Barry and I just barely came out of the forest. I have to say this one is pretty scary, i’m shitting myself so far, you call me a bitch if you want… all you want but the truth: is this one is pretty scary. The last one I played was resident evil 6, and honestly this one sucks, this one sucks. So I do recommend the revelation 2, it’s really scary. Now I did decide to make this very quick video, it’s only like 5-6 minutes, because I got stuck for a long time when you exit the forest, you arrive to a saw-mill, and you need to break through a gate, the gate is chained up and closed and shit, and you basically need to power up a crane, the crane, it doesn’t have any electricity on it, so you need to restore electricity on it so the the crane can smash up the gate. And I got stuck on that for so long, it’s even embarrassing. I don’t know how long I have been waiting on that, but i decided to do a very quick playthrough on that, ’cause the solution, as always, is so obvious and so easy, I feel completely and obviously stupid that I didn’t find it out before. So I’ll just let you watch the video, ok ? i’ll let you take a look at it… What you need to do actually to restore the power on the crane: you need to go through an opening on the fence, when you’re facing the gate, on your left side you have a wooden fence, and you need to make an opening in that stuff. And I watched videos online where the opening was there but it was not in my game and I couldn’t understand how to make it. So again I’m not going to talk too much I’m just gonna let you guys watch the video and see for yourself how easy it is. Again, I’m feeling really stupid, I hope I’m not the only one who got stuck in that place… I mean, I got stuck for like two days on that… I shouldn’t say that, I’m not proud of it the solution is so easy, and I couldn’t find any clear solution online, which is why…which is why I made this one so, please enjoy, like, you can subscribe it’s free and leave me any comments to let me know… you can tell me that I’m completely stupid, I know I’m a retard, but if you also got stuck in the same spot, please let me know so I don’t feel so stupid anymore. Okay ? bye ! Have a good one ! Thanks ! Thanks for watching !!

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  1. Doctor Brick says:

    et maintenant , ca passe en anglais ! LA PROCHAINE VIDEO SERA EN JAPONAIS !!! XD

  2. CASSE PIEDS says:

    mais en faite tes francoespanglais toi !

  3. CASSE PIEDS says:

    sinon ta pas skype ? pour que je t'envoie une bannière et un logo que je t'ai fait 😉

  4. Charles player says:

    laiakzo amigo ese si es un juegazo muy chulo excelente

  5. NecroZ Clan says:

    super vidéo +1 like

  6. papy nounn says:

    L'un de mes fils adoré ce jeu. Tu pourrais pas parler le langage poule, c'est plus simple pour moi hihi.
    Belle soirée.

  7. Juan Daniel says:

    like 😀 jajajaja saludos men 😀

  8. MorfeX ShooT says:

    e brother seria tan amable de promocionarme? te as ganado mis suscripcion y like

  9. Juanka says:

    Listo CRACK , Nuevo Sub !!!

  10. WuajeBr says:

    buen vídeo hermano.. tienes un buen futuro en el Youtube.. espero que sigas a si… mucha gente critica sin saber el sacrificio que hace uno y la edición que cuesta para ser un video.. espero que ignores las criticas negativas y te dejes guiar por las positivas… un saludo y tienes un nuevo suscriptor . que estará activo con tu canal. espero me apoyes tanto como yo lo hago con vos,, recuerda que los youtubers se apoyan mutuamente… espero te suscribas a mi canal. ya yo estoy suscrito en el tuyo.. tienes mi LIKE. te espero en mi canal. saludos

  11. Lone Wolves says:

    saludos amigo

  12. NeoDium says:

    Tu parle toute les Langues toi c'est pas possible mdr bon je suis désolé mes je comprend rien ^^ je tes mes un petit Like pour le soutient !! 😀

  13. KingMurrix says:

    like bro, oye subi nuevo video

  14. CASSE PIEDS says:

    c'est quel drapeau que tu veux déjà ?

  15. CASSE PIEDS says:

    sur ton logo tu veux quoi à la place de la grosse merde ?

  16. Berghain 38 says:

    Super vidéo l'ami 😉

  17. Mike Player 81 says:

    J'espère qu'un jour, j'aurai les commentaires en japonais… Mdr. GG mon Yo 😉

  18. BoZPaPaNe says:

    Good job like for you

  19. jeanlou380 says:

    Nice video le vieux!

  20. Lefugitif91 says:

    nice cette vidéo +1 pour toi mérité ^^ ( meme si les résidente evil c'est pas ma tasse de thé ^^ )

  21. Miya Rodriguez says:

    I always forget so thank yooooou

  22. Spoopyschmoopie Xx says:

    Don’t feel dumb i needed you to even pass it!

  23. Going Ont says:

    I love this so freaking obvious.

  24. Tyrion Snow says:

    Thanks dude, really appreciate it!

  25. Lazy Cosplayer says:

    Omg Im so fucking stupid

  26. jbox293 says:

    It's just bad game design. I was stuck here too for a couple of hours spanning two days, before I got bored.
    I already checked the gate, but it was with the girl (and she can't interact with it). It does say 'Barry', but this piece of UI looks like it's just pointing to where Barry is.
    Furthermore the gate doesn't look interactable at all. It's the lowest-res chain I've ever seen. It almost looks like a flat texture and the player's attention is focussed on getting the crane to work, because that setup looks obvious. NOT trying your luck at a highly chained up gate with your bare hands to trigger the spawning of three of those limb monsters. It's just stupid.

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