Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School 2017 Graduation

This was a high school that was closed five
years ago, and the idea that five years later, the first graduation class had 100 percent
graduation rate and nearly 100 percent going on to college, $13.7 million in scholarships
in the city of Chicago on the West Side. And I will say from a Rush perspective, we’ve
been enriched by getting to know these teachers, Principal Shabazz, but also the kids in their
time at Rush. I remember five years ago we sat in my conference room with the head of Rush, the head of Malcolm X, CPS, and we said we were going to make
a neighborhood school for medical training. And five years later, 100 percent graduation,
100 percent college bound. Before I go to Dartmouth, I’m going to be
working at Rush, doing the health IT internship, and pretty much focusing on public health
and population health. One day I realized that these four years are
going to go by fast. So I just started working on myself and working
on who I want to be, and going after my careers and dreams. After I graduate, I am going into the United
States military. I want to do biotechnology. For them to be graduating with excitement
about careers in health, having worked jobs at Rush, how many kids can say that? These are high school graduates. These aren’t, you know, college grads. These are young people. That’s phenomenal. And the journey has been nothing but excitement
for the partnership, and watching it continue to grow, and seeing our pipelines in health
careers tighten and bring them back to Rush once they’re done with college. I, myself, am a first-generation college student. And I’m just a girl from the South Side
who had a dream. From my experience in working with the students,
I knew that the magic ingredient was hard work. And we told our students when they came in
as freshmen, we said if you work hard, you will achieve great things. And look what you all have done. By the power vested in me, by the city of
Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and the state of Illinois I present to you the class of

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